Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - my wants and needs

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Submitted: April 29, 2015



~~………..  I pulled back from the kiss and Lykos looked at me his breathing was ragged and his pupils had become dilated

“I’m sorry I should…” he started to speak

“I was the one that kissed you” I felt the blush creep into my cheeks

“What would you’re brother think” he chuckled

“I can deal with my brother… I should not have taken advantage of a man in my care” I knew I should move away from him but I truly didn’t want to.

“Taken advantage of would have been of you had seduced me in the bed” he looked at me through his thick lashes

“I do not do that” I looked away from him. He reached his hand up and tugged at the scarf that was round my neck

“I am so sorry for this” his fingers trailed down my throat “Does it hurt?”

“A little” I admitted Lykos moved forward and lightly ran his lips over the skin of my throat. My eyes closed and I gasped at the feeling. He nudged my jaw with his nose and then nibbled the soft spot on the side of my neck “Lykos” That came out as a breathy moan as my hands gripped on to the tops of his arms

“Shhh” he murmured his lips found mine again

“LYKOS” a girl’s voice made the two of us literally spring apart Melina and Thera had walked in Thera was wide eyed “What are you doing?... Get away from him” Melina caught Thera around the waist

“Thera” Lykos held himself around the ribs as he got to his feet “What is wrong with you?” he walked over to her

“You’re with her…. You were kissing her” she looked like she was about to start crying “You should not be kissing her… you saved me” Melina looked at me and pulled her face a little  as Lykos shook his head. I got to my feet.

“I think you and Thera have things to talk about” I said taking off my jewelry. I walked behind the dressing screen and pulled off the dress I had on and reached for my riding dress

“Aleks” A shiver ran the length of my spine with how my name sounded coming from Lykos’s lips.

“Once again my wants are not what should I should have” I stepped around all of them my guard were posted outside

“Aleks?” Neo looked at me

“Saddle my horse” I said fastening my sword around my waist “I need to ride we’re riding for Athens tonight”


“Neo you are head of my personal guard please do this for me tonight and as soon as we get there you will be free to go to your wife… I need to get out of here now I’m stifled” he looked at two of the other guards and nodded they both hurried off as I paced the floor

“Does your brother know?” I shook my head “What about General Constantine?”

“No and I will leave word for them but I have to get out of this camp” I took a deep breath I could still smell the deep warm scent of sandalwood on my skin from Lykos

Thera obviously thought that there was something more between her and Lykos than he had thought there was. The guards came back with the horses and I swung myself up into the saddle.

“ALEKSANDRYA” Achilles came from his tent with Eudorus  on his heel “What are you doing?” he grabbed the reins of my horse

“Riding for Athens, I will be in the senate hall before those old men are out from under their whores”

“You can’t do this”

“I can and I am… Achilles they are not going to put us down… they can try but they will fail”

“I want to ride into Athens with you at my side… my sister and our Generals should be there together” I felt the nerve in my cheek twitch He reached for the reins of Neo’s horse and swung himself into the saddle “We can ride and we can talk but you are not going to ride away” he refused to let go of my reins as we raced out of the camp. We got to a stream the moon light shimmering on the water.

Achilles got off and came over to me and lifted me off the horse he paced the floor

“What is happening to you?”

“I was head over heels in love with my General when I knew he was married to another woman, I know nothing can happen and I had gotten used to that fact and then seeing her with him tonight made me realize I don’t know if I will ever have that from a man” I turned away from Achilles “I have passed over the advances of men because I didn’t like who they were and now how will they see me” I was angry I whipped around to face him “Heracles is going to go back to the Senate and spread his vicious lies about me with my own brother, a thought that sickens me because I love you with all my heart… but I love you for what you are and that is my brother” he put his hands on his hips “I am being selfish thinking of my own wants and needs but how many of these men of ours are returning to the women that love them, I want to feel love for once…”

“And you will… Constantine… well I can not help you with him because his marriage was a political one but there are many men out there that would be lucky to love you” he smiled at me “But they will have to at least be as lethal as you are with a sword” I stopped pacing and looked at him

“I kissed Lykos” Achilles’s expression changed from a relaxed one to one of my deadly brother

“I do not trust a deserter”

“I do not consider him as such he saved Thera’s life… you can’t tell me there is not part of you that wants to award him a medal for it” I walked over to Achilles “I kissed him and it felt good… I am going to offer him a position in my guard”

“Aleks” Achilles let out and exasperated sigh

“I know and if he denies my offer then I will let him go, but there is something about Lykos that draws me to him” I sat on the ground and lent against a tree “Tolerate him for my sake Brother that is all I ask”

“What if Father denies him a chance with you? Achilles sat next to me

“It is not up to Father… and I will take on the gods if I have to”………..

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