Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Have some fun at his expense

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Submitted: April 22, 2015



~~………. I finished my drink and walked back over to the fire. The flames illuminated Lykos’s face even with the bruising and the cuts he was still stunningly handsome his jaw was strong and defined like the rest of his body I reached forward and took the cloth and re wet it. I sat on the edge of the bed and gently wiped over his face his lips were full and  perfect it made me want to run my fingers over them. I pulled the covers over him as he started to shiver.

“Mistress” I looked up as Melina came inside “you should rest… it will be a long day tomorrow for you” I smiled at her and nodded “He is very handsome” she said coming over and looking down at him

“Yes he is” I nodded “has he regained consciousness at all?”

“Not while Achilles was in here no” she shook her head “Thera wouldn’t let go of him and she fell asleep holding on to Lykos… Achilles put her to bed” she frowned and looked at a fretful sleeping of Thera “Do you think they are married?” I got up and stood next to Melina

“Maybe but she looks young”

“Like that has ever stopped a family from selling a girl to an older man… but mind you look at him” I started to laugh

“Melina you have a man that you wish to marry as soon as possible”

“I understand that but still” she giggled

“Melina” I couldn’t help but smile at her

“He would make a fine…” I put my hand over her mouth she always knew how to make me laugh

“Alright I need to get you married as soon as possible… you need a man to fill your belly with a child I think” Melina walked over to Thera and sat next to the bed while I lay on the rug by the firs, it had been a long while since I had slept like this but it was a reminder of being a child in the summer and sleeping under the stars...


…… I woke up to someone shaking me I jumped and reached for my knife

“Aleksandrya it’s me” Constantine’s voice cleared the fog of my mind “the sun is high” I sat up most of my tent had been dismantled

“Where’s Lykos and Thera?” I asked as he helped me to my feet

“We just had them put into a cart She refuses to leave his side” Constantine put his hands on his hips “I would have given you my bed if you had asked for it” he sighed as Melina came back inside

“I know but you would have still been in it wouldn’t you” I smiled “You are my general and a friend I hold very dear to me… Can you tell my brother I will be there in a short while?”

“Achilles and half of the army marched already this morning you were so tired he wanted you to sleep” I raised my eye brows at him “He is a worried brother and your father was still in his tent when he returned there last night” I walked behind the screen and allowed Melina to help me to dress

“And how did that meeting go?”

“I do not know but your brother was in the mood to wrestle a lion I think this morning even Eudorus couldn’t calm him”

And no one thought to wake me” I came put fastening my sword around my waist

“No he told us not to wake you...” He took a step toward the door of the tent “I will tell them to get your horse ready” I nodded and looked at Melina as the tent was taken down around us

“I want you to ride in the wagon with Thera and Lykos” I looked up at my guard that was standing waiting for me “You will have Perseo and Neo ride along side of you incase Lykos awakes… we do not know who he is and I do not want you in danger if he starts to lash out”

“Mistress” she nodded to me and walked out with two of my guard moving with her and mounting their horses I walked over to them

“I want one of you to fetch me if he awakens” I ordered

“Very well” they both nodded I looked at Thera

“Good morning” I smiled “If you need anything please tell Melina and she will make sure you have it” Constantine came over and handed me the reins of my horse I mounted and looked at Melina who just nodded to me. I pulled the reins to the left and circled around to the side of the wagon before galloping to the head of the line of waiting men.  Constantine caught up to me and took his place at my side.

“Oh Eudorus also told me to not let you chase after crows again today” Constantine smirked

“Really… I think if I want to chase the crows then I will do just that… But as for another night on the floor my war weary body doesn’t want to do that again

“The man Lykos can be put with the soldiers…and the girl could be looked after by your maid”

“No he can’t if he is still unconscious… and I think I am enough of a handful for Melina to handle… I will just make sure that they are comfortable and take a bed n Achilles tent” Constantine huffed “What?” I looked at him

“In his tent with the whores servicing your brother I do not think it is the best place for you”

“Well my brother will have to forgo the whores for a night…” I laughed “it won’t kill him”

“He has the lust of a God… we all know it, he is insatiable” I pulled my horse to a stop and wrinkled my nose at Constantine “What?” now it was his turn for that question

“He is my brother I do not wish to think of his sexual appetite… and you seem very concerned for him” I moved in the saddle and leant forward “When you bedded me did you secretly wish it was Achilles you were inside of” I smiled at him and watched the look of horror on Constantine’s face “General I always thought that when we were younger you were wrestling for the other side until the night of the storm” Constantine’s mouth opened and closed again in disbelief “I mean if it is then I do not care you are still a General that is strong and I would want no one else at my side” I laughed and kicked my horse on leaving him still in shock……

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