Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - fight till exhaustion

Submitted: May 19, 2015

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Submitted: May 19, 2015



~~…………….  I tried to clear my mind by looking at the stars but the words of Lykos filled my head. I pushed up from the bed and pushed it to the side and opened the trapdoor that Achilles had put in years earlier. I reached inside and pulled out one of the two swords that we kept in there. Before I closed it again and stepped out toward the Laurel tree that grew on the edge of the cliff.

I took a deep breath and channeled the anger that was like a knot in the pit of my stomach and weighed heavily in my chest. I turned  stepping forward as I did the wind picked up tugging free pieces of my hair as the blade made contact with the trunk of the tree, I moved quicker and it felt like everything around me was in a blur the tree took the brunt of my frustration.

There was a flash as my sword connected with another. Achilles was in front of me with his sword he gave me a small nod as the fight began. Eudorus stepped in from the other side and I started to battle with the two of them. Before I knew it I was against five men and holding my own as the sounds of war seemed to ring in my ears. Even though I was fighting men I knew to allow me to exhaust myself, the sounds were the sounds of battle no matter when you heard it.

Achilles moved forward while my back was to him and he swept his leg around knocking me to the floor, my sword spun away and was stopped under the foot of Lykos. Everyone looked at me, we were all breathing hard. Achilles offered me his hand and pulled me to my feet my shoulders burned with the pain of such a training session

“Somehow you are predictable” Eudorus smiled as he sheathed his sword and looked at me 

“Predictability is not a strength to have in battle” I gasped trying to get air into my lungs

“It is when it’s predictable that you ease tension and take out emotional pain by trying to kill anything close to you” Achilles tipped his head and smiled at me “do you feel better?”

“My body hurts too much for my mind to want to process anything else” I sighed

“I still have to speak to you about Diane” I looked at him

“Can it wait” Lykos asked stepping forward

“No I don’t think it can” Achilles frowned

“I’m not going to talk about it tonight… I can’t” I looked at Achilles “I’m exhausted”

“someone tried to kill you I think it’s important”

“Very well” I nodded I moved and took a step and my head became light and I felt my knees buckle and I stumbled

“Aleks” Lykos moved forward and lifted me in to his arms

“Achilles I think you should allow her to rest” Eudorus put his hand on Achilles arm “Lykos take Aleks to her room and stand guard for the night” Lykos didn’t wait to hear the protests that we’re going to flow from Achilles he moved across the garden and into the house and into my room Melina was pacing the floor wringing her hands

“Pull back the covers” Lykos instructed

“What happened… oh please don’t tell me that Cora sent back her guards…”

“I had to de stress” I said  lifting my head from Lykos’s shoulder

“I have a bath drawn for you… Lykos you can leave” Melina huffed at him

“I’m not going to go anywhere” he said putting me gently down on the bed ‘May be you should leave me with Aleks and I will look after her”

“Enough both of you” I snapped “Melina please would you go and make sure my brother is alright please” She opened her mouth to protest, I held my hand up “Melina please you can calm him almost like I can”

“Very well” She huffed I looked at Lykos as she walked out

“You need to go wait on the balcony” I said pushing up from the bed and trying to lock my legs  and hold my weight

“You think I am going to leave you alone for a minute with what has been happening since we met” he held out his hands

“You will stand out there on the balcony so I can undress and bathe”

“I will turn my back but I will not leave” Lykos huffed turning away from me and folding his arms over his chest pulling the thin cotton taught over his broad back. I paused for a moment and reached for him but dropped my hand before I touched him. I walked shakily to the deep bath and shed my clothes before stepping in and sliding down into the deep warm water making my body ache more as the tense tight muscles began to relax. “Aleks I swear to you I never touched your sister”

“I do not want to talk about it…” I closed my eyes “and it is a little unfair I am trapped in this water so you can speak to me”

“Aleksandrya…” I looked at him “Do you want me to be as vulnerable?” He asked

“I just want… in fact I do not know what I truly want” I felt my lip quiver “My own sister has watch you  laying with Aphrodite… you kiss me and you tell me you want to be everything for me” I looked away from him

“I do… I want to be everything you deserve” he moaned as he paced the floor behind the bath

“It is obvious I do not deserve anything my life is to be a battle in a never ending war”

“If you believe that then you are a fool” there was a sound and before I knew it Lykos was in the water with me……….

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