Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Senate accusations

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Submitted: May 01, 2015



~~…….. I got a knot in my stomach as the noise from the crowds was deafening. We came to a halt at the foot of the steps in front of the senators. Achilles got down from his horse  and started up the steps before he stopped and looked at me. I took a deep breath and got down Constantine and Eudorus moved to my side as I walked over to Achilles

“We have to do this” Achilles said quietly

“I know” I nodded our personal guards all dismounted and came up the steps behind us. I Looked at Lykos “Find Thera and Melina and go with them to my rooms… I am not about to start a fight over you now if someone recognizes you” he nodded and turned his horse around

“Your rooms? Constantine said looking at me

“Yes my rooms… He is going to be a member of my personal guard’

“Aleks” He frowned at me

‘You are my General Constantine you advise me you do not pick my guard for me” I moved back to Achilles side and rested my hand on the hilt of my sword

“Welcome Home” the head of the Senate’s voice boomed over the noise “Our Victory is yours” I locked my jaw feeling the nerve twitch in my cheek “We fought here making offerings to the Gods to keep you safe To bring you and the army home”

“Well we are home and the Barbarians are driven back to where they came from” Achilles spoke

“Let us go inside” He gestured to the senate Building Achilles nodded I turned away and faced the army that was filling the city

“GO HOME… GO BE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE… YOU HAVE FOUGHT BRAVELY FOR GREECE AND FOR ACHILLES AND I” I called out everything fell silent “YOU ALL HAVE OUR RESPECTAND BOTH OF US WOULD FIGHT ALONG SIDE ALL OF YOU ANYTIME GREECE ASKS US TO” there was a chant that went up as swords were hit against their shields. I could feel the vibration of it through my entire body

“Aleksandrya… I was supposed to send the Army away” I looked at Theodis the head of the Senate

“Well I am sorry, but they fought for Achilles and I we have the right to send then to their loved ones no one else” Achilles put his hand on my arm

“You have to understand where my sister is coming from” Achilles spoke and smiled “We all fought side by side for a long time we became a family”

“Of course” Theodis nodded we all walked inside the Senate building “We can dispense with the guards… you are safe”

“We do not dispense with them at any point” Achilles said shaking his head “you all have your own guards here so Aleks and I shall keep ours as well”

“No harm will fall to the heads to the army and their generals” Theodis put his hand on his heart

“Three years of war makes you wary of politicians” I added as we stepped into the wide chamber and the Senators all filed in to their seats our guards all moved to form a circle on the perimeter of the room

“We sent Heracles to welcome you home” Achilles looked at me

“Did you send him to welcome us home or to make accusations about Aleks and I?” Achilles moved around the floor and looked at all of the senators “Is this how you treat us after what we have done for you, After we have bleed for you after we watched good Greek men die for you… you wish to start malicious rumors and lies about me and my sister”

“That was Heracles lies we have nothing to do with it” Theodis said shaking his head “Why would we…”

“Because you want to make sure that people know you are in charge” I said “A word of warning to all of you people who accuse Achilles or I of anything you will feel the chill of my sword as it runs you through” I turned on the spot “Many of you doubt me but none of you will challenge me” I walked over to Achilles “I cannot deal with these men who do not know what it is like to deal with War” Achilles nodded and put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it, I strode out of the Chamber my guard flanking me as we went.

“A woman has no business in here” Heracles called out as he walked in from the other side of the open room

“That woman has more right to be here than most of you” Achilles banged his fists on the table that bore fruits and wine in the middle of the floor “Aleksandrya bled on the battle field and did never once complain… how many of you know how it is to watch thousands fight each other… how many of you have seen war up close” he pushed off the table “You should all be bowing down to her and thanking her for putting her life aside so all of you can sit here eating and fattening yourselves”

“She is the daughter of a god she is privileged” Heracles walked to his seat and sat down as a servant poured him wine “I heard talk of you and her sharing a tent… a brother and sister sharing quarters don’t you think it is strange” Eudorus caught Achilles as he lunged forward

“She shared my tent not my bed I have whore for my needs” Achilles spat at him “you should really be careful of that mouth Heracles… remember who our father is” Achilles watched the overweight senator blanch and fidget in his seat

“We do not want the wrath of Zeus to fall upon us for saying things about his children… Heracles your accusations are unfounded” Achilles looked as a tall thin man walked down the senate steps from his seat Eudorus slowly released his hold “Achilles you and Aleksandrya commanded the armies like no one has ever before… and you brought my Son-in-law home safely” the man walked toward Constantine and embraced him

“Daniel” Constantine bowed his head to Diane’s father “It is good to be home” Achilles folded his arms over his chest and gave a side glance to Eudorus

“There is a fest in your honors tonight at my home in the city” Daniel said turning on his heel and looking at Achilles “For you and Aleksandrya… The matters of the Senate can wait for another day” he looked around “Please pass on the invitation to you Sister from me and my wife”

“Er…”Achilles was so off guard with this, he looked at Constantine “Of course I will pass it on to her, thank you” He took a deep breath “Gentlemen of the Senate I will leave you for the day, I must talk with my generals” he gestured to Constantine and started to walk out leaving the hushed muttering of Senate behind him

“Did you know he was going to offer this” Eudorus snapped in a low voice as he looked at Constantine

“I had no idea” he shook his head and caught Achilles wrist and turned him to face him “Achilles I had no idea he was going to off a dinner in your honor”

“If only you had not told your wife of your indiscretion with Aleks… how do you think they will both sit down for dinner both knowing you have bedded them” Achilles poked him in the shoulder “You’re wife need watch her mouth tonight General, because my sister is on edge in this city and we all know how sword happy she becomes and she goes nowhere unarmed”

“I will talk with Diane” Constantine nodded “She will not say anything”

“Make it so” Achilles nodded “Eudorus go find your wife and come back at night fall, I may need you’re help with Aleks tonight” Eudorus Bowed his head and walked away. Achilles looked to the building where we had our rooms and took a deep breath………


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