Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Feel human

Submitted: May 19, 2015

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Submitted: May 19, 2015



…...... "What do you think you are doing?" I asked as he walked through the waist deep water toward me. I looked over to the floor and saw his clothes pooled there "Lykos?"


"I'm becoming as vulnerable as you... I am as naked as you are" he lowered himself to what must have been his knees making the water rise around his tanned chest 


"I’m not a woman to mess with" I stammered as he looked at me 


"I wasn't planning on messing with you" he said shaking his head "I was going to make you feel... make you forget the world for a while" his voice became lower and quieter I started to shake my head he reached for my hands and pulled them away from where they were wrapped around me.


Lykos lifted one of my arms into the air before he moved and pressed his lips against my fingers he laid my other hand flat on his chest as he trailed small kisses across the palm of my hand. He turned his head and looked at me as he turned my hand over and ran his tongue along my wrist making the breath catch in my throat.Lykos almost painfully slowly worked his way up my arm he allowed his fingers to gently stroke and caress my bare shoulder his face was so close to mine that I could feel the heat from him. He lowered his mouth and kissed and nipped at the soft flesh below my ear, I gasped and allowed my head to fall to the side to give him more room.


My hand on his chest slipped down an ran across the tight ridges of his stomach he  lifted his head and smiled at me before he quickly turned me away from him I struggled a little but stopped as I felt the solid mass of his body pressed tightly against my back. he bent my head forward and he playfully sucked gently at the skin on the nape of my neck. I arched my back his two hands skimmed my ribs until they  cupped my breasts I gasped as he rolled my nipples gently between his thumbs and forefingers




"Shhhhh" he murmured one of his hands dipped below the water and between my legs  his fingers parting the flesh I felt such a want for this man. He pressed a finger to the center of my core. I could feel his errection pressing against my the heat from it alone had me weak.


He withdrew his finger and turned me to face him, he traced his fingers along my jaw lifting my head to his and kissing me  he put his hands under my bottom and lifted me sharply in to him making me gasp. I wrapped my legs around his waist under the water my eyes fixed on his he knotted his hand in my hair and spread his legs further apart to brace himself. I could feel the tip of him on the edge of my enterance.


He pushed his  hips forward and filled me so full I thought I would split my head fell back as his mouth closed around one of my nipples and suckled on it  as he pulled back his hips before driving back into me my fingers gripped on to his shoulders as the water moved around us spalshing on to the floor. 


I felt my entire body begin to convulse around him as it felt like I was a piece of delicate glass  that was about to be dropped on to the tile floor. 


"LYKOS" I literally screamed as I splintered. My nails raking at his back as he gripped my hips and pushed himself into me releasing himself hard into me I clung to him my body shaking and trembling like never before. Lykos eased himself out of me and moved me into his arms and he stood up the water cascading from both of us as he stepped out and laid me on my bed and looked down at me. 


He looked like a lion stalking his prey as he  moved my legs apart  and looking down at me I moved my hands feeling slightly embarrassed by the way he was looking". He caught my hands before they covered me  and bent his head his lips kissing the inside of my thigh. I gasped as his mouth covered me and his tongue probed  inside of me. my hands gripped the sheet under me as I raised my hips from the bed as my body began to respond to him and come to life again. he sucked and licked until I was gasping like I had been running.


"Allow yourself to let go" he murmured like before "for me... for us" his fingers joined in the teasing and I broke apart again his name on my lips.............

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