Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - never alone

Submitted: April 22, 2015

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Submitted: April 22, 2015



~~~~………. The flap of the tent opened and a soaking wet Achilles walked in. he frowned as he saw the Thera sobbing next to Lykos’s body. Melina hurried and fetched and drying blanket and held it out to Achilles

“Raining a little out there?” I asked with a smile

“I think the little spat you had with Father is starting to kick us in the hind end” he took a deep breath and nodded in the direction of Thera “What is happening with them?”

“Not sure… he is still unconscious but she is distraught over him” I shrugged

“You should get cleaned up” he lifted my chin “You don’t want to scare her more still being covered in blood” I moved the cloak and nodded “Use my tent I’ll stay here with her”

“You need to be nice and friendly not the angry Greek you sometimes are Achilles” he smiled at me I walked over to Thera and put my hand on her shoulder she looked at me “I have to go and bathe but my brother is here” he looked at Achilles and swallowed hard “He is kind and he is gently I promise you, you are safe with him and Melina will stay here with you as well” she nodded I moved away from her. Melina handed me clean clothes. And I walked out and hurried the short distance from my tent to my brothers his servant had filled a bath with heated water for me. He bowed and left me to my own devices. I sank into the water the heat soothing the aching in my joints and taking the chill from me.

“Aleksandrya” I Jumped and looked around

“Father” I shook my head “You do know that you can talk to your son for once”

“I will… Is your temper calmer?”

“Than what?”

“Than it was the other night when I came to you”

“Then no” I looked back at him “and if it had escaped your notice I’m bathing”

“I know and while you are bathing you cannot get up and run away from me” he walked around the table and sat down “In answer to the question you asked me the other night no I never wanted my daughter to become a soldier…”

“Then you should have done something to have stopped it”

“How? How do you propose I would have done that? You’re stubborn and strong willed there are wild stallions easier to tame than you” I couldn’t help but smile, I could get under his skin so easily “Ever since you were young you have been mad with the world”

“Mad with the world… Mad with the world Father I have never been made with the world” I turned in the tub sending water flying everywhere I grabbed for the drying sheet and got out as my Father looked away “I was only ever mad at you” his head snapped back to me

“Why?” I was actually stunned he’d asked the question of me

“Because Achilles and I grew up without a Father… because you appeared when you wanted to not when we needed you… I saw things as a girl that I can never erase from my mind… You left my brother and I to save ourselves from what would have been a massacre when we were twelve… you saved our mother and for that I will always be thankful but Achilles and I had to bury the servants that had been killed… a fourteen year old maid was raped by five men and then beaten to death in front of where we were hiding and still you did nothing” I was literally screaming at him now “for two Days we were alone two days we did not know where our mother was and if they would come back… and you wonder why I hate you” I had walked up to him “That is the reason I am a fighter, I am a soldier” the flaps of the tent were thrown open and Eudorus and Constantine were there with six of Achilles personal guards.

“ALEKS” Constantine called out before they caught sight of Zeus standing with me. My father turned to face them as they all dropped to their knees.

“You do not need to worry My daughter is safe with me” His voice was so commanding there was no denying that he was the God of Gods

“I am safe thank you” I said quickly “But I would thank you generals to escort me back to my tent…” I looked at Zeus “My Father and I no longer have anything to speak of, he now needs to think about what he has done”

“Aleksandrya” Zeus reached his hand out to me

“You might want to take a trip to hades Father” I stalked out of the tent with Eudorus and Constantine on my heels through the pouring rain.  I walked into my tent making Achilles jump as he was sitting by the fire while Melina sat next to my bed where Thera lay sleeping. Lykos had been moved from my table to a makeshift bed close to the fire as a sweat had broken on his brow

“What happened?” Achilles asked getting to his feet

 “Leave us Please” I said quickly I looked at Melina “You too” She got up and nodded before walking out

“Is it Constantine again?” He asked as I walked behind my screen and dressed and pulled a fur around my shoulders before stepping out  “Aleks?”

“I received another visit from Father while I was bathing” I poured a cup of wine…

“I heard yelling but over the weather I could not hear what was happening” he pulled up another chair by the fire for me to sit on. I looked down a Lykos and handed Achilles my drink before picked up a cloth and dipped it into cold water before putting it on to Lykos’s forehead “Aleks... what happened?” Achilles snapped a little as he handed me my drink back

“He asked me why I was mad with the world” Achilles frowned “So I told him all the reasons why I hate him” Achilles moved forward resting his elbows on his knees as he stretched his hands out toward the fire “What am I supposed to do and say… because he is a god I should be all happy to see him… No” I got up and paced the floor “I told him about the night at the house in the mountains and how we had to fend for ourselves he saved our mother but his children he allowed to be scared”

I felt hands on my shoulders and Achilles pulled me back against him and held me tight. He was the only person that could truly calm me down when I was  so wound tight.

“Maybe you and your general should take to the bed again” Achilles chuckled “It might take some of this rage from you”

“that is not funny” I huffed “I told Father he should come see you “

“Oh thank you I love you too” Achilles groaned

“I just want to go home Achilles… If there is another war then I will fight again but…”

“We’re tired I understand…” He let go of me “We will ride for home as soon as we can” I nodded “Do you want them to make a second bed in my tent for you tonight considering you’ve given up your bed up for Thera?”

“No I’ll stay here” I shook my head “I will watch over them tonight”

“I will assign your guards to the door” Achilles picked up his cloak and put it n before walking over to me and holding y face in his hands and kissing my forehead “For the children of a god we really do not have much of a life do we” he smiled

“I agree… good night Achilles”

“Good night Aleks” he walked out of my tent…….

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