Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Naxos

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Submitted: May 05, 2015



…........... I woke up to the sound of the clashing of swords and laughter. I sat up and saw Lykos sitting on the edge of the balcony looking down into the garden. I got up and walked over to him and stood next to him. he turned his head and looked at me


"Good morning" He smiled at me "I think I won at chess last night"


"I can't even remember anything other than the first four moves" I sighed as I looked at the guards all practicing in the garden


"Well you were waiting for my to make a move and you closed your eyes ad fell in to a peaceful sleep" he tipped his head "so I put you into your bed and stayed guard over you all night and apart from a lizard on the wall no one entered your room' I put my hand on his shoulder


"thank you" I nodded "so I presume that you have taken the position in my guard"


'I have but I think I am going to have to try to be the one closest to you" he stood up making me look up at him I smiled and shook my head as he walked down the stairs and out into the garden. Achilles walked up the stairs looking like he hadn't slept 


"Good morning' I said looking at him "Please tell me you got some sleep last night?"


"If I did I would be lying" he laughed "I want to speak to you about going to the Senate today" I nodded and sat down "I think that you should sail for Naxos today" I frowned at him "Hear me out... Eudorus and I think for your own safety it would be wise for you to be out of Athens"


"I have never backed away from a fight in my life" I shook my head


"That I understand but there is a guard in the city that is not under us that is under the control of the Senate and if Daniel finds out about what happened with you and his son-in-law" I hung my head "Aleksandrya... I want you to be safe not to be slaughtered for a moment of weakness" he held my hands 


"I am the daughter of a god it's a little harder for me to be killed' I smiled at him


"I still want you to go home to Naxos and I will join you with in the week" he frowned "Please do not make me bring Father to this to force yu back there" I shook my head


"Alright I will leave" I nodded "I will be taking my guard with me and I will be taking Lykos " he nodded


"He didn't leave the top of these steps all night, for that I have to commend him" I felt a blush creep in to my cheeks 


"there was a reason he was made a temple guard" I looked down as Lykos was now taking on Neo in the garden 


"It would also be sensible to get him out of the city before he is recognized because under your protection or not he would be hung as a deserter" Achilles stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders "I will fend off any comments from Constantine and I will make your excuses to the Senate" I nodded "I'll send up Melina to pack for you and send world to the harbor to prepare a ship to take you home" 



Melina came up and started to pack up my things and before long we were heading through the city toward the harbor Achilles walked with me onto the ship as things were loaded and my guard got on alongside us.


"You should be home within two days if the winds are with you" achilles said looking around 


"I'm excited to see Naxos again... thank you for doing this for me" I looked at my brother he pulled me to him and hugged him


"I love you Sister and I will do what I can to make your name what it should be not what people are perceiving" he kissed my forehead and looked at Neo "Guard her with your life"


"I will" Neo smiled "She has all of us making sure she is safe and she still has her sword to make it more interesting"  I smiled as Achilles walked off the boat and the capitain cast off the line and we moved out into the harbor. I waited until the harbor was nothing but a shadow in the distance


"He will be following soon" Lykos said walking up behind me


 I know... it is not often since we were born that he and I were separated... it's almost like I have lost a limb" I looked at Lykos "I am going to go to my cabin" he nodded "You and the others should eat and relax it's a couple of days to Naxos from here"


"I will get Melina to bring you something" I nodded and I walked over to the door to my cabin and walked inside. I sat down at te table and picked up one of the scroll that had been brought on board for me to go over.


I felt suddenly like someone was with me I reached down to the strapping holding my knife to my thign and pulled it free while still sitting looking like I was reading.


"This is for you being the astard daughter and a whore" a mans arm closed around my throat yanking me to my feet. I gasped and struggled as the table went flying and the clatter of the jug and cups echoed off the walls as I struck back with the knife hitting something soft and hearing a grunt............

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