Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Truth comes out

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Submitted: May 18, 2015



………….. I sat across from Lykos and laid my sword on the table as chest rose and fell with his breathing.

“I hoped you would never have to hear of that” he sighed as he slowly looked up at me “It’s part of my life that I do not wish to relive”


“Remember when we were on the beach earlier and I asked you to answer me one question truthfully” I nodded “will you still answer me that question?”

“This conversation was about you and Aphrodite” I snapped a little.

 I pushed up from the chair and walked to the balcony and looked down into the gardens and watched Cora walked through them with her guards following behind her. She stopped on the edge of the cliff and lifted her arms to the sky. I felt a shudder run through me as I realized she was making an offering to the goddess.

“Aleks” I looked around and walked back into the room Lykos got to his feet and came over to me “Will you still answer the question for me?”

“Will you then tell me about Aphrodite?” he lowered his eyes and nodded “Then ask me the question”

“Are you in love with Constantine?”

“No” I shook my head “Constantine is married and we all saw what happened”

“No that’s not the answer” he shook his head “I asked you if you were in love with Constantine not if you were giving me the answer you were trying to convince yourself of”

“I loved him yes… I loved him when I was sixteen years old and I gave myself to him” I admitted “But I learned that we cannot be together a long time ago and I tried to stop loving him… I struggled with what I wanted and what I could have and I came to the realization I still wanted him in my life, and if I could not have him as my husband then I would love him as my General” I Looked at Lykos “I allowed myself to feel like a woman once in all those long years and it happened to be with him, because we were comfortable together nothing more. I cannot change the past and nor do I want to”

“So you are free of heart?”

“That is  a second question and I said I would only answer one and I think I more than answered it” I was becoming a little irritated with his questions “What does it mean to be a favorite of a Goddess?”

“It means we… those of us she deems to be her favorites carry her mark he pulled aside his waistband and pointed to a mark of a shell branded into his skin “There were four of us and she sent for us when she wanted something” he paced the floor and rubbed his hands together

“Lykos?” I frowned at him

“Aleks I know you are not a stupid woman” he held out his arms “We were her slaves… we were the four men that she chose to lay with” I put my hand out and braced it on the wall “We were hers to command and no matter if it was not what we wished for it happened anyway… she is the goddess of Beauty and Love… and gods have power over mere mortals as us…” I felt my eye brows rise “The night before I left the temple with Thera it was one of those times she sent for me” I half wanted to tell him to stop because I really didn’t want to hear this “She told me she wanted to make me her only slave… that I could stay there with her to please her and she would allow me to live forever”

‘And you turned down the chance of immortality” I scoffed “I do not know any man that would do that”


“We I did, I could never give myself to her” he looked down “For eternity with a woman that just wants me to sate her desire” I shuddered at his words “I used to dream of finding the woman that I would spend my life with, have children and grow old with… the Goddess was not a woman like that and she did some things as you know that I did not agree with and turned her head to things that we disgustingly wrong” he looked at me “I never expected after I began a guard that I would ever  have the chance of that”


“But you are no longer a guard at the temple and my personal guards are not restricted in finding wives and having children… But a goddess does not allow a man to walk away from her” I paced the floor 


“The goddess will have to because I want no part of it” Lykos caught my hand and turned me to face him “I want no part of her… I want to feel the touch of a woman that wants me for the man I am” he looked at me his eyes seeming to burn into my soul



“And Aphrodite was doing that, you are a specimen of what a man should be” I pulled my hand away from him “there should be houses filled with men like you that are there to service women” he got wide eyed “I will do everything in my power to prevent you from ever having to become a slave to Aphrodite… but I don’t know if…”


“Do you not understand what I am saying to you? He stepped forward making me take a step back only to come in contact with the wall


I understand you were the pet of a Goddess… I understand that you have used your body...” he put his hands on the wall either side of my head silencing as he hunched his shoulders and I saw once again raw dangerous edge of him 


“I was used… I did not use it” he literally growled “I want to guard you with my sword and my body” his expression softened “Aleks… if you had been the Goddess I would not have thought twice about accepting  immortality to spend my life serving you” he brought his head down, his mouth came against mine and he moved closer so my entire body was tightly pressed against his. I heard a moan from one of us as I felt the hardness of his reaction to the kiss pressing against my stomach.


“Lykos” I moaned into the kiss as he pulled back a little 


“Aleks” both of us froze at the sound of my sister’s voice……………

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