Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Strong willed

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Submitted: April 23, 2015



~~………….. Many of the soldiers stopped and looked as we made our way across to my tent there was a ring of guard around it Achilles and Constantine were off to the side with their backs to us deep in conversation at least my brother wasn’t killing him. Eudorus pulled open the tent flap and held it for me to step in to Lykos was tied down to the bed and Thera was on the other side of the tent on a chair with Melina talking to her.

“Mistress” Melina got up and came over “I should have been here” I shook my head as I saw her eyes fall to my neck

“It’s not your fault” I beckoned Thera over to me she came over and dropped her head

“Do not allow them to kill him” she begged “He is my world… he is everything to me” she dropped to her knees and held on to the skirts of my dress “Please he did not know what he was doing?” I gripped on to Eudorus

“Get her a seat” he said quickly to Melina, she pulled up a chair and Eudorus sat me down and took a step back and rested his hand on the hilt of his sword as if a deterrent from anyone trying to do anything stupid

“You attacked my brother” I croaked “you attacked him and my general why should I allow you to do something like that after we have shown you nothing but kindness” she looked up at me

“I was protecting Lykos… kill me but please do not hurt him” I looked at Melina who just shrugged at me

“You will be spared but you will not be allowed to do anything like that again or I will throw you to the wolves myself” she blinked at me “Melina take her to make food for all of those guarding this tent”

“What about Lykos?” Thera gabbled looking toward the bed where he was lay on his back looking at the ceiling

“You should learn girl not to question when you are told to do something” Eudorus growled at her. Melina walked to the tent door and waited for her he looked at me when they were out of ear shot “I think that little girl is scared more of you than she is of Achilles”

“She should be my brother has a conscience on killing women” I pushed up and took a deep breath as I swayed a little “I on the other hand have no such conscience” I allowed him to help me over to the bed where Lykos was strapped down with leather straps t include his head so all he could move was his eyes “Leave us”

“Aleks?” Eudorus complained

“I will be safe, wait outside of the door for me if I need you I will let you know” He shook his head and walked out. I looked around at him and found him standing in the doorway; the wise old goat knew I was unable to shout at the moment. I looked down at the blood soaked bandage of the wound that I had hit to get him to lose me “I am sorry” he opened his eyes and looked at me there was a fresh bruise on his cheek that had to have been delivered by Achilles the ring indent in the skin was a perfect match for my brothers ring. “Did you mean to hurt me?” he gave his head a slight shake “do you know who I am now?” he gave the same shake I moved and undid the strap that held his head in place “You are in my tent…I told you that you were safe and no one would hurt you and I still stand by what I said”

I looked at the blood on the bandages and reached up and carefully undid them his arms flexed against their binding. I hissed a little as I took off the dressing, I tore of a piece of my skirt and pressed it against the bleeding he arched off the bed as far as the restraints would allow and gritted his teeth

“You fight well” he said through his clenched teeth… I saw you with your champion outside” I lifted my head and looked at him

“You mean Achilles” I smiled he’s not my champion… well he is of sorts” I tore off another piece of fabric and held it against him “He wants you dead right now… he’s my brother” Lykos’s eyes seemed to flare a little “Will you attack me again?”

“No” he shook his head I reached up and undid the tight leather straps that had his arms pinned above his head

“ALEKS” Achilles strode into the tent “What in Hades are you doing” his sword was drawn

“I’m tending to his wounds” I said looking at him

“He tried to kill you” Achilles snapped

“And he said he’s not going to attack again” I went back to undoing Lykos’s bindings


“What?” I looked at Achilles

“You are about to free a man that would have choked the life out of you a few hours ago… I do not know what is going on in your head but…” I held my hand up to him

“I am not going anywhere and I am going to tend to Lykos… if you wish to stand there then do so, if he raises a finger at me then I give you leave to kill him” I said firmly “Or go find a woman to sate you brother”

“A woman! you all but wanted me to get married earlier and now you want me to find a whore”

“I want you to stop treating me like a child sometimes Achilles…” I sighed I was exhausted

“Then maybe you should not act like one” he pulled up a chair and sat down heavily and huffed like a spoiled child.

I looked back at Lykos he was watching me intently his eyes were both open now and even though one of them was still blood shot the blueness of them reminded me of the ocean off of the island of Naxos. He slowly lowered his arms and rubbed at the fresh wounds from where the leather had bit into his skin chaffing it.

“You do know you tried to choke one of the leaders of the Greek army” Achilles said from the chair “You are lucky my sister didn’t have her sword or I think you would have lost your arm” Lykos looked for Achilles to me

“I did not know who she was” Lykos said firmly “I remember the attack on the caravan and I thought I was dead and then in the wagon today I saw her but I thought I was seeing a goddess and I really was dead” there was a cough covered laugh from Constantine who was standing with Eudorus at the doorway “When she came to me after I had been treated by the healer… I was in pain and I truly didn’t know what I was doing”  I looked over my shoulder at Achilles

“I hate it when she’s right” he groaned

“Where is Thera?” Lykos asked as he allowed me to clean the wounds on his wrists

“You mean your wild cat” Constantine said walking over and handing me a swath the clean bandages “So you don’t lose any more of your dress to the process” he said looking at me with a smile

“Thera isn’t a wild cat” Lykos snapped a little defensively

“Oh I’ve fought off a few wild cats in my time and she’s right up at the top the ferocity” Achilles said quietly “But what an can resist a woman like that”

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HER” Lykos growled “head of the army or not I will kill you” Achilles started to laugh and got up and stood at the end of the bed

“Really… I would very much like for you to try then my sister wouldn’t’ stand in y way to kill you first” I stopped bandaging and looked between the two of them

“Would you allow some solider to bed your sister like some common whore” I looked at Constantine and we both looked at Achilles “You go near my sister and I will…”

“She’s your sister?” Achilles said getting a little wide eyed

“She isn’t your wife?” Eudorus steped forward

“No she is my little sister” Lykos looked utterly confused

“Oh I think we got that wrong” I said looking at the others……………..

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