Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - How lives change

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



…....... I walked back in to the camp and over to Achilles' tent. the moaning from inside was a sure sign my brother was performing at his best. I pulled back the flaps and walked inside. Achilles was in bed with two of the dancing girls both of them putting on a show just for him  and his ego. 


"Achilles... I need to talk to you" I said keeping my eyes looking in the direction of where his armor was 


"ALKESANDRYA" his voice rose several octaves as he realized I was in his tent and he was naked as the day we were born.


"Achilles NOW" I demanded "I'll wait for you in my tent" I walked out and across the small distance between our tents and walked in


"Mistress" my maid got up from her sewing and looked at me


"Melina pour me some wine and you can retire for the night... I have to speak with my brother" she nodded and walked to the table and poured the wine in to a cup. I paced the floor


"Are you sure that there is nothing else I can do for you?" she asked handing me the cup


"No I'll be fine thank you, go retire" I smiled at her Melina and u had been friends as children she was the daughter of a maid in the house of my Mother's family and I had taken her as my own maid as soon as I was old enough. She smiled at me and walked to the entrance of the tent as Achilles strode on


"Okay this had better be something important" I walked over to the table and poured a second cup and held it out to him "ALEKS?"


"I went for a walk when I left the feast... I walked up onto the cliff were we talked earlier" I puled out a chair and sat down "I watched the enemy pyres burning and listened to the mourning songs" Achilles walked around the table and sat down moving his chair to face me our knees inches from touching


"and?" he pushed


"I wasn't alone" his entire demeanor changed


"Who was there?" Achilles asked quickly 


"Our father came to see me" Achilles sat back and let out a huge sighed as he picked his cup up from the table


"Zeus was here?" I nodded "after the war he's here to tell us how well we did while him and the others all  watched the brutality"


"I let him know I wasn't happy about what we have to do and I told him I have no respect for him God or not..." Achilles looked at me and raised his eyebrows "I'm sorry for barging into your tent like that before... I was angry but not at you" I got up and walked to the mirror in pulled the braid from my hair 


"you are the only person that ever could disturb me and I wouldn't get angry" Achilles stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders "as soon as we make sure the Barbarians leave we shall return home" I reached my hand up and put it over one of his "We shall return to the island after we visit Athens and take in the peacefulness of it all" he murmured "three years we have been away Aleksandrya... Three long hard years... it is time for us to go home and I pray to the gods each and every night we indeed will get a rest"


"So many things will be different" I turned to look at him "Achilles... I'm almost more afraid to go home than I am to go into battle" he smiled at me before he wrapped his thick heavy arms around me and hugged me tightly to him. he reached up a hand and gently stroked my hair.


"You and I still have each other" he sighed as I wrapped my arms around him and held him as I fought back the tears "Mother has been dead for the past two winters and Cora was taken in to the service of the priestesses at the temple of Aphrodite... our Father has abandoned us except when he deems to show himself and he does not answer our questions... you and I Aleks we are the rock for each other".


I couldn't suppress the tears any longer I clung onto my brother and cried like I was a child. Achilles sank to the floor ad cradled me in his lap like he used to when I used to have the terrors in my dreams of the night the Barbarians attacked our home. it had been many years since that night but the memories were as if it was yesterday. Achilles and I had been twelve and we were in the mountains at a home given to our mother by Zeus. It was in a village surrounded by olive groves. in the dead of the night a sound had woken me and I had gone out onto the balcony of my room and seen shadows in the courtyard before an arrow had streaked by my head impaling itself in the wood of my door, and that was when all hell had broken loose servants were screaming in such a blood curdling way it hurt my ears. I had grabbed for my sword and was waiting for my end to come.


Achilles had come from his own room into mine and taken me by the hand. He was calm and steadfast his sword gripped in his hand as we crept down he back stairs and we stole out into the olive groves he pulled me behind him as we ran in the darkness the screams becoming more and more distant until we reached the wall at the edge of the grove. Achilles had let go of my hand and he stated to pull away stones in the corner. I remember my heart pounding and the sight of the house beginning to burn. I tired to go back.. I feared for our mother but Achilles had pulled me into the gap in the wall.... it was a small tight cave he had made for himself to hide from our tutor when he didn't want to do his lessons.


He walled us in leaving chinks in the bricks to allow in air, in the years we had been coming here I had never discovered his hiding place  it was the perfect place. We heard voice, voices that we didn't understand, they got closer chasing one of the maids that had managed to escape. One of them caught her and four others surrounded her, I remember seeing the first one slap her sending her reeling into a tree before a second one had taken the tip of his sword and split her dress. the thin blue cotton had seemed to float from her body as they each took turns in raping her. I remember Achilles turning my head into the side of his neck his hands covering my ears but I could still here the muffled screams as they roughly took her in always possible. 


By the time dawn streaked the sky the house was smoldering and the Barbarians had left. Achilles kicked down the wall freeing us. I scrabbled out and over to the lifeless body of the maid. she was no more than fourteen years old and her face was bruised and bloodied for the beating they had delivered, the light was gone from her eyes and she was gone into the heavens. 


Achilles had roughly pulled me fro he dead body and we walked back toward the house seeing the bodies of the household scattered around. We had searched the ruins for any sign of our mother we had searched for two days before I saw her in the olive grove with our father. He had taken her to keep her safe but didn't have time to find safety for Achilles and  I. This is where our lives had changed once and for all..........

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