Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Apologizing

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



~~…………..  I woke up and looked around the sun was high in the sky and the breeze from the ocean was pushing open the flaps of the tent.

“You’re awake” I sat up as Melina walked in with a jug and filled a bowl with water “I shall fetch you some food”

“Where’s Achilles?” I asked pushing back the covers

“He is with the generals” I walked over to the bowl and washed my hands and face and picked up a cloth and dried off.

“I’ll dress and go there” I walked over to my armor and took a deep breath it had been cleaned and polished, I traced my fingers over the metal

“None of them are in their armor” Melina said walking over to me with a cup of water.

“I’ve got up and dressed in this for most of the last three years…” I looked at her and smiled “it just feels so strange not to do it today”

“It’s a day to look like the lady you are” she walked over to one of my trucks and pulled out a dress I hadn’t dreamt of wearing for such a long time. I dressed and smoothed my hand over the soft thing fabric. Melina held out my ring to me. I slipped it on to my finger “I wish you would eat before you go” I shook my head

“My Brother and I have fought side by side for so long I should be at his side now it is all over” I took a deep breath and walked out in the bright Grecian sun the camp was already busy with horse being groomed and feed.

 I walked to the war tent and stepped inside and stopped and looked at the war weary men standing around the table Achilles was in the middle of all of them. They were all pouring over maps and decrees that had come in from Athens.

“Were you all up with the Lark this morning?” they all looked up

“Well don’t you look like the Greek Lady you are” My general smiled

“I would be a liar if I said it felt more than a little strange” I nodded walking over to them

“Gentlemen would you excuse Aleksandrya and myself for a few moments” Achilles took my arm and we walked back out into the sun

“Before you start I have to say I’m sorry for breaking down last night” Achilles stop walking as we stood under a tree in the shade of it’s thick branches “I don’t even remember you leaving” she smiled at me

“You cried yourself into sleep… there was no way I would leave you in such distress… you’re my sister and I have a feeling it was memories more than the war that made you weep” I looked down, he clipped my chin and made me look at him

“Every time Father shows his face it brings back those memories of the house in the mountains… I go for so long not thinking about it and then” I moved away from Achilles and wrapped my arms around myself

“Then his actions that night come flooding back” Achilles leant back against the tree his hands behind his back as I nodded

“Do you ever wish that we were the children of a fisherman… or of a farmer to have had a simple life with parents that loved us and actually cared “

“Mother loved us” he frowned

“I know she did and she finally found a man that loved her when she married Dennis… but Zeus was always there as a reminder who we were… Dennis loved us I know that but when Cora was born”

“We were almost seventeen and if I remember rightly we were kind of a little wild” he laughed

“You were” I held out my arms “how many times did I have to rescue you?”

“Oh little sister you are trying to be amusing you rescue me” he wiggled his eye brows

“Yes rescue you… remember the innkeepers daughter you and she were well… the donkeys make less noise then the noise you were both making… I was the one that distracted her father and soon to be husband from killing you, and there was the time you were drunk in the harbor and I stopped you from being robbed, oh and the time that mountain lion…”

“Alright” Achilles put his hands up “you have rescued me more times than I would care to imagine… but I remember the time you were also a little drunk and you were determined to prove yourself as a soldier and you stripped naked and walked in to the Soldiers bath house and choose to pick a fight with five men in there” he tipped his head “One I should never see my sister naked and Two those men were on our side”

“Fine… we were a little wild” I smiled at him “But Mother let us run the streets and get in to trouble… we earned our place here at the head of the armies of Greece and not just because all of the politicians know our bloodline… but now that part is also known…” I sighed

“Our lives were set out in time before we were born” He walked over to me “You were supposed to be the warrior you are even being a women… and well I was either supposed to be the soldier I am or I was to be a ox pulling a cart in a field” He teased flexing his biceps

“You are an Ox sometimes” I rolled my eyes at him “Thank you for being there for me”

“I was there before we came from our mother womb and I will be there in death”  he nodded “Now are you willing to ride to the cliff to see if the barbarians are gone”

“I think if they hadn’t our scouts would have told us and we would be back in armor dear brother”……….

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