Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Not his fault

Submitted: April 23, 2015

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Submitted: April 23, 2015



~~………….. I got up from the chair and walked over to the bed and looked down at him the swelling was going down around his eye. I reached my hand forward to feel if he still ha d a fever. Lykos moved a lot quicker than I even thought was possible his hand snapped around my neck and his grip tightened as his wide eyes were full of fear.

I gasped for breath as he seemed to sway a little on his feet, and the table fell with a clattering crash as the tray of cups and wine jug hit the floor. I heard shouting in the distance as his grip tightened

“Who are you?” he croaked. I struggled against the force of his hand “Where is Thera?” each blow I managed to land on his arm made now difference to the grip my vision blurred. With all my willpower I struck my hand forward right against the largest of the wounds on his chest. He gasped and let go of me I didn’t realize my feet had even left the floor until I crumpled into a heap on the ground. The sound of swords becoming unsheathed rang in my ears as I clutched at my throat and shook my head to try to regain my vision clearly

“Hold him” Achilles voice cut in as I felt hands on my arms and the solid wall of a body behind me supporting me “You dare attack the women that saved you” his voice was booming reminding me of our father

“NO… GET AWAY FROM HIM” I shriek came from the doorway I turned my head and saw Thera run across the tent and throw herself in front of a now collapsed and rolling in agony Lykos

“He attacked your savior” Achilles hunched over becoming the terrifying warrior he was in his stance alone as Thera got wide eyed “Get Aleks out of here” he snapped I looked up at Eudorus as he lifted me from the floor

“Achilles” I was disturbed at how rough my own voice sounded “Achilles” I knew when he got like this his focus was fixed “I startled him…”

“Get her out of here now Eudorus” he barked again “Tie him down…” I heard footsteps hurry after us as Eudorus strode across to Achilles tent and laid me on the bed he had the look of a worried father on his Face as my brother came up behind him

“I’ll go get the physician” Eudorus said looking at Achilles before he pushed of the side of the bed  Achilles held my hand as he sat down

“I knew you should have left them to die in the dirt, this is how they repay you” he was angry as Father had been the night before “He will die for this… I warned you any man that touches you will die at my hand” I struggled to sit up “The men are all wanting to get in there to him and to tear him apart” he lifted my chin and I saw him wince “Three years of war and you are almost killed in your own tent” he shook his head and moved to get up. I held on to his hand and tugged him back to sit down I noticed bruises on his knuckles

“I scared him… He didn’t know what he was doing” I said in a husky voice that hurt to talk with “Achilles, it wasn’t his fault… he is afraid”

“He will be afraid for touching you he will die a slow painful death his bitch with him” I focused on my brother again and saw the claw marks that raked the side of his face

“Achilles… no… they are under my protection” he looked at me stunned for a moment “They are us at the villa in the mountains they saw atrocities” he groaned and shook his head as the physician hurried in “put them under guard but do not harm them” I flopped back against the pillows

“Aleks he could have killed you”

“But he didn’t…” I gasped it was getting harder to talk “My private guard will be there guards they are not to leave the tent”


“Achilles” I gave him a look that I knew would have him fuming but stepping back into submission. I lay back as the physician examined me before he turned to Achilles and cleaned up the cuts down his face. Constantine and Eudorus came into the tent.

“What do you want doing with the savages?” Constantine asked Achilles he too had scratches on his neck and arms

“I say we leave them staked out the way we found them” Eudorus huffed as he poured wine in to a cup and took a drink

“Aleks doesn’t want us to” Achilles said as he paced the floor

“But he almost killed her” Constantines voice rose

“I know my friend and I am with both of you for letting them die but she wanst them under guard they are not to leave her tent” He put his hands on his hips and looked my way making the other tow look over as well Constantine walked over to me and clipped my chin turning it to look at my neck

“You want us to let this man live after doing this to you”

“Yes” I croaked “I know none of you want this but it’s my will that I want them alive”

“It’s like the dog she rescued from the gutter” Eudorus looked at Achilles “nursed it to health and it bit her three times and she still wouldn’t allow us to kill it”

“Obviously my sister has a new pet” Achilles drank his drink and walked out

“Go after him” I said with a cough “Stop him from doing something he’ll regret” Constantine got up and walked out. Eudorus came over to me and sat on the side of the bed

“He’s is scared Aleks… you and he are the only true family you have you fought in battle together and came out alive and someone you rescued and saved tries to kill you put yourself in his place you’d have already killed the person and not given a care in the world”

“I know… but there was fear Eudorus… Fear not hatred in Lykos’s eyes” Eudorus frowned at me “Help me up”

“You should rest”

“I want to see Lykos and Thera” I said sitting up the ache down my back and shoulders made me wonder how I’d sit in the saddle the following day

“Aleksandrya I don’t”

 I put my feet on the floor and pushed up He muttered something under his breath before he put his amr around me and steadied me……..

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