Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Feeling alone

Submitted: April 29, 2015

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Submitted: April 29, 2015



~~……….. I stood by Achilles tent and watched Heracles be escorted away from camp. I could hear Achilles talking to Eudorus about what had happened his anger was more than evident in his tone alone. I moved away from the tent and walked through the camp talking to some of the soldiers as I went by them.

I stood under a tree in the shadows watching the movement in the camp. Melina was out walking with Thera the two of them talking quietly. Before I watched Diane and Constantine walked into his tent together. I took a deep breath and walked around the edge of my tent and stepped inside there was only one lamp lit and the steady breathing of Lykos who was in the bed sleeping. I sat in a chair and put my head in my hands

I was so tired of struggling and being who I was and what I had become… Judged for being a strong woman in a world filled with strong men, seen as a threat to normality it was now time for the politicians to take away the glory of our victories with rumors that could damage more than my sword. I sniffed as the tears dropped silently from my cheeks onto my dress.

“I never like to see a woman cry” I jumped at the touch of Lykos’s hand on my shoulder and the sound of his voice “Especially when she should have no reason to cry” I looked away from him and roughly wiped my eyes

“I’m sorry if I woke you” I stammered as I tried to regain my composure “I… just… I needed time…”

“When my sister used to become upset… I used to hold her and let her know I was there for her… Where is your brother” I started to shake my head Lykos walked around to stand in front of me and offered me his hand as he lent against the table

“I need to let Achilles vent to his general” I looked up at Lykos “You should rest”

“I am well rested… I do not like to see hurt in your eyes and tears on your cheeks” He bent and winced a little before he took my hand and drew me to my feet “I will never forgive myself for hurting you” he murmured as I let him pull me closer  his arms held me against him. I laid my head against his chest and inhaled the heady scent of sandalwood and warmth he moved one of his hands and cupped the back of my neck his thumb stroked gently in a soothing way

“Aleks are you… WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER?” Achilles literally roared

“Achilles” I put my hand out stopping him from going on a full on attack

“I was comforting her… she was crying and…”

“And she has people to comfort her” Achilles glared at him

“Achilles… After what just happened” he looked at me and took a step back “I came in here because if I didn’t I would killed Heracles” I felt my jaw tighten and my gut clench, I stepped away from Lykos and put my hands on Achilles face making him look at me “What he said about us was unforgiveable… he is out to ruin me and he hopes by that he will pull you down as well”

“People know the truth… the real people that matter would never fall for his tricks” Achilles shook his head “We are bigger than the senate Aleks we control the armies of Greece not them… if they want to bring the fire of hell down then we will bring it to them… No one is going to get away with this” I nodded  as he relaxed a little “I sent Constantine after you did he not find you?”

“He did” I looked down and let go of my brother “Diane is here… Heracles brought her with him at the request of her father… I mean it’s been a long time” I gabbled “I would want to see my husband if he had been away” Achilles closed his eyes and hung his head a little.

“I’m sorry” he opened his eyes and looked at me I fought back the tears and shook my head

“It is what it is” I shrugged  “Just a shock”

“Achilles” Eudorus walked in “Aleks I need to steal your brother away for a while…”

“Of course” I straightened myself and lifted my chin “I want to be on the road tomorrow before Heracles has ever stirred from his sleep” I instructed “Please let my general know” Eudorus looked at Achilles and then back at me

“I will inform him” Eudorus nodded Achilles  walked out of the tent with him. I pinched the bridge of my nose a headache was beginning to creep up the back of my skull

“You have pain” I looked around I’d almost forgotten that Lykos was there “I can see the furrow here” he walked over to me and touched my forehead.

“I should go and let you rest more”

“I am rested the pain is minimal now” he lead me over to the chair and sat me down before moving behind it. His hands moved to my shoulders and he began to slowly knead them. I closed my eyes and moaned at the release it was bringing to the pain

“Thank you” I sighed as he let go I looked at him. “I bet that you are wondering how did we win any of the battles that we took part in”

“No” he eased down into a chair facing me “I saw you wield a sword against your brother remember… and if that was you and him taking it easy then I am glad I am Greek and I am on the same side” he offered me a smile “We all have a point that we reach that makes us feel like we are broken” I took a deep breath “you are the strongest women I have ever seen not physically but mentally you would be a rival for the Gods”

“Sometimes I think I am just a puppet for the entertainment of the Gods” I got up from my chair and poured him two cups of wine “No woman has fought alongside of a man in all of our history” I sat on the floor by the Lamp that was glowing and looked into the flame “for the longest time I seemed to forget how to be a woman… I wore my armor every day and came back wearing the blood like prize… I learned never to allow the dead of the battlefield to haunt my dreams… The nightmares of my childhood are the only things that  haunt me” Lykos eased down on the floor with me

“All these things are what make us what we are” he ran his fingertips down my arm “We all hate things about us but they are things we cannot change” he sighed and dropped his hand.

I moved and put my hand on the side of his face and pulled it toward me sealing it in a kiss he shifted moving closer to me he put his hands on my ribs and pulled me against him deepening the kiss………

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