Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - An offer

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Submitted: April 30, 2015



~~…………. “What happened with Thera?” I asked again as we rode through the fields toward the city “She thought you were going to be her Lover didn’t she?” Lykos looked at me and nodded

“I thought when I saved her from what was set to become of her , that she would be  well almost like my sister… that I would look after her because she cannot go back to her family because they would send her back to the temple thinking they were doing the right thing” he looked at me “But she is a girl in my eyes maybe some sick bastards would bed her and break her… but that is not the man I am” he looked at me “You do believe that  don’t you?” I nodded

“What did you say to her last night… because she had the look in her eyes like she wanted to slit my throat in while I slept” I smiled

“Oh she had a few choice words about you and she received a slap from Melina for her trouble” I tipped my head “She thought when we joined the merchants traveling toward the north that we would be together as Lovers… the temple tells girls that their bodies are what will make a man bend at the knee for them and do the Goddesses will” I hung my head a little and got a pain in my heart as I thought of Cora in the Temple “I treated her like I would have treated my sister. I kept her close when we slept under the stars in case we were attacked” he rubbed the stubble along his jaw

“I can see why she felt there may be something more… a man steals her away from a fate too harsh to imagine… and a man that the gods themselves look to have crafted at that” Lykos flushed a little “any female would only wish to be seduced by him in such a way to make all of her dreams come true”

“Is that what you dream of Aleks?”

“We were talking about Thera remember” I reminded him “Did she…”

“She told me that she thought that she would become my wife… I never once kissed her or did anything that I would consider leading her on that I wanted her like that” he looked around at my guards “I wanted to protect her that was all… Like all of these men in your guard they would protect you and die for you wouldn’t they?”

“Yes but they know I would do the same for them” I frowned

“I wanted to replace my sister with Thera, replace the pain and the fact I could not save my own sister from death” I looked at him

“You cannot replace a sister… you cannot heal your pain of lose by trying to make Thera who your sister was” I shook my head “You did the right thing in freeing her from the temple but Thera is her own person. I will offer her a place in the house hold on Naxos and I will give her what she needs”

“You would do that for her?” Lykos asked

“I would, I have an offer for you as well” I smiled at him

“An offer for me?”

“We have a echo in a field” I laughed “Yes I have an offer” I nodded “I want to offer you a place in my personal guard”

“You have never seen me wield a sword why would you do that?”

“Because to become a guard at a temple you have to be a master swordsman and you have to face the trials of combat to rise the ranks… I do not have to see you wield a sword… but you do have to take me on” a smirk twitched on his lips

“Take you on how?”

“Oh not in the way you are hoping, you have to show me your prowess with a sword if you can take me on then…” Lykos stopped his horse and dismounted “What are you doing?”

“I am waiting to show you what I can do?” he held out his arms “you will have to give me a sword though”

“Lykos, I didn’t mean now” I pulled my horse around “I’m not going to do this now we will do it later… We are riding in to Athens” He laughed and mounted his house

“I will hold you to it” he kicked his horse on.

There was the sound of Fanfare from the walls of the city, as we approached I moved in front riding next to Achilles with Constantine and Eudorus  right behind us.

“You haven’t stopped smiling yet Sister” Achilles said as we rode through the gates

“We are almost home… after a few days here we can sail for Naxos “ I looked at him

“And here I thought it was Lykos that had put the smile on your face” I hung my head a little “Head uup Aleksandrya…”

“I asked him to join my guard and he is willing” I looked back at Lykos who was riding further back “He will make a fine addition to it”

“Of course” Achilles laughed “But does that mean he will journey to Naxos with us?”

“Yes” I nodded “We still need guards when we return home”

“And will that include your bedroom?”

“Achilles… it’s…”

“Wave at the crowds Sister they are rejoicing in the victory” he laughed “Forget Lykos for now… we have those men to deal with” he nodded toward the steps of the Senate building where the senators were all standing waiting for us…………..

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