Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Well Damn

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Submitted: May 15, 2013



…………. Lyra pushed her chair back from the table and turned around and stepped out. Egan took in his daughter in front of him as she looked at them.


“What the hell?” Dante got wide eyed


“Lyra” Egan slowly tipped his head Lyra moved forward quickly as he ran into her Dad’s arms he hugged her to him as Dante turned his head and looked at me. I just shrugged “Oh god” he pulled back and held her face in his hands “What the hell were you thinking?” he snapped his voice breaking a little


“That I needed space and time” she pulled away from him a little “I had got to my breaking point and it was either shoot people or walk away for a while” he held her at arm’s length and looked down at her stomach “Surprise” she rubbed her hand over her belly.


“You’re pregnant?” Dante pushed his hand through his hair. Lyra nodded


“Guilluame?” Egan looked at him


“She asked me not to tell you where she was” he smiled and held up his hands and stood behind Lyra nad rubbed her shoulders “and what is a God-father supposed to do for his favorite god daughter”


“You Call me and let me know she’s alright” Egan looked at him and put his hands on his hips.


“Whoa time out” I got up from the table  and walked over to them “You told me he… was a playboy, and in my definition of play boy is finds younger hotter women and bangs them silly and them tosses them aside” Guilluame raised his eye brows.


“Well he is” Egan shrugged “But he’s also got a huge heart, he’s a loyal friend and he loves my children as much as I do, and his home has always been available for a safe place for them and that’s why he’s Lyra’s godfather” okay well ddn’t I feel like an idiot.


“You see Evie, I’m not threat to your brother” Molyneux smiled


“Why would you be a threat to Casper?” Dante wrinkled his nose


“I think your future wife deemed me to be the father of Lyra’s baby”  


“Ew I think I just threw up in my mouth” Dante shook his head “I tried to tell you who Guilluame was to us and to Lyra but then your Dad called and you left to meet Ly” Dante walked over to me


“Well it would have saved hell of a lot of worry and I was ready to shoot his ass” I threw my hands up “You know a heads up even in a message might have been a damn good idea”


“The baby is Casper’s Evie” Lyra looked at me “I’ve had sex with three people in my entire life, and two of them are dead” I inwardly cringed as I knew the other two she was talking about was the man that killed her younger brother and another who had raped her. “No man comes close to your brother in the way I love him, he just pissed me off”


“Oh my head hurts” I groaned and walked back and sat down


“Baby are you okay” Dante came over and crouched down


“I’m fine” I smiled at him I just want all of us to be okay again… I need my best friend back and not running off to live with someone that I’m sorry is hot as all hell for an old man” Guilluame smiled and hung his head a little “What the hell am I supposed to think?”


“You’re supposed to think more of me than that” Lyra sat back in the chair she’d been sitting in before “I wouldn’t do that to him, yes I gave back my ring but I’d tell him to his face that we were done before I’d ever go behind his back”


“How far along are you?” Dante got up and walked toward his sister who I know was dying to blast her out but then hug her. Lyra smiled at him


“I’m just shy of seven months… D I’m… I …” he shook his head and she got back up and he pulled her to him hugging her tightly “I’m sorry” she murmured


“I didn’t like not having my little sister around… there is only us left for Dad” I smiled Dante was whole again Lyra was such a huge part of him because of what they had dealt with, he needed to have her in his life.


“Evie” I jumped as a glass of wine was put in front of me Molyneux pulled up a chair and sat next to me “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, who I was”


“Well you were just…” I held up my hands again “I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions, but hell I hadn’t seen my best friend in Six months and when I do I find her looking  like she swallowed a beach ball and hanging around with a man that looks like you”


“Well thank you” he laughed “but my priority is making sure my God daughter and her baby are well” He looked at me “Can you make a call to your brother and get him…”


“Already taken care of… I was mad and I called my Dad and told him to get Casper’s ass on the plane and bring him here” I ran my hand through my hair “I have the headache from hell right now” It felt my head was being pounded on like a jack hammer


“You do not look well… Dante” Dante looked round “I think you should take Evie into the house and let her lay down for a while”


“Evie?” Lyra came over


“I just need…” everything blurred and swam in front of my eyes…..

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