Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 38 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 18, 2015



…......... "What is the Meaning of this" I yelled pushing away from Eudorus 


"You cannot hide Lykos here" Cora said moving away from Achilles as the man under the blanket was dumped on the floor his body still "You think I do not know he is here... the girl you can keep but he, he is my guard and the lover of the Goddess"  I looked at Achilles




"LOOK" Cora snapped back as she pulled off the blanket free of the man. I felt like time slowed as I looked down and was ready to get in between Cora and Lykos. "YOU FOOLS" she shouted at her guard "this is not Lykos" 


I Pushed her out of the way and dropped to my knees and turned Neo over the bump in his head where he'd been hit with the hilt of a sword was already bruising.


"I told you it wasn't and you didn't believe me" I looked at her as I lifted Neo's head into my lap "You and your presumptions"


"I think it  is time that you and your guard found lodgings in town" Achilles stood next to me along with his own guards "Cora I shall come see you in the morning... but you are not welcome under this roof attacking fellow Greeks like this..." Cora looked like she was about to cry 


"I will make sure they all leave" Eudorus said quickly Achilles waited next to me as they filed out. He crouched down as soon as we were alone


"What is happening and why was Neo in your rooms after he rode in with me from the harbor" I shook my head as Melina walked in through the door from the garden


"What has happened?" she hurried over


"Where were you?" Achilles barked at her 


"She was hiding Thera" I said looking at him "is she safe?" Melina nodded Neo shifted his head and winched


"Neo" Achilles helped him up and sat him in a chair


"My head hurts like we have been drinking' he groaned 


"What were you doing up there?" I said as Melina and Eleni came in with a cold compress and they both started to fuss around Neo


"I was making sure he was safe" Neo winched as Eleni touched the bump "We heard them coming up the stairs and  I managed to hide him as then came in and the next thing I knew I was waking up here with all of you"


"Lykos is still here?" I looked to the stairs 


"Yes he's in the space in the wall... he is as good as my brother being in your personal guard Aleks I would do the same for any of them' I smiled at Neo I moved for the stairs


"Aleks we need to speak" Achilles came over to me


"Come with me" He followed me up the stairs. I pushed opened the door of my room I moved over to the silk that was hung on the wall and pulled it back and opened the secret door. Lykos looked at me I offered him my hand and helped him out of the tiny cramped space.


"What of Neo?' he asked as he bowed his head to Achilles 


"He has a bump on his head but nothing will keep a good Greek down" Achilles leant on the end of my bed "why did my sister call you the Lover of the Goddess" Lykos looked at me "Not her my other sister the first one that had you in her private guard" Achilles sighed as he pushed off the foot of the bed  and paced the floor


"Cora knows you are here" I sat on the chair and looked at him 


"I think we knew she would when she caught the two of us in here" Lykos lenat on the wall


"Wait she saw you so how did she fall for seeing Neo and not demanding the house be searched" Achilles walked over to Lykos "My sister is the head of the Greek army she does not lay with..."


"Achilles" I got up and put my hand on his arm "She only saw Lykos from the back and we were doing nothing" I walked away from him "and I think we all know I'm not innocent" the door opened and Eudorus and Neo walked in


"They are gone, I have sent word for a Garrison of soldiers to be sent here" I shook my head 


"I am not having Naxos turned in to a Garrison outpost" I looked around the room "I thought the war was over but I really think that was simple compared to this" Neo poured drinks and handed them out to us 


"I think Eudorus is right a Garrison is what is needed here before you and I were just people living here and now we are targets for killers thinking we are vulnerable" Achilles agreed with Eudrous "And now our baby sister seems to have taken on a life not hers"


"They are all brainwashed by the Goddess Lykos said taking a deep breath "And your sister was chosen as a Special priestess... she was picked my Aphrodite herself and she was taken by her for her training: Achilles sat next to me as Lykos spoke "I used to take Cora to see the Goddess..." He rubbed the back of his neck 


"I have a feeling what you are going to tell us next is something we are not going to like" Eudrous frowned


"Does this have something to do with you being the lover of the Goddess?" Achilles asked  I looked away from Lykos and at the wine in my cup


"It does" he nodded "We were chosen as I explained to Aleks and we were expected to Sate the desire of the Goddess... there were four of us she called upon, but it began to change and I was the one she called upon more and more" I got up suddenly feeling like I was being stifled  I walked over to the balcony and took deep breaths of the cool evening air  "I was told I had to bring in my Mistress... I was in Cora's personal guard so she was my mistress" I could feel his eyes on me even with my back to him and a room full of people I knew Lykos was watching my movements 


"What happened when you took my little sister to the Goddess?" Achilles pushed I knew it was taking him all his willpower not to get up and choke the life from Lykos


"When I took her she was taken from my by Aphrodite's attendants and dressed in a red thin fabric and she was brought in and she watched..." I put my cup down and put my hands on the balcony edge "She watched as I was... as I touched and lay with the Goddess... I swear to you I never touched Cora... it never happened she was only to be touched by Aphrodite's brother when the time was right... and the Goddess never wanted to share me with anyone..."


I pushed my hands off the wall and turned and hurried down the stairs. I couldn't listen to anymore of it, I cut through the archway under the bougainvilleas and out toward the gazebo I sat down on the soft cushioned bead like seat that was in there and looked out as the moon rose casting a path on the inky black Aegean........

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