Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - it's a matter of pride

Submitted: April 24, 2015

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Submitted: April 24, 2015



~~………….. “So if she is your sister then what would you do to a man that tried to choke the life out of her” Achilles asked

“Achilles” I looked at him

“I would have done what you did” Lykos hissed as he moved, he took a couple of shaky breaths before he looked at me. I suddenly felt vulnerable as he looked at me.

“You should rest” I said moving and getting up Constantine moved to my side helping me

“I am sorry” Lykos said reaching for my hand his fingertips brushed against mine

“Rest” I reiterated allowing Constantine to support me.

“I’m not going to lessen the guard…” Achilles said as we got inside his tent and Constantine lowered me in to a chair “I still do not trust him… and why would you go in there alone” he poured two cups of wine and handed one to me

“She was not alone” Eudorus stepped in “I was with her and I was close enough at all times that I would have had his head” Achilles looked at him “I didn’t want her to go but have you ever tried to stop your sister from doing something that she has mind set to” Achilles took a drink and looked at me before he sighed.

“You’re right… she has the stubbornness of the gods” he chuckled

“You do know I can hear you” I said putting my hand to my throat as it began to hurt more

“Oh we know” Achilles said “but you need to go and get into bed and rest and tomorrow there is no riding for you” I felt my eye brow pop at that statement “I’m not going to argue with you on this”

“I have ridden with the army every day”

“And for one day it won’t kill you not to” Constantine smiled

“Even my general is forcing me to ride in a wagon” the three of them looked at me

“Yes” they all laughed. Achilles put his cup down and got up and offered me his hand and pulled me to my feet

“Now  rest” he walked with me to the bed and sat me down

“Don’t hurt him” I said as I lay back against the pillows “he has a little sister” Achilles smiled and shook his head

“I promise I will not slit his throat… tonight at least but he has a long way to go to prove to me he is not worthy of being left in the dirt” Achilles kissed my forehead and covered me up with a sheet “now rest and I’ll send Melina in with food” he walked over to where Eudorus and Constantine were standing and the three of the walked out. I turned on to my side and hugged a pillow to me. I couldn’t get the look in Lykos’s eyes out of my head…..

……… I woke up Melina was moving around my dress was laid out on the bed next to me

“Melina” I croaked she smiled at me as she looked around

“How are you feeling?” she asked coming over

“Sore” I struggled to swallow she handed me a cup of water I closed my eyes at the chill of the soothing liquid  slid down my throat. Achilles walked in

“You’re awake…” he walked over and looked at my neck “we will leave soon”

“Have my horse ready” I said sitting up and taking the food plate that Melina offered

“No we discussed this last night you’re not riding today” he said firmly

“I want to ride”

“And I want to be waking up on Naxos but neither of us are going to get what we want” he walked away “Melina fetch her guard when she is ready to leave” She nodded at him

“Melina can you tell Neo to get my horse ready” she stopped moving around and looked at me

“No… I agree with your brother you need to rest today” she walked over “you need to eat” I shook my head

“My throat hurts” I said shaking my head “can you help me dress”. Melina helped me dress, she walked out and brought in two of my guards I got to my feet and walked slowly toward them

“We should have been there” Neo said looking at me

“I do not blame you so do not blame yourselves” I said with a smile there was a wagon outside. I literally ground my teeth seeing it “the men are going to think I’m weak riding in that” I frowned

“None of them would ever think that” Neo said shaking his head “You rode with us and fought with us every day we were at war” he offered me a hand and helped me into the wagon “We want you well to ride with us again” I lay down .  Constantine rode  up

“Good morning” I just looked at him “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’m letting people down… like I’m weak” he shook his head

“You are not… you are like the injured we have do you consider them weak?” okay that hit a nerve

“No I would never…”

“Then stop thinking of yourself in that way” he spurred on his horse Melina looked at me and smiled

“Alright I will behave” I sighed leaning back against the pillows. I looked over to see Lykos and Thera in another wagon. He looked at me and gave a slight bow of the head to me.

“He is very handsome” Melina smiled getting in with me

“You said that yesterday” I said shaking my head

“I know… he would make a fine guard for you”

“Melina you take liberty… he tried to choke me could you see any of my guard allowing him to be near me” I looked over again “and my brother would  have such and aversion it would be too tense”

“And you can get Achilles to do whatever you want” she grinned at me

“I do not think that I should even think of having a male in my company unless he is one of my soldiers” I closed my eyes “I doubt I have room for something other these days”

“You need to fill a void” she shook y a little making me look at her “Constantine leave a gaping hole in you heart maybe you need to find…”

“NEO” I pushed myself up as my guard dropped back “Please take Melina to the wagon with Lykos and his sister before I end up throwing her out of this one” Neo smiled at me and signaled for the driver to stop


“Melina I am not in the mood” I lay back and closed my eyes I heard her sigh and the movement of the wagon as she got out. I tried not to let her words affect me but something, a little voice at the back of my mind began posing questions to me…………

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