Demi-Gods still bleed

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The bastard daughter of a God Aleksandrya and her Twin brother Achilles are the heads of the armies of Greece after a three year war they are battle scared and weary, but their lives have always been a battle. How will her military life change now the war is done..........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Demi-Gods still bleed

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



~~…………….. The heat of the sun beat down heating the rocks around me the cry of the birds overhead  reminded me of the thousands of dead spread over most of the beach bellow . I looked down at my hands, hands that were stained red with the blood of the fallen.  My entire body ached, I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten.

The battery of war was my life at the moment, a life that I had been born to lead. Born as a daughter of a god wasn’t all people worshipping you and feeding you offerings. Well for some of the luckier ones that were in favor it was all about the watching the people of the world. For those of us that were classes as bastard born life was a lot different.

“Aleksandrya… I had thought you were a prisoner of the Savages” I looked over my shoulder as my twin brother approached.  He sat down on the rocks next to me and dropped his sword and shield at his side

“It would take more than three thousand Barbarians to get the better of me” I sighed closing my eyes and raising my face to the sun

“You’re injured” I felt this hands touch my arm I opened my eyes and looked down at the gash across my bicep

“I’ll be fine” I pushed up from the rock and got to my feet “I think we have given the barbarians enough of a beating for us to sleep well in our beds Brother” I offered him my hand and pulled him to his feet “And I am sure the whores of the camp will be fawning over you as they usually do” I laughed picking up my own sword and shield “Achilles?”

“Aleks you need to get that wound treated even demi-gods suffer infection” He took my shield from me and sheathed his sword and picked up his own shield “The whores can wait… My sister is the most important woman in my life”

“You are so full of shit” I smiled shaking my head at him.

Achilles was an imposing figure at six foot four and built like a strong Ox his long blonde hair the giveaway to his parentage. His skin glowed with the radiance of the sun that kissed it his eyes shrewd and diligent of everything around him and his loyalty to his and my men knew no bounds.

“Okay sister what has you smiling now” he said as I stopped walking and looked back at me

“I am just thinking how we have grown… how we changed from the children playing in the gardens in Athens” He hung his head a little and shook it

“Those days are past” he seemed to grind his teeth “We are not those children anymore” he raised his head and looked at me

“I didn’t say that we were” I walked over to him “When you look at sights like these” I looked down on the battlefields dead as they were taken back by either side. The barbarians already boarding the few ships we hadn’t burned and building pyres for their dead on the beaches of the battle we just fought like the many others that we have done before "sometimes it is good to chase away the horror of war with the carelessness of memories" I smiled at him "Just because fate has given us our lives now nothing can take from us what once was" he closed his eyes and bent his head pressing his lips to my forehead lightly

"You scare me Aleksandrya" he sighed as he nudge me to walk toward our encampment with his shield "You are deadly in a heartbeat and calm and poised in the blink of an eye"

"Well on of  us has to be more on an even keel" I smiled as the soldiers round us all bowed and knelt as we passed by "I hope there is more wine being passed around this evening to celebrate the victory"

“Oh there will be wine in abundance” Achilles laughed “but first we have to get you seen to”

“I know you keep reminding me” I walked with him toward the tents where our wounded were being treated “The men need more treatment than I so…”  I turned around and started to walk away

“Oh no you don’t” Achilles moved and blocked my way “The men need treatment and so do you” he frowned “Do not make me carry you in there… you know I can and I will” there was no arguing with Achilles when he set his mind to something he did it

“Sometimes I question us being brother and sister” I muttered

“So do I” he laughed giving me a friendly shove in the back with my own shield a healer walked toward me and frowned as she looked at me

“You are injured mistress?”

“It’s a mere scratch” I shrugged and watched her eyebrows raise

“Mistress that is more than a mere scratch” Achilles bent down as she examined my arm

“Told you so” he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and shook my head. I watched as Achilles straightened himself and rested the shields against the chair I was sat on. He moved around the tent talking to people and offering prayers to the gods with others. I looked down at the crisp white bandage on my arm as the healer got to her feet and bowed to me before she turned and walked away. I got to my feet and smiled at the young solider lain on the bed closest to me.

“Mistress” he struggled to sit. I frowned and shook my head and walked over to him and held his hand there was bruises all over his body and a bandage was wrapped across his chest .

“Don’t try to get up” I reached for the wooden cup and filled it with wine and held it to his lips and let him drink

“Are the Barbarians leaving?” he asked looking in the direction of the beach

“They are. Your bravery along with the rest of you is humbling” I put the cup down and held his hands “the reward for all of you will be a place in the heavens and you shall all receive gold for your sacrifice” He sighed and lay back against the pillow I got up and patted his hand. I looked up and saw Achilles watching me I walked over to him

“You soothe the men when you talk to them” he smiled

“It’s the least I can do… they should not be fighting a war started by gods and kings… why do they not do the fighting and spare the life’s of thousands” I could feel the anger rising in my  “I curse the day we ever found out we were bastards of a god” we reached my tent

“Go bathe and we will join the men and eat” he handed my maid my shield ‘Victory was ours Sister”………….


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