Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Respect of thosand

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



~~…………. I bathed and dressed and walked out as night was falling. The smell of the funeral pyres filled the air as I moved through the camp toward the huge fire in the middle the sounds of music was being played. Achilles was sitting at the head of a Table with our generals either side of him watching the dancing girls dancing in front of the flames

“Men of Greece” Achilles shouted out silencing the music “My Sister Aleksandrya… a warrior to be feared by the hordes, she is a true fighter alongside all of us” he raised his cup to me as a cheered went up. I moved to stand next to him

“I am only as brave as the men around me. I do not see why you should all face the evils of War while others sit in their walled cities, getting fat without worry” I looked around at everyone “We should take this to the councils demand that if they want to send men to their deaths they should stand on the front lines along side of us” a louder cheer went up “My brother and I are humbled and honored to have you with us” my general held out a gold cup to me and filled it with wine. We all sat down as the food was brought out, Achilles looked at me as I stared into the fire.

“I have never seen you like this…” he frowned

“Like what?” I picked up a slice of meat and took a deep breath

“So angry” he faced me “Aleks talk to me”

“I’m just tired of being so far from home… I feel like I should be a hundred years old” I sighed looking at him

“You should be at home with children running around in the fields” he smirked “your man in the markets selling his…”

“Do not make me fetch my sword and make you a eunuch Achilles… Bearing children is not on my list of things to do with my life and neither is being a subservient wife to a merchant” I literally ground my teeth . My brother put his arm around my shoulders

“I know I’m teasing you… you need a general… a man to command your attention and be worthy of you” he plucked a grape from the plate in front of him

“Worthy… I’m a woman in a man’s world” I rolled the wine cup on my hands “I’m the bastard daughter of a god… while that works in your favor Achilles with the whores of the brothels as well as the whores of the rich families throwing themselves at you… I stand by and watch the admiration poured on to you and on to the other men that fight… it is harder for me to…”

“Aleksandrya” my general looked at me “You do not need the admiration of the people in Athens… you have the love and respect of your men… they are the ones that would kill anyone that dares even say things negative about you… Daughter of a God or not you have the might of the armies of Greece behind you all of them would turn on the politicians in a heartbeat is you or Achilles asked them to”

“He’s right” Achilles said hugging me a little tighter “The politicians fear us and the politicians from the Roman empire to the Barbaric Northerners to the Savages from the East, they know not to underestimate the Bastards on earth” He laughed as  one of the dancers came over and draped herself over him.

 I heard the hungry growl from Achilles that meant that woman was going to know just how immortal my brother was. I pulled his arm off of me as he kissed the woman. I got to my feet and refilled my cup, I walked through the men feasting and taking in the women.

I stopped on the cliff where Achilles had found me earlier and looked down on to the beach below. The flames from the Barbarians Pyres were snapping and leaping in the strong breeze from the ocean. There was a slow melodic chant of mourning song that drift up to me on the wind. I sipped the wine, I felt suddenly like someone was with me. I moved with all the speed I had pulling my hidden dagger from my dress and pining it against the throat of a man

"I should have announced myself dear Daughter” the deep chuckle had me feeling even more tense than before as I relaxed and put the knife away

“If you were not a God of Olympus I would have slit your throat” I kept my back to him

“I am and you are part of me” he moved to my side

“One of the Bastard twins from the woman you fucked” I finished the wine and wished to all the other gods I’d brought the rest of the jug with me

“Do not speak to me like that” the ground trembled a little as he spoke

“Why the truth hurts does it?” I spat at him “You see those Pyres burning on the beach; they are pyres of the barbarians that we have slain for you and the other Gods… I hope you enjoyed watching it play out from your spot on Olympus”

“Is that what you think we just use the spectacle for sport?”

“YES” I snapped “I lost count of the heads I took and the lives that fell at my hand” I shook my head “Is this what you planned for Achilles and myself… to live our lives in war?”

“No” I looked up a Zeus “You seriously think that I would ever want a daughter of mine to fight like a man”

“I’ve had a long day… I do not and I will not play these games with you” I turned away from him and started back toward the camp


“Forgive me for the lack of respect I have for you” I looked back at him over my shoulder “But you have done nothing for me that would earn it”…………….



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