Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Time to apologize and comfort

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Submitted: April 22, 2015



~~………. I was still laughing as Constantine rode back up to me

“Aleks that was not funny… I am and always have been a man that wants a women” I tipped my head and looked at him “You think I would have kissed you while we made love” he narrowed his eyes at me “If I wanted a man we have an army to choose from and I would have had you on your belly taking you” I felt the blush rise in my face “But I’d rather have you looking…”

“ALEKSANDRYA…. ALEKSANDRYA” We both looked around as Neo rode up “He’s awake the man is awake” I looked back at Constantine

“Keep leading the army I will go back and see” He nodded as I pulled my horse around and galloped back with Neo to where the cart was in the winding line of beings. I turned around so I my horse was next to the cart whose sides were open

“Mistress” Melina smiled at me Thera looked around as she clung on to the hand of Lykos. His one eye still swollen closed  his lips were dry and cracked from the heat.

“Melina I think our guest needs a drink” he watched me through his one eye “Has Melina explained where you are?” he shook his head

“He only woke a short while ago” Melina said quickly in her own defense “I sent Neo for you  right away”  I held my hand up as Thera supported his head while Melina put a cup of water to his lips. He closed his good eye as he drank he opened his eye as Melina took away the cup

“You are safe… you are with the Greek army right now and the bandits that attacked you were left for the animals” he tried to move and hissed through his teeth Thera frowned and tried to ease him “You need to rest the physician treated you but your wounds were deep and your body was on the brink of death” Melina shot me a look “What?”

“You do not tell someone that is now alive how dead they almost were” She smiled at me “You are getting more like Achilles each day” I laughed and shook my head

“I apologize… I have been too long around men and war to be tactful” he seemed to narrow his eye at me “Please rest and again you are safe here” Thera smiled at me

“Thank you” she said quietly

“Melina” she looked up from where she was redressing one of Lykos’s chest wounds “We should be meeting with Achilles and the rest of the army in a few hours Send Neo or Perseo if you need anything”

“Yes Mistress” she nodded as she smoothed her hand over his arm I laughed and shook my head before I went back to rejoin the head to the line.

“Constantine” he looked around at me

“You’re Brother’s encampment should be a few hours to the north of us” he said bluntly

“Constantine… I’m sorry… I should not have made fun of you the way I did” the nerve in his cheek twitched

“It makes me feel like you think I am not a real man” he looked at his hands as we rode “I watched you grown from a child into a beautiful woman and I never thought of any other girl that could come close to you heart and beauty even then… but I had a duty to marry and there was nothing I could have done to change it without ruining my family” I nodded

“you would have still been my general and you would have…” he stopped me with a single look

“Aleks if you and I had run away together your brother and father would have hunted us down killed me and sent you away to the temple as a priestess… and I would have brought shame on my father” he shook his head “when you were sixteen you were in the villa on Naxos living as a lady with no intentions of becoming the leader of the entire Greek Army so back then you didn’t even consider the idea of having a General… Yes you knew how to wield a sword but did you ever picture your life like this” I hung my head “Life is like the road we travel to Athens. There are many twists and turns and obstacles and you find your way through, it may not be the path you expected but it will still be your path” he took a deep breath “I will forever cherish those moments of intimacy we shared but it is not the right path of either of us”

The rest of the journey to meet with Achilles the talk between Constantine and I was less tense, it was as if we had let go of each other emotionally except for in the way of the Army. We rode into Camp and Achilles walked out of his tent and smirked

“What kept you… did you find more bandits to slay and people to save” he teased

“No but I have found a brother that needs horse whipping” I laughed getting from my horse and hugging him “It looks like a day of riding has tamed the temper you had this morning” He looked at Constantine

“You told her?”

‘Yes I told her… she’s your sister and you were in a rage this morning” Constantine smiled as Eudorus came over “You are both horrible when you have been confronted with your Father” Achilles and I looked at each other. He draped his arm around my shoulders

“He does have a point”

“Yes he does… do we need to talk about it?” I faced him shrugging off his arm I tipped his head to the side and poked at the lightning bolt flash on the side of his neck

“OW” he slapped my hand away

“Well you must really have backed Father into the corner of rage” I put my hands on my hips

“Well if you hadn’t got his feathers ruffled then I wouldn’t have gotten knocked on my ass” He threw his hands up “And did you really tell the God of Gods to go to Hades” a ripple of laugher went around in the group around us

“Yes I did… but I had the good sense to walk away before I got a matching one of those” I poked at his neck again

“OW” he swatted me again “So help me?”

“Achilles you are beyond help” I teased

“Oh really little girl you want the taste of my blade” he drew his weapon with a smile on his face

“Little girl you are three minutes older than I am and I could take you in the dark with one hand behind my back old man” I pulled my own sword from its sheath. I saw people back up and make a circle around us Eudorus dropped his head and shook it

“Oh here we go sibling rivalry at its best” he sighed as more people gathered around. Achilles and I circled each other both ready for a fight but both of us with smiles on our faces

“Old man… really “I’m the head of the Greek army I do not sit idle” he laughed

No you’d rather flap those lips of yours than get shown up by…” He didn’t see it coming as I spun around and leapt in the air spinning and nicking the leather of the sheath belt making t fall to the floor as bets were now being called out on the two of us “…Your baby sister” there was his roar of war as he lunged for me. The steel clashed as we fended off each other’s blows sending sparks into the air. Achilles moved and swept his leg around taking mine from under me making me fall back into the dirt the tip of his sword lifted my chin

“You won’t show me up” he smiled down at me “I taught you all everything you know about fighting” he was breathing as hard as I was from the exertion

“True you did… but one move and my brother will become my sister” I looked down with my eyes making him bend his head and look to see the tip of my sword was an inch from his groin  he looked at me and shook his head before moving and offering me his hand. I took it and he pulled me to my feet and hugged me to him as everyone clapped and cheered around us.

“And this is why no one messes with Aleks” Eudorus laughed putting his hands on both of our shoulders  I looked up and saw Thera standing with Melina watching while Lykos watched from the cart.

“I want a rematch” Achilles called out as I moved away from him

“Anytime” my soldiers parted for me congratulating me as I walked by over to a stream we were camped by. It felt so good to fight against Achilles he had taught me how to handle a sword but he also knew I could fight like any of the men and he didn’t take it easy on me, that’s why I had so much respect for him and he did for me………


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