Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Messing with the wrong Woman

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Submitted: May 06, 2015



…...... I pulled out of the grip of the man that had grabbed me as the door opened and Neo and Lykos ran inside. I looked at the man that had stumbled back my knife deep to the hilt in his stomach.




"He tried to kill me" I snapped, the years of war made me hardened to seeing men that were my enemy's bleeding" I stepped forward and grabbed the man by the hair as he dropped to his knees


"Are you a fool trying to attack one of the heads of the Greek army" Neo draw his sword and held it to the throat of the man 


"She is no soldier.... she's a whore" he spat "Whores should die"


"Who sent you?" I demanded yanking his head back "You have the guts to come in here to kill me you had better tell me who I will be sending your head back to" I growled in his face


"The gods will burn you in Hades" he coughed 


"WHO SENT YOU?" I pulled out the knife allowing the blood to flow from the open wound "Tell me and I will spare you the pain" 


"I will never give up my mistress" I let go of him allowing Lykos to take over where I have left off 


"Diane" I shook my head and watched his eyes give away that I was right "I think she needs to know who she is dealing with" 


I pulled Neo's sword from his hand and swung it the swoosh it made as I cleanly cut through the air. there was a slowing resistance but then the thud of his head falling from his shoulders and on to the floor. Neo and Lykos let go of him and allowed his body to slump to the floor. I used his clothes to wipe the blood from Neo's sword  before I handed it back to him. 


"Make sure that his head is delivered back to Diane" I said bracing my hands on the table and get word to my brother as to what has just happened because if I go back to Athens I will kill her for this..." Neo nodded and walked to the door and called in the rest of my guards. they carried out the body and put the head into a hessian bag. Lyjos came over and stood behind me "I gave her back her husband with a higher position and for that she tries to kill me... am I going to be always looking over my shoulder"


"I think she will understand" he put his hands on my upper arms "do you want me to go back to Athens with the body and  make sure Diane truly understand"


"No" I answered quickly turning around to face him "Neo will go and he will talk with Achilles"


"I searched this cabin before you came in" he tipped his head "I swear that man was not in here" I pointed to the open window Lykos walked over and tugged on a rope pulling on it bringing a small boat in to view I moved ovr and looked out of the window with him


"I want you to stay in here with me" I looked at Lykos "I need a friend now other than my guards and Melina" He pulled out his sword and cut free the rope the boat the door opened and Melina walked in and looked at the pool of blood on the floor 


"three years of year and still you have to kill people" she smiled as she walked over and held my hands "Are you safe?"


"I am fine" I nodded hugging her "thank you for your concern"


"Well I am concerned that I'm going to have to clean up this" she laughed, but under the laughter there was a nervousness, I knew how much I meant to her  and how much she worried about me.


"I will clean it up" I said shaking my head She looked at me and frowned


"No Please go into my cabin Thera is not traveling well on the boat so she is sleeping" I hugged her again and walked out Neo came over to me


"We sent his body to the depth of the ocean and his head is ready to be returned" he put his hand on his sword resting it there "I will take it back and I will make sure General Constantine understands to keep his wife in check" the nerve twitched in Neo's cheek and I will tell your brother what has happened"


"Thank you" I smiled at him "Lykos... what do you make of him?"


"I like him... we've only spoken a few times but I saw him in the garden of the house working with  a sword and he is highly skilled for a merchant we found tied in the desert" He looked out across the blue water "I was a little shocked when you offered him place in your personal guard, but he is a good fit... and he makes you smile" I flushed a little "It is out of turn of r me to speak like this but Aleksandyra you are a woman and a woman has the same needs as a man and you should allow yourself to be just a woman not a fighter for once"…...

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