Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Home finally

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Submitted: May 07, 2015



……… I stood on the deck of the boat as Naxos grew closer Melina came to my side and put her hands on the rail.

“I forgot how beautiful home was” she smiled “You didn’t sleep again last night did you?” I shook my head “Lykos told me that you sat by the open window and stared at the stars”

“I think I was willing the boat to carry us home faster… and also when you've just had someone try to kill you it sort of makes it  a little difficult to relax" I inhaled and closed my eye "You would think my father if he was so concerned with my well being would have stopped what ever happened" I opened my eyes and looked at Melina

"You will not have me speak ill of a god Aleks" she smiled "But I have to agree with you... he should have saved you" she looked around as Thera came over helped by Lykos

"You look like you should be lay down" I said frowning at her "sea travel does not suit you"

"Lykos said we were almost to land..." she gulped down a lungful of air 'I wanted to see for myself"

"Well there it is" I pointed to the island "Naxos my idea of paradise" She moved closer to the rail "can the both of you allow me to talk to Thera" she looked at me with wide eyes as Lykos and Melina walked away "I know what you think of me and that you think that Lykos freed you  to be with you" she flushed and looked down as her hands gripped the rail

"I was told that we were to be the vessels for the Goddess for men to worship... and the night Lykos stole me from the temple I thought he did it to be with me" she swallowed hard "he does not find me beautiful or desirable, and then you come and save our lives and you stole his heart"

"I don’t' think I did that but you are still a young innocent girl you  have all the time in the world to find the man that will love  you and care for you... Lykos want's to be your brother... I understand that you cannot go back to your own family" she shook her head "You have a new family and you will be protected and cared for " I put my finger under her chin and lifted her head to make her look at me "Please do not hate me because Achilles and I no longer have our sister and we miss hearing someone having fun without a care in the world... and Naxos is the perfect place to finish growing up"

"Will you marry Lykos?" she asked

"Lykos is one of my guards" I laughed "I think a man like him will have no shortage of women falling at his feet... I doubt I will ever become a wife to anyone" I sighed "I am not like most women as you have seen"

"Can you teach me?"

"Teach you what?" I asked

"How to fight with a sword?" she bit her lip

"You really want to learn how?" I couldn’t' help but smile at her

"I do" she nodded

"Then I will teach you" I agreed "No I really think you should go back and lay down for a while until we get to the harbor and we can get you back on land" she nodded and staggered back toward her cabin 

"Aleks" Neo walked over and stood next to me "I will be returning to Athens on the tide... is there anything else  you want me to do while I am there" 

"Just inform Achilles what happened and stay close to him and his guards."

"I will" he nodded "what to I say to your General?"

"He is no longer my general but he needs to know what his wife is capable of" I rubbed my neck "I do not want this to become the talk of the city... people already underestimate me and are looking to find problems to undermine me now we are not at war"

"But they couldn't get enough of Aleksandrya while you were taking charge of the army" he huffed folding his arms over his chest "You do know that every single soldier in the army would turn on the Senate in a heartbeat if you asked them to"

'I know they would and I think the Senate realize it as well it will be interesting to see what they have said to my brother while I have not been there" I looked at him

"Well I will keep my ears open" he put his hand on his heart and bowed his head before he walked away I smiled as the captain docked the ship in the bustling harbor of Naxos. Melina came over and I looked at her and grabbed her hand as the gangway was laid out and the two of us ran onto the cobbled harbor side the shouting from the fisherman that were unloading their catch to the smell of the harborside bakery.

"We're home... Melina we're home and it feels so good"

"Melina... Aleksandrya" Yorgas Melina's father came toward us his arms outstretched as he hugged his daughter before he hugged me "the entire island has been awaiting your arrival"

"It is so good to be back here" I nodded 

"Your horse is here waiting for you... I have made sure he has been ridden every day and he's turned into a fine stallion" he gestured toward the tan colored Arabian horse off to the side being held by one of the servants from the house "I have horses for your guard as well" I nodded as they all came from the ship 

"Can you see that everything is off loaded" I asked looking at Melina "Neo is returning to Athens" she nodded "I just want to ride for the villa"


"Go she" laughed I walked over to my horse and swung up on to his back as the rest of my guard got onto the horses given to them Lykos came over to me 

"We are following you" he laughed

"I hope you can keep up" I kicked on my horse and we set off away from the harbor toward the villa...........

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