Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Terrified

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Submitted: April 21, 2015



~~………. I looked down at the man on the ground his breathing was shallow I could swear I was watching the bruises appear on his flesh while I was looking at him. The light was fading fast and the wind was beginning to whip up the dust. I shield his face from the dust in the wind as Eudorus held the girl closer to him pulling his cloak over her head.

A cart was brought up and Achilles helped some of the men to lift the unconscious man into the back of it Eudorus brought over the girl and placed her inside.

“We need to get back to camp” Achilles called over the noise of the wind this storm is going to be a rough one” I took the reins of my horse and swung up on to his back. By the time we got back to the encampment it was almost like a walled city tents erected in a tight circle to try to protect everyone for the encroaching storm.

“Take them into my tent” I called out “Constantine” my general had just come from his tent “Go fetch the physician” Constantine hurried off as the cart was unloaded.

We walked in after everyone else Melina looked up with shock as Achilles moved and cleared the table and they laid out a half-naked man” she looked at me her eyes getting wide at the sight of my dress

“Melina bring in water and bandages”

“Are you hurt” she looked me over quickly I shook my head and watched as she hurried out.

“I want guards posted outside of this tent” he demanded I looked at him

“Achilles we are in camp we and we killed the thieves” I put my hand on his arm

“We do not know who these people are they could be dangerous” I frowned at him as the physician walked in with Melina close behind. I stepped back as he started to work. I walked over to the girl that had been put on my bed as a second physician tended to her wounds. Constantine came into the tent and over to me as I wrapped my arms around myself

“Aleksandrya” I looked at him “Are you alright?” I nodded

“I just had a feeling that it wasn’t just a dead animal” I looked back at the girl on the bed and shuddered “It’s just…”

“Memories” Eudorus came over and pulled a cloak from the open trunk and draped it around my shoulders I nodded as Constantine poured me a cup of wine

“I can kill on the battle field and those faces do not even come into my dreams but memories from when I was twelve still drive me to tears” Constantine rubbed my back  as he handed me the cup

“There is nothing you could have done that night” Achilles looked up from where he was “if those barbarians  had gotten a hold of you do you think they would have not done the same to you” he shook his head

“I know that and I think that is all part of the fear” I nodded “At the end of the day I’m still a woman… take the sword from me and trap me and I’m powerless”

“why do you think you have the guards you do… the General you do” Constantine smiled at me “none of us consider you a weak female but we can all be over powered even Achilles” I looked at my brother and found it hard to believe he could ever be taken by anyone. A scream pierced the air making us all look around the girl was awake and she was cowering almost off the bed as she looked around cloak Eudorus had put around her fell .

“It’s alright” Achilles stepped away from the table the tears streaked her face. I put my hand up stopping Achilles I handed Constantine my cup and moved Eudorus back and smiled at her.

“I promise you, you are safe” she looked at me her eyes wide and scared “I’m Aleksandrya… we came on you being attacked and we stopped the thieves” she trembled as the tent darkened and the thunder rolled over head Melina moved around lighting the lamps, I picked up Eudorus’s cloak and held it out before wrapping it around her she clutched at it as she watched me “The physician was making sure you were treated” she looked around me at the men in the tent and shook like a leaf. “Can you all please”

‘Of course” Constantine nodded I waited while he and Eudorus walked out  Achilles walked over and put his hand on my shoulder I looked at him

“I’ll be back in a short while” I nodded he walked out I looked back at her and smiled

“Is that better?” she gave a slight nod “They are all good men I promise you they are the generals of the Greek army and my brother” she blinked at me. Melina brought over a bowl of water and a cloth. I took it from her “Will you allow me to help you?” she seemed to relax a little. I wrung out the cloth and wiped the dirt from her face the cut above her eye had made it so her right eye was almost swollen shut “will you allow my physicians to see to your wounds” she looked at him and nodded I got up and took a step back and stood with Melina as the lamp flickered in the draughts that blew through the tent

“Who are they” Melina asked looking at me

“Merchants that were attacked by thieves” I shrugged “When we got there their cart was on fire their horses were slain along with three people” I shook my head “We found her and him” I gestured to the man on the table that was now looking slightly better as the physician swathed his injuries with white linen bandages almost stripped naked beaten and staked out for the animals to claim” I whispered “I don’t’ understand why they weren’t killed along with the others” Melina stepped away from me and moved over to the bed the girl looked at her

“My name’s Melina… do you have a name?” she sat down slowly on the side of the bed the girl looked from me to Melina and back again

“Thera” her voice was hoarse “My name is Thera”

“Well Thera you are now under the protection of the Greek army” Melina informed her. Thera looked up and caught sight of the man on the table. The look of sheer relief on her face told me that he was her world. I tipped my head

“Thera… you know this man?” I asked she eased up from the bed her feet stumbled Melina moved forward and caught her. The walked over to the table tears ran down Thera’s face as she looked at the lifeless body on the table.

“Lykos… she put her hand on his shoulder and shook him a little “Lykos please” she begged “wake up please wake up Lykos” she broke down and put her head on his shoulder. Melina and I looked at each other  and then back at her………

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