Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Brother and sister

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Submitted: April 23, 2015



~~………….. I washed the dirt from my arms before I stood back up again I walked back over to where Achilles was laughing and talking to a group of soldiers. He stepped back and smiled at me…

“Walk with me?” he asked I nodded and walked next to him as the sun began to slowly set in the sky “At least the weather has improved from last night”

“I think I was expecting it to get a lot worse after Fathers visit” I stopped walking as we stood under the wide branches of an old olive tree “Achilles?” I rubbed the back of my neck

“You want to know my conversation with Father?” I nodded he lent his arm on the truck of the tree and looked out over the land “when I walked  in to my tent he was in there still and he was angry” I took a deep breath

“That was because of me”

“I know it was” he smiled down at me “I told him that maybe he should try leaving you alone for a while, that I was there to look after you like I had been for our entire lives no thanks to him” he pushed off the tree  and kicked at the dirt under his feet “He told me that the hardest thing he’s ever done was not be there when we needed him” I huffed and sat down and rested back against the tree trunk “that’s when I started to get angry” he looked back at me I told him that if I ever become a father my child will never got to bed at night crying because there Father was not around… then he threw the whole I am a God it is about every Greek not just the few”

“Not just the few” I snapped “We’re his children… and we’re his Bastards and people know about it that’s why we grew up on an Island not in the city… Maybe you should become a drunk in Athens and live in the gutter and maybe I should find work in a whore house and then see how Father likes his Bastards” Achilles sat down next to me and lent on the tree with me.

“Oh wouldn’t that stir the pot in Olympus” he chuckled “But I think I would kill any one that every tried to touch you… that is to include Constantine… I should have strung up your general the other night” I looked at him  and shook my head

“Leave Constantine alone… it was a mutual thing we both wanted and I would rather have given myself to a man like him someone that was strong in his mind and his body…” I bit my lip a little remembering each contour of his body “And I wouldn’t change it other than I would have married him” I put my head on Achilles shoulder “but that wasn’t ever supposed to happen so I am using it as a learning curve”

“Doesn’t stop me for wanting to kill him” Achilles laughed “but for you I’ll resist” He offered me his hand and I linked mine with his and he squeezed “you know I do not tell you this enough but I do not know how I would ever have coped with this war without you at my side” I smiled at him

“I think you should stop with the whoring though” he frowned at me “I know you like the company of women but I think you need to find the one woman that can tame Achilles the man” for the first time in a long time I saw my brother look scared “Is that fear in your eyes” I peered closer at him

“Yes” he hung his head “I don’t think that a woman would ever take this man”


“I have a reputation” he looked at he and rubbed his thumb over the ring on my hand that he had given me when I turned eighteen “I’m a fighter… I have treated women as objects for my release for longer than I can remember, all the good women want to bed me to say they have because their husbands bore them but all the good women that aren’t married are scared of me” he put his head back against the tree and looked at the leaves

“You have to try being the Achilles I know the fun kind and caring Achilles” he shook his head “my new mission is to find the woman that will love you for all the right reasons”

“I see Lykos woke up have you spoken to him yet?” he asked getting to his feet and pulling me up. We started to head back to the camp

“No, well I spoke to him this morning but he didn’t answer me and I think if Melina hadn’t already got a man then I think she would be all over him” I laughed

“What about the girl?”

“I don’t’ know Melina has spent the day with them so I will talk with her… she seems to think that they are married” I shrugged

“But she is young or she seemed to look young at least”

“Well once we get to Athens they can do what they want to… or go where they want” I stopped outside of my tent and looked at my brother “I’ll see you in a while”. I walked into my tent Lykos was lay in what was normally my bed as the physician treated him to look at him he looked as if he were sleeping but the tension in his jaw told me different as the old dressings were removed and wounds were being cleaned out.  The physician looked at me  and bowed his head.

“I should change the dressing on your arm” he said as he re dressed the chest of Lykos

“Very well” I nodded “But I think it will be almost healed” I sat down on the chair and waited for him to come over “Where did Melina go?”

“She went to get some wine and food for you” the physician came over to me and started to unwrap the bandage from around my arm  “Well the blood of your father  certainly does work wonders” he looked at me and smiled it is as you said almost healed” I just nodded The Physician picked up his things and walked out leaving me alone with Lykos……

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