Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - A dream from the past

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Submitted: April 27, 2015



~~……… Achilles dropped back and rode next to the wagon, I turned my head and looked at him

“You’re missing me riding alongside of you aren’t you?” I asked with a smiled

“Yes” he nodded “even though you are a pain, it has felt like something was missing without you there… How are you feeling and where is Melina?” he frowned

“I do not like to admit it but you were right. I am not well enough to be riding today” he moved his horse closer and stood in the saddle making the move from horse back and into the wagon, he sat down next to me and moved the thin scarf from my neck and shook his head

“And Melina?” he asked putting the scarf back in place

“She was annoying me so I had Neo take her ove to the wagon with Thera and Lykos inside” Achilles tipped his head

“Really what did she do?”

“Crossed a boundary… I love Melina but sometimes she is far more forward than she should be”

“Do you need me to speak with her?” I shook my head

“I need to speak with Lykos again” Achilles looked at me with a surprised expression

‘Why…Why would you want to…”

“I want to find out more about him and Thera” Achilles hung his hand and drew his hand slowly down his face

“Why don’t we find you a ship and you can sail away and find the Barbarians that we just were at war with and you can sit down and have wine with them” he looked irritated

“Achilles there is something about him that… well look at him why is a man like him not fighting alongside us?” I pushed to sit up Achilles helped me “She is a frightened child when you look at her”

“Alright if I allow you to speak to him…” I shot him a look he took a deep breath “alright  when you speak with him I will be there with you…


“Because you are going to humor me dear sister and I still do not have any trust for a man that attacks you” He stood up “Rest okay I want you riding next to me tomorrow” I smiled at him as he got back onto his horse . I lay back and sleep claimed me letting me rest while the march toward Athens carried on….


…….”Aleks….Aleks” I looked around as the sound of the Aegean waves washed onto the sand “Aleks” a little girl ran toward me her hair blowing lose in the summer breeze “Did you hear… did you hear about it” She dropped to her knees in the sand at my feet.

“Cora… it’s not fitting of a lady to be running around shouting at the top of her lungs” I laughed as I held the hands of my little sister. She huffed and hung her head a little “Alright now why are you racing here to find me”

“Are you drawing?” She asked looking at the parchment in my hand and the piece of charcoal in the other “It’s Achilles” She beamed, her love for our brother was one of utter adoration “It’s perfect” she looked up at me

“I was making the drawings for Mother for her birthday” I said pointing to the other one I had already done that morning

“It’s Me” Cora giggled “It’s like my reflection… Mother will be so happy with these… are you doing one of yourself for her as well…” I had to smile Cora was a free spirit as Mother called her a little away with the mermaids as Dennis my step father teased her.

“Cora… what is it that you wanted to tell me” I asked taking the picture from her

“Where’s Achilles?” I groaned

“He went to train with Eudorus” I packed up my drawing things “He will be back before nightfall”

“I’ll wait and talk to both of you together” She took the things from me and carried them as we walked along the beach toward the steps that rose to the gardens of the villa we lived in

“Little sister you infuriate me sometimes” I shook my head at her “You hurry to find me and then you won’t tell me what you want” I stopped on the steps and smiled at her

“There you both are” Achilles and Eudorus strode over the grass

“You left early this morning” I said with a bite to my tone “scared iw as going to show you both up again if I came along?”

“Aleksandrya it is nothing like that” Eudorus smiled at me and rubbed the bandage on his forearm

“Hmmm” I nodded

“Aleks… we are going to be going to Athens” Achilles interrupted

“What?” I frowned Cora stamped her foot

“I had news and you just spoilt it” she pouted Achilles looked and me and then at our eight year old little sister  he bent down and picked her up making her shriek with laughter.

“I am sorry sweet Cora” he smiled at her “Forgive me as your brother… now what is it you wish to tell us” She looked at Eudorus nervously/ she had always been nervous of the burly soldier that had taken our brother under his wing

“Eudorus” We all looked around as our mother walked from the villa “Would you care for wine while the children talk” Eudorus looked at us and then stepped away. Achilles carried Cora in to the gazebo, a place I felt so nervous about being in after the night of the storm. I walked in behind them and paced the floor as Achilles sat down and put Cora on his knee

“So what is the news you have for us” Achilles asked with a smile on his face

“Aleks come sit with us” Cora looked at me and held out her hand” I hesitated they were sitting on the same bed that….” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath

“Aleks?” I opened my eyes and looked at a confused Achilles I smiled and walked over to sit down

“We are on the edge of the seat” Achilles teased her “tell us your news” Cora got up and smoother her hand over her long dark hair and faced the two of us.

“I am to be the maid of a priestess in the temple of Aphrodite” she literally squeaked it out with excitement “and when I become thirteen I will become a priestess in training serving the Goddess” I gripped on to Achilles arm “It is such an honor to be asked”

“Are you sure you want to do this… I mean it means you leaving the house and the family and…” she stopped dancing around and looked at Achilles and I

“You’re jealous… both of you are jealous that the goddess has chosen me to serve her and not you” Achilles screwed his face up

“Sweet Cora I cannot serve her I ‘m a man and Aleks… well Aleks is going to be in Athens with Eudorus and I and the Greek army” I looked at him he kept his eyes on Cora “We just want you to know that even there you are our little sister and we love you and we are proud to have you in the temple of Aphrodite” he got up and crouch down by her and pulled her into a hug before kissing her fore head “When do you leave?”

“She leaves in the morning” We looked around Mother was in the doorway “I will travel with her to the temple along with a guard of Aphrodite… it is a great honor for your sister… Cora we should go and begin to prepare for the journey” Cora hugged Achilles before she hugged me and hurried over to our mother

“Mother?” I got up

“it is the will of the gods Aleksandrya” She took Cora’s hand and walked back toward the house

“The will of the gods… This is wrong Achilles all wrong” I felt my brothers hands on my shoulders “I have a feeling Father is behind this… he cannot let this family be”

“Cora will be safe in the temple” He sighed “I don’t like the idea of her at eight giving up her life to a Goddess either but we are not going down the same path she is… we never have been… our lives will not be easy, you can join h er in the temple and climb the walls or you can follow the path we must take and wage war on enemies”

“And if those enemies include our father?”

“Then we will face those together” he squeezed my shoulders. There was the sound of horse’s hooves Achilles and I looked to the road that led to the doorway at the front of the house. “The guards of the temple” he and I walked across the grass as the four riders all dismounted “They’ve come to escort Cora tomorrow”

I nodded and watched as they all took off the helmets they were wearing all of them were young guards picked for their size and looks as was customary for Aphrodite she didn’t like anything other than the look of perfection around her. I took a step closer as something made me feel like…

I jolted awake as Constantine picked me up out of the back of the wagon

“Sorry” he smiled at me “I tried not to wake you”

“I can walk” I assured him. He nodded and set my feet down the camp was up for the evening. “Constantine”

“Yes” he steadied me

“Where is Lykos’s tent?” He hesitated “Constantine” I looked at him, he pointed to a tent across from the fire that was being built “I have to go see him”………………


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