Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - A shock

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Submitted: May 14, 2015



~~………….. Lykos pulled back and looked at me for what seemed like eternity before he put his hands on my hips and pulled me sharply against him and he instigated the kiss that followed the breeze from the sea caught my hair and whipped it around the two of us as my arms found their way up and around his neck holding him closer to me.

Through the soft cotton of my dress I could feel the heat of his hands as they moved up from my waist stroking my ribs with the lightest of touches that made me wonder if he was actually touching me. Lykos broke the kiss and smiled at me

“Was that really what you wanted?” I nodded “But I am in your personal guard is this how you treat them all when they first joined?” he asked tucking my hair back and cupping my neck in his hands. I froze a little as the memory of him trying to choke me  flooded back “Aleks?”

“I’m sorry…” I looked at the sand

“So it really wasn’t what you wanted” he frowned

“It was…” I stepped back from him and he caught sight of the fading bruises on my neck

“Is it what I did to you… I swear to you that I will never do that to you again” he caught my hand and drew me back to him. “For someone so fearless on the battle field  you are  also scared”

“My life has forced me to build walls around myself only Achilles truly knows the real me… I’m tired Lykos… I’m tired and I even with all of the Armies of Greece behind me I feel alone, a woman in a mans world… a woman that had to seduce another woman’s husband to feel human”

“Do you trust me?” he asked


“Do you trust me look after you”

“You’re in my personal guard I trust all of them with my life”

“I’m going to show you that you are human… but you have to answer me one question and you have to answer me truthfully…” I nodded

“ALEKS… ALEKS” I looked around as Melina ran down the slope and onto the beach

“Melina can it wait?” I sighed as I let go of Lykos’s hands

“No… it can’t… Lykos can you give us a few minutes please” Lykos looked at me

“May we finish this conversation in a while?” I asked He nodded and walked across the beach but not all that faraway in case I should need him I watched as two more of my guard came down from the villa and stopped and spoke to Lykos “Melina what’s so important…”

“Cora is here” I felt my jaw go slack “She is here with a contingent of guards from the temple” she wrung her hands together

“Where’s Thera?” I asked as I started to move across the sand “And why is she here I thought once in the Temple she was not allowed to leave”

“I have Thera in my room and I have told her to stay there… and she refused to tell me why she was here…” Melina caught my hand and stopped me “She’s different Aleks she’s not the girl that left here”

“I can imagine, we have seen how Thera is” I walked over to Lykos “Go with Melina… I’m not going to allow them to take you or Thera” he nodded  I looked at Melina “have him and Thera moved to my room” She nodded and led Lykos away from us. I looked at my guards “Let’s go” I was missing Achilles and Neo right now.
I stepped into the villa and the rest of my guard came over flanking me all of them looking a little uneasy. One of them handed me my sword and I fastened it around my waist. I never had ever thought I would need to have my sword even close to me when I was around my little sister but with everything I had learned about the temple I was not taking any chances.

“Sister” Cora rose from the chair and smiled at me “It is so wonderful to see you” she walked toward me with two of the temple guards right behind her

“I’m happily surprised to see you… I thought that it wasn’t allowed” I hugged her and felt the distance between us already

“It is not permitted” her voice had become quieter and slower almost as if she were in a drug like state “But the goddess herself told me to see you… to welcome you from battle… Where is our brother?” she tipped her head and looked at me

“Achilles is still in Athens… he will be following me home soon” I looked at the temple guard “are these men necessary?”

“You have your guard with you and I am not to be without mine” she shrugged walking away from me and siting back down on the chair “You have battle scars, they are not becoming of a demi god sister” she picked up a cup of wine

“I have my personal guard with me because there was an attempt on my life on the boat from the mainland… and yes I have battle scars and I am just a soldier that has seen her fair share of atrocities these past years” I literally ground my teeth as I spoke

“But your Father kept you safe”

“My father had nothing to do with it my skill with a sword kept me safe” my Men kept me Safe… MY brother kept me safe… Cora what has become of the sweet girl you were?” she tipped her head and looked at me

‘I hear that you rescued some merchants from the desert” I rested my hand on the hilt of my sword “A man and a girl?”

“I did” I nodded “But how did you hear about it?”

“I have my way’s” she smiled at me

“Then your way’s will have told you I took the two of them to Athens and they went’ back to their village… they were brother and sister” I looked her in the eye as I spoke and I watched her narrow her eyes at me

“They were not brother and sister… she was a child of Aphrodite in the temple and he was a Temple guard… He was one of my personal guards and he was a favorite of the Goddess herself” she sipped at her wine

“I never even found out their names they were looked after by my Physicians and squires” I shrugged “If yohave come here to find them you will be out of luck” Cora looked at me and them at each of my guard who all kept a prefect stone face.

“You wouldn’t be wise to allow Aphrodite to be come enraged” Cora warned

“Well I have faced down tens of thousands of barbarians… a wife of a general that hates me and I have no fear of upsetting a God and if your precious Aphrodite wants to check that out she can go speak to Zeus himself” I kept my head high and my breathing calm. There was a nervous flicker in Cora’s eye as I mentioned my father “Now are yu leaving until Achilles comes home or will I just let him know that you were here”

“I think I will stay until he returns” she nodded

“Well if you will excuse me I have traveled all day and I need to refresh myself” she waved at me with a dismissive hand. I turned on my heel and walked to the stairs my guard blocking the way for anyone to follow I had to get Lykos and Thera away from here for the time being and keep them safe…………….

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