Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - A woman scorned

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Submitted: May 01, 2015



…........ I looked at Neo as we cross the square toward the house  as he walked next to me


"Change out the guard and the six of you go do what you need to" I said looking at him "The come back tomorrow at noon"


"But you need a guard here Aleks" he frowned


"And I will have a guard just not the six of you Achilles will be here and I have Lykos in the house and there will still be a guard posted for us" I hugged him "I can never repay you for your loyalty but I can allow you to relax a little"


"Well I would argue with you over this normally but..." He laughed and rubbed his hands together


"Then do what I have asked and I will see you all at noon" He put his hand on his heart and bowed his head to me. I opened the door to the house and walked inside the cool tile lined rooms 


"You are back quickly" Melian said walking over to me and taking my sword from me


"I could not deal with the pompousness of them all" I rubbed the back of my neck "I want to be on the boat sailing back to Naxos" I sighed looking at her 


"It will feel good to be back on the island" she nodded with a smile "I have food ready for you, you didn’t eat breakfast this morning"


"And I didn't sleep last night either" I linked her arm "I have to apologize to you for being like a bear these last few days"


"It is forgotten' she smiled 


"I should not have expected you to look after Thera"


"Well she is a feisty one..." Melina looked at me as we walked through the house


"I heard that you slapped her"


"Well she said things about you that I didn't like and I put her into her place and told her that she needed to e thankful that she wasn't still staked out in the dirt having her flesh torn from her bones by the wild animals" Melian huffed as she let got of my arm and poured me a drink "You and I have known each other since we were children and I will not allow anyone to say bad things about you"


"And that is why you are my most trusted friend" I laughed "Where is she?"


"She is bathing... I hope you didn't mind" I shook my head "And Lykos is in the garden" I looked toward the open garden "I will draw you a bath" she smirked and left me alone. I walked out into the garden Lykos was sitting on a bench next to a fountain his eyes focused on the water.


"You look lost in your thoughts" he jumped as I spoke


"I was worried about you" he got to his feet 


"There was no need to worry... I was safe with the people I was with" I squeezed his forearm "Have you spoken with Thera?" he nodded


"I told her again that I wanted to protect her and love her like she was a sister" the two of us walked through the garden together "she cried... she honestly thought that she  and I were going to be lovers... I'm angry that the girls in the temple are being told that women are supposed to use their bodies to get men to do what they want"


"They are become Whores for thr Goddess" I stopped walking and looked at him "My little sister is one of those girls" I shook my head 


"Your sister was something special and no one knew why... she is kept away from the other girls and she was already beginning to become a priestess" he reached his hand out to me and touched my arm "Aleks..." I looked at him  and suddenly felt like I had in the tent the night before when he kissed me.


"ALEKS....ALEKS"  we looked around as Achilles walked into the garden "I need to speak with you"


'I shall go and bathe" Lykos said with a smile "It will feel good just to soak for a while" I nodded and watched as he walked away. 


"So did the Senate think I was a weak female for walking away?" I asked walking over to my brother


"No I didn't give them a chance to say anything... well until Heracles walked in" I stopped walking  "But he was shot down by Daniel..." I frowned "Constantines Father-in-law" I closed my eyes "Aleks look at me" I opened my eyes "We have a dinner in out honor tonight... but it's at Daniels home" I started to shake my head


"I can't go there... Constantine told his wife what we did... I made love to her husband" I held put my hands out


"I know this and Eudorus and I both made sure that Constantine keeps his wife silent tonight" I paced the floor "It will look bad if you do not go along" I groaned and looked at him "She will not say anything, Constantine promised... I will be at your side Eudorus will be there"


"And so will Lykos" I said quickly




"I  will take Lykos along with me... if I have a man by my side if she does say something, I can make her seem like a liar... even though she isn't" I looked at Achilles how was looking green at the thought 


"You can face down all of the warriors from a foreign land but a single women..."


"Achilles a woman scorned is one to be feared more than even you can imagine... and her husband..."


"Is in love with you still after all this time" I nodded "Alright take Lykos but please do not start kissing him in front of me I am tolerating him right now..." I smiled at him


"I promise if I kiss him it will be when you are not looking" I laughed and walked away leaving Achilles shaking his head 




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