Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - not what we needed

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Submitted: April 28, 2015



~~………….. I moved away from Achilles and over to the table and poured wine into a cup and drank it. Achilles walked over to me and braced both his hands on the table before turning his head to look at me.

“Are you sure he was one of the guards that took Cora?” he lowered his voice so only I could hear him

“Well he didn’t deny it and when you see a man that looks like him you tend to remember the face” Achilles ey brow rose “Well we all know that Aphrodite chooses her guards for looks and body…”

“She didn’t choose me” Achilles smiled trying to lighten the moment

“I don’t think even the mighty Aphrodite would even try to claim you… I think Father would have something to say” I refilled the cup and handed one to him “Cora should never have been allowed to go… all those other girls used as…” I shuddered at the thought

“It wasn’t our choice we can’t blame ourselves for this” he put a hand on my shoulder “Mother and Dennis were over joyed at her being chosen”

“Do you think Dennis ever knew the truth about our father?”  I chewed my lip “I know Mother had told him our father was a soldier and he died in battle… but do you think he ever knew the truth?”

“If he did he did a very good job in hiding it” Achilles looked toward Lykos “He deserted his post he should lose his head for it”

‘Achilles he did something that you know you would have done the same thing even if those girls didn’t look like your sister… because I know I would… and Father is going to help us on this one” I pushed off the table “If he does nothing else for me in my lifetime he owes me one favor at least”

“What are we going to do about Lykos and Thera?” He sat down and rolled the cup in his hands and Lykos watched us from the bed

“Protect them from what should happen to them” Achilles looked at me “If you do not agree with me then I will take full responsibility for both of them… and the gods can come through me and any guards that are sent after them for that matter” He nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go and find Thera and tell her she need not fear any of us” Achilles squeezed my hand and walked out of the tent.

“Are you going to send us back?” Lykos asked

“No….” I walked over to him and sat on the edge of the  bed “I do not have a love for the gods… I have a tolerance that gets thinner by the day and if they stand back and let things like this happen to innocent girls then they are not worthy of adoration” I looked at my hands and rubbed them together nervously turning the ring on my finger

“You fight for the gods...

“I fight for Greece not the gods” I looked at him

“I still do not understand why a woman would fight in a war”

“Because I can and I vowed never to let my brother die on the battlefield” I poured water into a cup and offered it to Lykos

“I would never allow my sister to fight no matter how much she begged me”

“You do not have a sister like Achilles does” we looked around as Constantine walked in “Achilles asked me to come in here while he’s not”

‘General I’m perfectly safe” I sighed

“Hmmm the fingerprints around your neck tell me otherwise” he folded his arms over his chest

“I will not harm her” Lykos said looking at him “What I did was a mistake”

“And I will be the judge of that” Constantine stood his ground

“My General is protective of me” I said looking back at Lykos

“As he should be” Lykos cracked a smile for the first time. “Thera?” Lykos’s attention was drawn away as Thera walked back in with Achilles and Melina

“She is fine” Achilles said “and she knows we know the truth” I looked at Thera her cheeks were streaked with tears. I got up from the bed and walked over to her

“Look at me” she slowly lifted her head “I promise you this no man will lay a hand on you while you are under the protection of my brother and I” I looked at Melina “She will stay with us until she decides what it is she wants to do” Melina nodded at me

“Achilles, Aleks” Eudorus walked in “We have riders approaching” Achilles looked at him “Heracles’s banner is flying”

“Oh just what we need over stuffed politicians coming into camp” Achilles looked at me

“Do I get to slit his fat throat from ear to ear?” I asked putting my hands on my hips

“No… I cannot keep getting the bloodstains out of your dresses” Melina huffed making all of the men laugh “Sorry my mouth got away from me” she said looking down

“I shall change to receive or over stuffed guest” Achilles looked at me “you too and do not let him see your throat” I nodded. I waited till they walked out Constantine leaving a guard at the door so he could prepare himself it was one of those nights where the generals were expected to be there alongside Achilles and myself.

“Melina I need hot water so I can wash” she smiled at me

“Thera you can help me with the things” she said Thera nodded and they walked out to get hot water. I walked over to one of my trucks and opened it and pulled out another of my dresses that had been so long locked away. I laid it out over a chair along with my jewelry  and moved to the screen and began to strip out of the clothes that were layered in dust from the travel on the road.

“TURN YOUR HEAD” I jumped at the sound of Melina’s high pitched voice “Aleks” she hurried over and pulled the screen closed around me “You need not to look at her… she has spared your life and she is…”

“I was not looking… well I was but a woman’s back while intriguing is not illegal to look at” I felt my cheeks flame red as I had forgotten that Lykos was lay in my bed, the thought of having to play ice with a politician had distracted me

“Well you need to think you’re self-lucky that I walked in and not her brother or you would be without your eyes” Melina huffed as she came over and looked at me “We need to get another tent” she handed me a jug of water and put my dress over the top of the screen so I could dress in private………..

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