Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Home security

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Submitted: May 12, 2015



~~……… The Villa came into sight and I pulled my horse to a stop the trees that lines the path to it had grown and were shifting gently in the breeze off the Aegean. The walls around the Villa were covered with bright red bougainvillea.

“Everything alright” Lykos asked as my guard surrounded me

“Everything is… perfect” I nodded as I kicked my horse into a full gallop the guardsquickly caught up to me as we got closer the thud of the earth changed to clattering as we came into the courtyard.

“ALEKSANDRYA” I looked around as a woman walked from the house wiping her hands. Her hair a little greyer than it had been when I had left for Athens.

“Eleni” I felt a sudden lump in my throat. I swung my leg around and dismounted and ran in to the open arms of my housekeeper

“Oh my Sweet girl… my sweet, sweet Aleks” she held my face in her hands  “You haven’t been eating properly… you’re lean like a man” she shook her head making me laugh “Well you have the curves of a woman but the muscles” I put my finger over her lips

“I wish I could have taken you with us… I think the war would have been over a lot quicker because you would have chased off all of those Barbarians for attacking Achilles alone”

“Where is he?” she looked around “and all of you boys need toget off those horses and clean up and come inside for some food”

“Achilles is still in Athens” I sighed as I linked her arm and walked into the familiar surroundings of the house I had grown up in

“You could not stand to be in the city could you” she laughed as she poured me a cup of wine and handed it to me

“You know me so well” she sat next to me

“You’re war weary” she said patting my hand

“I am… so is he and so are all of those men” I nodded as my guards walked in “There are to stay here” Eleni frowned at me “they are my personal guards”

“Well personal guards or not they will respect the villa and everything here or they will answer to me” she said loud enough for them all to hear

“I will warn them” I laughed

“Did you not find a handsome man while you were out there?”

“Eleni” I felt my cheeks grow red

“Well… you are like a daughter to me… and I think that you now need to be a girl” I sighed and leant back  and watched the birds in the sky outside

“Melina is bringing a new girl here… we rescued her and she is well scared and lost”

“Well we will make her feel at home” Eleni got to her feet “I will go check on  dinner” I nodded and watched as she walked toward the kitchen “Aleks”


“It feels right that you are home” she walked away. I got to my feet and walked outside in the heat of the noon day sun and trailed my fingers over the flowers that moved in the breeze.

“It’s beautiful here I can see why it means so much to you” I looked around as Lykos smiled at me

“It is the one place that kept me going during some of the hardest days… would you walk with me?” I suddenly felt shy just asking him the question

“Well you do need to have a guard with you at all times we’ve seen what lengths people will go to try to hurt you” he nodded.

“So what was it like where you grew up?” I asked as we walked down on to the beach.

“It was a small fishing village” Lykos smiled as he sat on a rock “Everyone knew everyone… I always dreamt I was going to take over from my Father on his boat and fish for my entire life… but I also spent time with a sword I had made for myself and someone saw me and the next thing I knew I was coming in from a morning’s fishing and outside of my home were four guards from the Temple… I had to say good bye to my family and that was seven years ago” he got a faraway look in his eyes as he watched a boat out on the water

“Do you wish that your life had been different?” I sat next to him and drew my legs up and wrapped my arms around them he looked at me

“I did especially when all the horrible things were happening at the temple, but if I had been a fisherman then I wouldn’t have met you” he bit down on his lower lip as he reached his hand forward and tucked a piece of hair back into my braid

“I’m nothing” I shook my head “You heard what I have done….”

“Yes you helped your brother lead the Greek armies to victory against the odds” I got up and walked to the edge of the water letting the cooling waves lap gently against my feet “You saved my life when others would have left us to die” he stood behind me and turned me around to face him “and what did I do to thank you for it… I grabbed you and tried to choke the life from your body” he frowned at me “I will serve you for the rest of my life my body is yours as well as my mind”

“I wasn’t speaking of the war… I was speaking about my General”

“We all need someone there sometimes you’re human and you have seen things women do not normally ever have to witness… I am not to judge what your needs or reasons are for your actions… I just know what I want” he looked down at me he stood as tall as my brother did

“You know what you want?” he nodded “Is it…” I pushed up in the soft sand and rested my hands flat against his chest and kissed him lightly…………….

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