Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Dealing with Diane

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Submitted: May 20, 2015



~~………. The sound of laughter woke me. My entire body ached but not only from the training but from the hours I had spent becoming spent at the hands of Lykos. I ran my hands over the bed expecting to find him there but there was nothing apart from a dent in the pillow where his head had been. I pushed back the covers and picked up a dress that had been placed over the back of the chair across from the bed

“Good Morning” I looked around as Melina walked into the room “I was coming to wake you; it is getting late in the morning” she smirked at me “But Lykos told us you were both talking late into the night and needed to rest”

“He did?” I picked up the brush for my hair

“Yes he did” she came over and sat me down and started to brush my hair for me “But I do not know of anyone that just talks when naked in bed and I have never known you ever make the mess like you did around your bath… were you still fighting in there” I turned in the chair and looked at her. There was a smile on her face that told me I was not fooling her if I even tried to go along with what Lykos had told her. “personally I think he is good for you”

“I hope he is” I turned back from her. She finished brushing my hair leaving it down, it had been so long since I had allowed my hair to be free it felt almost like a cloak as I walked down the stairs.

There was the sound of shouting and then laughing. I stepped out into the sunlight and saw all of our guards watching as one of my personal guard wrestled with one of Achilles. Lykos was standing next to Eudorus his arms folded across his bare chest. My body responded to just the sight of him and I felt like the heat of the sun was already at its peak.

“Well finally” Achilles called out “Well you don’t look very well rested” he walked over to man and kissed my cheek “In fact you look quite…”

“I am well” I smiled “I am hungry I do know that, I do not seem to have eaten much since coming home” he offered me his arm

“Can we talk please” he asked as we walked away from the group of men Lykos watched me walk away with my brother. I smiled at Lykos before nodding to Achilles we walked down to the gazebo there was food laid out and Eleni busying herself making sure there was plenty of food for the hungry men we had living there. I sat down as Achilles brought me a plate of food “How are you feeling?”

“Sore…” I smiled as I picked up some food and ate “Thank you for making me work it out”

“Well I think the tree is beyond hope” he chuckled “but at least these days your rage is channeled unlike when we were children and you used to build it up until you broke” he sat down next to me

“And I remember you always took the brunt of it”

“That’s what older brothers are supposed to do” he sat back “You should not have left Athens”

“I thought I was doing the right thing in leaving” I shrugged “I still am shocked that Constantine told her”

“You know him he’s always been the one to tell the truth… well other than he should have told his father that he was in love with you all those years ago” he sat forward and braced his elbows on his knees “It would have saved a lot of…”

“Then ourlives would not have been as they are if he had… we would have been married and he would have left me to go to war and then what” I pushed my empty plate away “It’s been like a living hell but it’s been our lives…”

“True but it’s also been hard watching my sister  risk her life for so long” he looked at me

“It’s a lot harder to kill you and I Achilles” I reminded him “Not everyone knows our parentage”

“I know… But I never thought Diane could ever be so conspiring” he got up and walked the floor

“She had just found that I had bedded her husband and the father of her children Achilles I’m sorry the more I think about it the more I know how betrayed she must feel” Achilles looked at me in disbelief

“I understand that but to try t have you killed… Constantine is as much to blame if not more… he came to you and I truly believe he wanted you” Achilles rubbed the back of his neck “And when Neo returned I was talking to the Senate and they are under no illusion that this attempt on your life means I will bring war to the city if anything should ever happen like this again”

“The Senate knows?” I tipped my head as Eudorus walked in

“The senate knows what Achilles wanted them to know but we also made sure Constantine knew what his wife had done” Eudorus poured himself a drink and sat down

“And what did he do?”

“He was horrified” Eudorus patted my hand “I am half expecting to see him here at some point”

“He can’t I gave him his leave to be with his family… I will look for a new General so he has no opportunity to come here” I was slightly panicked

“Do you still trust him?” Achilles asked

“Yes” I answered truthfully “I trust him with my life, I trust him with the decisions in battle I do not trust him with my heart” I felt a lump in my throat “I will miss having him by my side but I cannot be the reason for his marriage being destroyed” I looked up and saw Lykos in the doorway

“What if he comes to you if his marriage is over?” Achilles asked I looked down “Aleks what if he came to you?”

“No… Constantine and I were a long time ago and it feels like a different lifetime since I loved him… my heart is for someone else someone that will stand with me and bear life with me”………..


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