Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Night of accusations

Submitted: April 28, 2015

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Submitted: April 28, 2015



~~………… I dressed and waked out from behind the screen and over to the bed as Thera and Melina walked in.

“A word of warning, my maid is as protective of me and my brother is” I smiled at him as Thera handed him a plate of food

Well you were the one that was undressing in front of me” he said as Thera sat next to him

“True” I laughed

“Aleks” I looked around as Constantine walked in “Well you look beautiful tonight” he smiled

“Well I have to make an effort when one of the senators sees fit to intrude on army life” I looked at Melina “you can take the evening to spend with your man”

“He is guarding Achilles tonight” she shrugged “I will see him tomorrow and tonight will stay here and play chess with Thera” I nodded and walked over to Constantine “Why do we need our private guard tonight in camp?”

“Because we do not trust any of the senators or their guards for that matter” he offered me his arm and we headed out of the tent across the space toward the war tent that had been erected in a hurry for Heracles arrival

“How many soldiers did he turn up with?”

“Personal guard he has six but camped just outside of our camp he had a garrison of two hundred” I frowned at him “Don’t worry I have five hundred of our men on watch tonight, they will not be a threat to us” he patted my hand as we walked into the council tent

“ALEKSANDRYA” I looked up at a rounder face Heracles than remembered “Such a beauty, such a vision” he offered me a heavily ringed hand as he filled and over flowed in a chair

“Heracles” I couldn’t’ help my hard tone. I ignored his hand and walked over to Achilles and kissed his cheek Constantine pulled out my chair for me and I sat down

“It is customary for you to kiss the ring of the gods when you are in the presence of a senator”

“And it’s customary to get to your feet when the head of the Greek army walks in but I don’t see you doing that either” I picked up my cup and took a drink

“My sister is right Heracles… you got to your feet when I walked in you should show her the same respect because she could take all six of your guard and kill you before I get up from my chair” Achilles warned him

“Don’t tempt me I haven’t killed something in a while” Eudorus and Constantine both suppressed a laugh “Now what is it that could bring you away from the brothels and bars of Athens all the way out here to meet the army”

“I will let that comment go because of the weight of the campaign you have fought” I looked at Achilles and cradled my drink “I came out here to find out if these Barbarians are truly gone and what did you take from them” he sat forward in his seat

“They are gone but I don’t doubt they will try again” Achilles braced his arms on the table “and what we took is guarded and well be given over when we get back to Athens”

“And when all of our men are paid and given extra money for their loyalty” I added

“MORE They get paid enough”

“Only a man that has never faced down an army trying to kill you every day could think that” I looked at Heracles “No one in the Senate will see any gold until all of the Greek army is paid in full and with bonuses… and if there is nothing left then there is nothing left” Constantine put his hand on my arm

“The war has to be paid for, there is a week of celebrations to be paid for as well when the Army marches back in to Athens”

“All these men want is to be home with their families not celebrations that the senate is safe and the gods are wonderful” Achilles banged his hand on the table “My Sister and I want to go home as soon as we have addressed the Senate and put our lives back together”

“It is unhealthy that you and Aleksandrya are so close… is there more to the two of you than brother and sister” I don’t know who was more enraged between Achilles and myself My hand went to my sandal and I moved Heracles guard blocked my way as Constantine grabbed me around the waist and held me against him

“I think you should leave now Senator” Achilles growled at Eudorus got in his way to stop him from going for Heracles

“You and your whore sister may have won over some of the senate but just because you are the bastards children of Zeus doesn’t mean you are in control”

“Achilles and I care for people and we gain respect that way” I snapped as I struggled against Constantine

“Incest is a crime in Greece” Heracles barked from behind his guard

“You are sick…My Sister is just that my sister” Achilles roared “One man alone has…” he stopped himself “Get out of my camp and do not come back… and if you have so much as try to spit venom at the senate about my or my sister then may the gods help you because I will hunt you gut you”

I pushed away Constantine and walked out of the tent I leant against  a tree and took deep rattling breaths as I tried to control my temper

“Aleks” I felt hands on my shoulders

“I knew they would try to do something to make people turn against Achilles and I” I said shaking my head “People do not understand the bond that we have with each other” I turned around and looked at Constantine “We’re twins…” he held my hands

“You are the twins that have come from a god… I don’t begin to understand how the two of you work but… I know there is nothing incestuous between the two of you” he pulled me to him and hugged me

“If things were different and I wasn’t who I’ve become…”

“Constantine” a woman’s voice cut through the air Constantine looked around as Diane walked toward us “Oh how I have missed you husband” her eyes pooled with tears. I moved away from Constantine she looked at me and bowed her head to me “Aleksandrya… thank you from keeping my husband safe” she smiled at me

“What are you doing here?” Constantine stammered

“I asked if Heracles could bring me along with him and Father pulled some strings” she put her arms around him “I have missed you” I moved around the tent suddenly feeling like I was in the way, this journey back was starting to feel tougher than the war…….

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