Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - confronted

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Submitted: May 04, 2015



…........... Melina braided my hair as I put in my earrings the breeze coming through the open window wafted in the smell of the bougainvillea that grew up the walls outside in the garden.


"You are very Quiet this evening?" Melina questioned putting her hand on my shoulder


"I have a lot on my mind" I Sighed putting my hand over hers "I am not looking forward to this evening's dinner" I got to my feet and turned to look at her 


"You will have your brother with you and both of your generals" She linked my arm as we walked from my room


"It's the wife of my General that concerns me... I know I should not have done what I did but I just want to be out of the city and back home" I chewed my lip 


"Hold your head high Aleks" Melina smiled at me "You are allowed to feel like a woman every once in a while and i/m sorry but if Diane wants to try to bring it to you then she is a fool" She laughed 


"Are you sure you do not want to go in my place" I sat down to wait for Achilles


"Oh I have things to do here and I'm to see my Man's family to talk about the wedding" she took  deep  breath as my brother walked into the room


"Then you go and have a good evening" I looked at Achilles 


"You look Like you are going to your execution" he smirked as Melina excused herself 


"I am still wary of tonight and Diane" I watched as he walked around the room "But I am going and I'm going to try not to worry"


"Good" he looked up as Lykos walked into the room dressed like one of my personal guard but without the armor "Well, don't you look the part"


"As long as the sword is sharp I don't need the fancy clothes" Lykos shrugged


"Well clothes are not optional they are required for dinner this evening" I said standing up "and my guards never have a dull edge to their swords" I couldn’t help but smile at him, he looked more like a god then my own father did


"Aleks" Achilles waved his hand in front of my face


"Sorry" I smiled as Melina showed Eudorus into the house 'Ah and there is a General that looks very relaxed... I take it your wife was happy to see you again?" Eudorus beamed a bright smile


"I would agree with you" Achilles laughed


"We will be late to the Senators house"Eudorus said stepping back and taking a second look at Lykos and then looked at me


"I need someone there to back me up in case Diane says anything to us tonight" I explained "And Lykos was offered a place in my guard" Eudorus looked at Achilles I groaned and shook my head  Achilles put his hand in the small of my back as we walked out.


We walked the short distance to the Home of Daniel. Our guards were right behind us as we walked I had Achilles on my right and Eudorus on my left. The door of the house opened and Daniel was standing back lit from the house


"Welcome" he called out "My home is your home for the evening" he stepped back and allowed us to walk in "You're guard will have their own feast in that room off from where we shall be eating" he gestured to the right. Constantine was standing to the side talking to an older woman that I was assuming to be Daniels wife. "This is my wife Nina... Nian these are our distinguished guest... Achilles and his general Eudorus and The only other woman in Constantine's life Aleksandrya" Achilles got wide eyed and looked at me 


"It is wondrous to meet the two of you" Nina said with a smile as she walked forward "Constantine has spoken a lot about you" she narrowed her eyes and looked at me "Well both of you" she corrected herself "You really are a beautiful woman" she touched my arm "It is hard to believe that you were fighting in the war" she gestured for me to walk with her. I looked at Constantine who was watching me with his Mother-in-law intently 


"I have the scars to prove I was there" I said with a smile "I was thrown into fighting it wasn't what I had ever expected" we stepped out into the garden where lamps lit a fountain in the center


"So you did actually fight you weren't just in the camp?" she asked I looked around to see that Lykos had followed us into the garden but stayed at a discreet distance


"No I fought alongside my Brother and Eudorus and Constantine... I have known how to use a sword  for a long tie and If I didn't got to the war I would have been in a temple somewhere and that is not how I wish to live my life" I took the cup of wine a servant offered


"Maybe a woman when they reach a certain age should be in a temple if they are not married" I looked around as a slim tall woman with hair the color of ebony walked across the tile floor "Mother" she leant and kissed Nina on the cheek. This was obviously Diane"


"Well it should be a woman's choice on who and when she marries" I fired back I couldn't help myself "I have a duty to my country to serve it and protect it"


"A duty... that is an interesting way to describe it" Nian said with a sweet smile "It is a shame that married men have to leave to fight..." I felt a little trapped out here


"That is your opinion" I nodded "But both of our generals were married and a lot of our armies were as well" 


"Tell me do you think those men thought of their wives while they were away at war?" Diane asked 


"They did" I nodded "If a man  loves truly a woman he will only think of only her when he is not fighting..." I watched the nerve in his cheek twitch


"I heard from Constantine that he grew up with you and Achilles" Nina said as I could feel the tension 


"Yes we did" I smiled "that is one of the reasons I knew he was the perfect choice for my General" I nodded 


"NINA" Daniel called from the house


"Diane please entertain our guest while I see what your father needs" Nina walked away


"I know what you did..." Diane growled under her breath as Nian walked away "I know you lay on your back like some whore enticing my husband into your bed like some spider trapping a fly" she pointed at me with her finger "And I find it laughable that you think you fought like the men of Greece "Your job with the army was to keep them happy spreading your legs allowing them to be inside you" she sneered at me "you disgust me... Constantine is my husband... you should watch that someone doesn't slit your throat while you sleep" I felt my eyebrow rise


"How dare you assume things about the life I have lead for years... I am a warrior like your Husband... and we had whore in the camo to service men I was in the war tent nightly working on how to save this country... Yours was an arranged marriage you hadn't even seen Constantine before your wedding day... remember I grew up with him" I smiled at her "He wasn’t  pure when you  had your wedding night... but I suppose he never told you that" she looked shocked "I gave myself to Constantine when I was sixteen and he gave himself to me" 


"You are a whore"


"No I offered it to him freely as I did when he came to me the night the war ended... but I will tell you things for nothing I told him it was wrong and I told him I will not be a mistress to any man... he married you for duty to his family... ask him if he has given you his heart" I turned away from her and walked away. My heart was thundering in my chest. Lykos came to my side I glanced at him and he offered me a smile of support


"Do you want to leave?" he asked in a low voice I shook my head


"I can't just leave I have a duty to do to Achilles" he nodded "please do not judge me" I said stopping on the steps into the house


"I'm not... I could never" he smiled and brushed his fingertips against mine making goosebumps spring up on my arms. "But I will be staying on your room tonight... no one will come in and try to slit your throat" he squeezed my hand "I'll be the one to protect you...............

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