Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Truth comes out

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Submitted: April 27, 2015



~~……… I pushed open the flaps of the tent Melina was in there with Thera putting food onto plates

“Mistress” Melina looked at me and came over “I have to ask you for your forgiveness I should not…” I looked at her

“I need to talk to Lykos… I need you both to leave now” I looked over to the bed there Lykos was laying

“He did not mean to hurt you” Thera hurried over

“I asked you to leave… I will not ask nicely for a second time” Melina frowned at me but pulled Thera with her to the entrance of the tent. I looked at my guards in the entrance. I walked over toward the bed. Lykos looked at me as Achilles swept in


“I’m glad you’re here” I looked around at him

“I thought you were going to wait for me” He walked oeer to me

“I was but I had a dream when I slept” I looked back at Lykos as  he moved and winced as he pushed himself to sit up. “Lykos where do you come from?”

“Kos…” he answered quickly

“well for a man from an island you were a long way from home  and heading in the direction to get back there” He looked down “Where is Thera from?”

“Kos she is…” I looked at Achilles

“Go find his sister and ask her where they are from” Achilles moved to walk out

“NO… Leave her… I won’t have her questioned” he gasped as he moved to get out of bed I moved closer to him

“Alright then you tell us where you are really from”

“I told you Kos” he hissed through gritted teeth “I was born on the island of Kos”

“And your sister…” He looked from Achilles to me and back again

“She isn’t your sister is she?” I questioned “You don’t even look alike” I sat on the edge of the bed “You do not remember Achilles or I do you?” Lykos shook his head “I remember you… well you a little younger… in armor and on a horse” Lykos chewed his lip

“I was never…”

“You are one of the guards from the Temple of Aphrodite” I sensed my brother moving closer to the bed “You came to our home on Naxos and took our little sister in to service” Achilles slowly sat down on the chair “Her name is Cora, she’ll be almost thirteen… a lot like Thera” Lykos looked at the marks on his wrists

“These merchants weren’t your family were they?” Achilles asked

“No… no they weren’t” he admitted

“Is Therea a girl from the temple?” I asked Lykos nodded

“Are you in loe with her?” Achilles asked Lykos looked at him dead in the eye

“I do not love her the way you are thinking… she was afraid… she was… the temple isn’t everything these girls believe it to be” I looked at him “Some girls are not to become priestesses like their families were promised” He lay back against his pillows and braced his arm across his chest as he coughed. I looked at Achilles the color had gone from his face

“What do you mean?” Achilles asked

“Girls are subjected to test said to come from the goddess Aphrodite herself” Achilles got up from the bed and paced the floor

“Tests?” I frowned

“We are not allowed to see the tests… but most girls do not become priestesses… those not chosen are well they are passed off to a garrison of men that guard the temples…” he looked away from the two of us “Men that are sworn to never take a wife… men that have needs” I looked away from Lykos and put my head in my hands

“CORA” Achilles came over and grabbed Lykos by the throat “MY LITTLE SISTER SI SHE ONE OF THESE…”

“No… there was something about here that even the priestesses were afraid of” I lifted my head and looked at Achilles before I put my hands on his arm and pulled him away from Lykos “I did not know who you were but we all knew who Cora was… she did not need to adhere to the tests… she is to become a full priestess in the temple I got up and wrapped my arms around Achilles and hugged him “I had a sister like Thera… she died when she fell from a tree when she was ten” Lykos’s eyes swam with tears “She looked a lot like Thera. I was sent to guard the next group of girls to be taken to the garrison… she was so scared of me and of the other girls she coward like a mouse caught by a snake” he closed his eyes “so in the dead of night I threw a cloak over her and stole away with her… I could not ever let those men get their hands on her” he shook his head trying to clear awful memories

“And you ran from your post” Achilles accused

‘Yes I deserted my post and I would do it again if I had to” Lykos looked at him “What would you do for a girl that reminded you of your sister… I see how you are with Aleksandrya and you would lay down your life for her… I couldn’t for my sister but I hope doing this I am making up for something”………..


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