Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Understanding

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Submitted: April 30, 2015



~~…………. I Looked out over the encampment as dawn’s early fingers began to streak the sky. I drew the cloak around me a little closer as a breeze brought goosebumps out on my arms.

“Have you slept?” Eudorus came and stood next to me I shook my head “We should be in Athens by night fall… it’s going to be a long day”

“I know” I looked at him and smiled “I couldn’t sleep after last night… and I’m sorry for trying to leave Achilles was right we fought together and we ride in there together” I linked his arm “Will you be coming back to Naxos with Achilles and I?”

“I will” he smiled but first I will be riding to the mountains to my Wife… these years away have made me see how much I love her… my mistress was just that… and I wronged my wife by taking her” he patted my hand “but I expect a welcome for dinner at your Villa when I do bring her back to Naxos” he chuckled

“And you will receive it” I nodded. Achilles and Constantine walked toward us.

‘You were up early” Achilles said as they stopped facing us

“I didn’t sleep”  I shrugged “General” I looked at Constantine “I hope the roughness of camp  was not to much of a strain on your wife” I watched the nerve twitch in his cheek “Excuse me I must speak with my guards” I walked away from them without giving Constantine the chance to answer.

“Aleks… Aleksandrya” Constantine caught my arm and stopped me from walking “Please”

“It’s hard Constantine… you have to realize this” I sighed “I love you… but I have to love you as my General only” he hung his head “I have told you once I will not be your mistress…. I cannot do that to your wife it is not her fault”

“I know… and I… I have told her what we did” I looked at him in shock “I had to Aleks I had to free myself of the guilt when I saw her” I shook  my head

“After what you heard from Heracles and what he thinks of Achilles and I you tell your wife who’s father is a Senator that you took me in to bed… she will tell her father and then I look like I am bedding the entire Greek Army”

“I will not allow her to tell him, if she does then I will leave her… I will” I put my hand up and stopped him

“No… I am not going to be the reason for you leaving her…” I swallowed and took a deep breath “If you cannot be my General without loving me as if we were lovers then I cannot have you as my general” he got wide eyed

“Aleks no” he shook his head

“The choice is yours Constantine” I walked away from him to where my guards were waiting with the horses

“Good morning” I looked around as Lykos stood by the open door of the tent I smiled at him He looked me up and down “Are you riding into battle?” He looked me up and down

“It feels like it… we ride into Athens today… I can’t do that looking like I have been feasting for the last three years” I smoothed my hand over the bodice with the gold embroidery on “But my armor is in need of repair so I wear something that isn’t too feminine”

“Well you look the beautiful head of the army” he smiled at me

“What happened with Thera?” I asked as Neo lead my horse over to me

“May I ride with you today?” Lykos asked I watched as Neo looked like he was about to choke.
“Yes…” I looked at Neo

“Ask the squires to saddle another horse”

“Aleks?” he frowned at me

“Lykos will ride with us but he will be unarmed” I looked at Lykos “My Guard doesn’t trust you near me” I said with a slight chuckle

“I would guard your body with mine” Lykos bowed his head and I felt my cheeks glow as I moved and got up on to my horse. Achilles rode over to me as I watched Lykos follow Neo
“I know you said you wanted to offer Lykos a role in your guard but to threaten Constantine” he said with a snap to his tone

“Did he tell you that” Achilles nodded “He told Diane last night that we had been to bed with each other” Achilles frowned “She will run and tell her father  and then the stories will fly in the Senate that I am a whore… Heracles thinks we are sleeping with each other to bring shame on us, and Constantine told me he’s leave his wife if she did speak of it”

“he can’t do that the shame he would bring…”

“I know it’s more shameful here to leave your wife than have a house full of mistresses to bed while she shops in the city” I shook my head “I don’t’ want to lose my general but I will not have him think I will take him as a lover if he leaves Diane”

“I will speak to Constantine for you” Achilles frowned I nodded as Lykos rode toward us “I see he no longer needs rest?”

“No he asked if he coud ride with us today and I agreed” Lykos stopped his horse next to us.

“You do know that you will be arrested if you are recognized” Achilles said looking at Lykos “You are a deserter from a temple”

“I know” Lykos nodded “I will not allow myself to be seen” Lykos nodded

“I will send Lykos in to the rooms given to us with Melina and Thera… no one will be allowed in there other than our guards” I shifted in the saddle “And Lykos is under my protection”

“Well he is under the protection of both of us” Achilles pulled on his horses reins turning it around “My sister trusts you so I have to trust her judgement… but…”

“But if I give reason for either of you not to trust me I will fall upon my own sword” Lykos said offering Achilles his hand. Achilles  reached out and clasped Lykos’s fore arm in an understanding gesture. I smiled at Lykos as we began to move away from the camp………

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