Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - reinforcements

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Submitted: May 18, 2015



…......... I looked around Lykos's arm at Cora there was a slight smirk on her lips as she looked at the back of Lykos


"Forgive me I thought you were bathing and resting but I can see you had something..."


"I asked for privacy..." I sounded flustered "Please would you excuse my sister and I" I said looking at Lykos  he nodded his head and walked into the bedroom without turning to face Cora "This is unforgivable Sister"


"Who is the man that is deemed worthy of showing intentions toward you... the Head of the Greek armies and the daughter of Zeus?" Cora smirked and tipped her head "I would very much like to meet him"


"He is a soldier... he is a member of my personal guard... and meeting him is out of the question" I poured a drink and watched her "I think we should go down for dinner" I pointed to the door 'and you can keep your men and yourself away from my rooms"


"Is he as a man should be?" she asked as we walked out together "Because he has distracted you from even changing for dinner"


"He is a good man" I huffed 


"Is he a talent in the bedroom?" I stopped on the stairs and looked at my sister "All women should be worshiped by a man... all men should please women before themselves"


"I am  not ever going to discuss with you about what happens in my bedroom... I do not care if you are the prize of Aphrodite you are still a child to me Cora... you are still my little sister that I bathed as a child and I watch grow and play on this very beach... in this very yard... You have not the right to think because you are..."


"he is the guard from the temple isn't he?" she smiled "Do you realize that the Goddess will strike the two of you down"


"I do not know who you think was in my room but I can tell you the Goddess herself has no right over his mind, sword or body... they are mine" I stopped myself as the words came from my mouth "If the goddess wished to keep all good men for herself then why has she not taken our Brother" I watched the fidget of Cora as she moved uncomfortably "Achilles is quiet the man... he is big and broad and as strong as an ox... his hair is like golden wheat and long, his jaw sharp and chiseled... ask your precious Goddess why she hasn't got our brother naked in her bed" I was more than a little irritated with Cora but I was more concerned with Aphrodite thinking she could have Lykos.


"No... she cannot take our brother" Cora suddenly became more child like "Aphrodite cannot have him..."


"Who says she cannot... because believe me our brother has laid with mean whores during his time away and she would just be another for him" Cora raised her hand and slapped me across the face two of her guard stepped forward  their hands on their swords


"If you were not of my blood then I would let your head roll" I literally growled at Cora "be thankful I am not armed" I looked at her guards "and your dogs can back off because believe me they would be no match for me armed or unarmed"


"Aleks... Your brother is approaching" Elina said walking to the foot of the stairs


"Achilles..." Cora gasped 


"He should not be here yet" I frowned I moved off the stairs faster than Cora. My guards hurried along with me  I stepped through the door into the courtyard as Achilles and everyone else rode in. Achilles dismounted and stalked over to me and pulled me into his amrs and hugged me tightly before he let me go and held my by the tops od the arms 


"I had to make sure you were well" he said with a frown "When I saw Neo come back and he told me what you had been through" I put my hand over his mouth silenincing him


"We cannot speak of it now" I said quickly "Cora is here and she is not the sister we watch grow up" he looked around me to the house "I actually do not trust my own sister"


"Achilles... Brother... you are truly a wondrous sight"Cora's soft spoken temple voice was back and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I stepped to the side and folded my arms over my chest as Achilles looked up the stairs and saw Cora standing there with her guards either side of her. 


"Cora... this is a surprise I was not expecting I did not think you were permitted to leave the temple" he walked up the steps and kissed her on the cheek "you have grown" he took a step back "how long are you here for?"


"Are you trying to get rid of me" she laughed linking her arm with his and pulling him into the house chatting to him Eudrous came over to me and stood next to me


"How is she here?" I looked at him


"I do not know but she knows we set Thera and Lykos free" he frowned at me "I know and she walked in on Lykos and myself" Eudorus put his hands on his hips


"Doing what... no on second thoughts I do not wish to know"


"Eudrous... we were kissing nothing more and she only saw him from the back but there is a lot more to his story than we knew"


"You need to talk with Achilles" he said putting his hand on the small of my back. we walked inside the house Achilles was talking with Cora his stance one I knew when he was guarded 


"Elina has gone to begin serving the food" Cora said looking at me. there was shouting from the stairs and we all looked around as I saw Four of Cora's guards pulling a man down the stair from my rooms with one of the furs from my bed over his head. I gripped on to Eudorus's arm..........

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