Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - quick decision

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Submitted: May 05, 2015



~~……….. I walked over to Achilles as Lykos moved off to the side with the rest of the guards Achilles frowned at me

“Everything alright?” I shook my head as I put my cup on a tray held my a servant

“If Constantine asked her to keep quiet about happened it didn’t work” I said in a low voice “Apparently I wasn’t fighting alongside of all of you I was on my back whoring for the entire army” Achilles looked up with a stony faced expression as Diane walked on. His jaw tightened and he moved to step forward I put my hand in the middle of his chest and just shook my head “She’s hurting and I think the things I said to her in the garden just topped that off” I rubbed my forehead

“I don’t care what happened you were as much a part of the war as we were” he frowned at me

“Let us just get through this meal and I will leave” I took a deep breath as I looked at Constantine who was talking with Diane and Nina looking like a scolded little boy.

“Excuse me for a minute” Eudorus walked away to the guards

“Please come and sit” Daniel said with an oblivious smile I sat next to Achilles. Daniel asked questions throughout the entire evening Eudorus kept his eyes on Diane a sneer on his face that had me seriously worried that he was going to try to do something.

“Aleksandrya you are very quiet” Nian said lifting her cup to her lips and looking at me over the top of the rim

“I am unused to the quiet of the evening without the sounds of a battle camp… it makes me uneasy” I said looking at her across the table “Has Constantine informed you that he will be our liaison in Athens?”  Achilles choked on his wine

“Liaison?” Diane frowned

“Yes…” I nodded “While he has been a loyal and attentive General for these years we need someone here in Athens… someone that can be the voice of my Brother and I that we trust” Constantine looked shocked  and Achilles just blinked at me.

"Aleks" Constantine managed to get out 


"It will allow you time with your family and it will be a lifeline to stop lies and rumors being spoken of what happens in camp" I looked at him in the eyes "Mistakes are not worth the trouble" I felt Achilles hand  over mine in a comforting feeling "You will never have to fear for his survival because he will no longer have to join us in battle" 


"That is wonderful news" Daniel beamed "It is a step toward the Senate for you Constantine" he raised his cup in a toast to him "I got to my feet"


"If you will all excuse me... I am exhausted and I would like to retire for the evening" I couldn't sit there any longer  Achilles got to his feet


"I too have to agree with Aleksandrya it has been a long, long day for us, but your generous hospitality is very much appreciated by my sister and I" he bowed his head to Daniel Iwalkeld toward the door with my guard close behind. I didn't look back until we were in the our own home and the doors were closed My guard took up their positions around the home as Achilles walked in with Eudorus. I looked at Lykos


"Please can you check that everything is safe"


"Of course" He nodded and walked up the stairs 


"I think some kind of warning about your decision might have helped us out tonight" Achilles said putting his hands on his hips


"I had to do something" I shook my head as I sat on the chair


"Lykos told me what she said to you" I looked at Eudorus as he spoke 


"What did she say?" Achilles frowned


"She threatened your sister that she needs watch that she doesn't get her throat slit" Achilles hand went to his sword


"She may the Daughter of a Senator and a wife of a General but she is not allowed to threaten my sister" He growled


"Achilles she is no match for me and she has no reason no to come for me' I looked at him "I have given her, her husband"


"Aleks she is a woman scorned... do not underestimate her" Eudorus shook his head "I think we need to call in your Neo and your other guard to double your protection and if we can move you to another home"


"I am not going to go anywhere until I leave for Naxos" I said firmly "I am going to go to bed" I got up and kissed Achilles on the cheek before doing the same to Eudorus 'Please both of you do not be angry with my decision for Constantine's position"


"We're not" Achilles said shaking his head "But he was the best general other than Eudorus"



"And I am sure I shall find another as good if not better" I smiled and walked out into the garden and up the steps to my rooms Lykos was talking with Thera at the top of the stairs. "Is everything safe?"


"It is" he nodded I looked at Thera 


"Are you settling in well?" she lowered her eyes 


"Yes thank you"


"Good you have a place in my household for as long as you want it" I lifted her chin "You are still a child when the time is right for you, you will find a man worthy of you. but until then you will never have to fear anything or anyone" I smiled at her "Go rest" she looked at Lykos"


"Good night Thera" he kissed her on top of the head. we both watched as she walked off to the room she shared with Melina. I looked back at Lykos "I meant  what I said  I am not going to leave you alone tonight"


"Do you play chess?" I asked pushing open my door


"I do" he smiled following me inside.........

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