Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Questions to be answered

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Submitted: May 15, 2015



~~………….. Melina was making the bed then pulling the covers off and re making it. I walked over to her and put my hand on her arm she looked at me.

“Cora is staying here until Achilles gets hone” the color drained from Melina’s face “I know… you were right she is not the girl that left here… she is a stranger” I looked down Melina faced me and rubbed my arms

“She is still your little sister, but the temple is said to change people… you and Achilles can’t do anything about that” I  looked around

“Where are they?”

“In you sitting area… it has access to the roof if they need to” I nodded

“We’re going to have to get them away from here tonight if Cora was leaving today then staying here wouldn’t be a problem but…”

“I will take Thera to my parents’ home in the hills they will watch over here and Lykos” Melina added quickly

“I will stay here I’m not going to leave Aleks… I’m in her guard” Lykos said walking into the room

“Melina can you leave us and make arrangements with Thera you can take Nikos with you tonight” Melina nodded before she walked away from Lykos and I “You cannot stay here… it’s not safe”

“And… I told you I will never allow anyone to hurt you and I mean it and I do not trust anyone in this house other than the people we know” he touched my face I leant in to his hand and closed my eyes “Make sure Thera is safe but I am staying here”

“Then for me please stay in my room do not leave it” I asked he nodded

“Aleks…. Sister…” I felt my eyes get wide as I heard Cora’s voice I pushed Lykos

“Go” I hissed at him “Go on to the roof with Thera there is a way down that is hidden that leads to the stables” He nodded and hurried out Melina came back over to me and walked to the door and opened it for Cora

“I thought we could spend time together without our guards” she looked around the room

“I was going to bathe and change ready for dinner we can talk there” I said quickly


“Cora, I have been back in the Villa less than three hours after being awy close to four years three of those years I was fighting for the sake of Greece… I have changed… I need to have my time to myself… and you well you came here for what reason because the impression I am getting isn’t to be my sweet little sister” I put my hands on my hips as I looked at her

“I came because of the Guard and the girl. I know you freed them and I know you didn’t leave them in Athens” she walked to the balcony and looked out as Melina looked at me

“Well what you know is nothing Cora… do you know how disappointed Mother would have been with you turning out as the puppet of a god” I snapped “You were sweet and fun and now you look at me like I am no one… and I am tired of being treated like I am no one” she looked at me like I had slapped her “Now this villa belongs to Achilles as he is the eldest and I know you will always be welcome here but these are my rooms and here I do not want you here, I have to have some time alone” I walked to the door and opened it “I will see you for dinner” she blinked at me a few times before she walked out I closed the door after her and looked at Melina.

“I will take Thera out of here now” she said as we walked through my rooms and up the steps to the roof Lykos and Thera were sitting against the wall. I handed Thera a cloak with a hood and crouched down

“Go with Melina… we will send for you in a few days” she looked from me to Lykos and back again “I promise you, you will be safe. I hate to say this but I do not trust my sister anymore” even saying those words killed me to say and think.

“I do not have to go back to the temple do I?” Thera moaned as her lip trembled

“No never”  said holding her hands “But I need you to leave with Melina right now” Melina helped her up and put the cloak on her and pulled up the hood. Lykos caught Thera’s hand and pulled her to him and hugged her tightly

“We have to trust Aleksandrya” he held her face in his hands  Thera nodded “Go” I stood next to Lykos as we watched them go down the steps and along the edge of the villa  into the olive grove. “She will be sae won’t she?” Lykos asked

“Melina knows this island as well as Achilles and I do” I nodded “She will make sure no one sees them” I nodded we need to move away from where we are so you do not be seen” I moved to touch his arm, he took my hand and we walked back down to my sitting area.

“You’re looking worried” Lykos said moving behind me and rubbing my shoulders

“My sister told me about you” I shrugged off his hands and looked at him “You were in her private guard like you are in mine” he walked away from me and sat on the chair “Lykos is this true?” I asked

“yes… this is why I knew who your sister was… but I knew things were wrong there that I never lied about” he looked at me

“Do I have to ask you about the Goddess?” the color blanched from his face “Cora said that you were one of the favorites of Aphrodite… what exactly does that mean?”……….

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