Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - A realization

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Submitted: May 20, 2015



…......... The rest of the guards came inside and the noise level rose. I had to smile at the sound of it, while I had longed for the sound of peace I had grown so used to the sound of Men's chatter. I got to my feet Achilles caught my hand


"Can we talk some more" he got to his feet


"For some reason talking exhausts me at the moment" I sighed


"I can understand but..." 


"Alright" I nodded I walked by Lykos and caught  his scent and it made my stomach knot. he held out a flower to me making me blush a little ''Thank you"


"Will I get a few moments with you" he whispered


"You will I need to speak with my brother first" he nodded at me and took a step back as Achilles walked over, I pushed the flower into my hair. We walked across the grass and down the path to the beach.


"I'm getting the feeling when Lykos told us you were talking all night it wasn't really the truth" Achilles sat on a rock I sat on the sand at his feet


"Does that bother you... if we did things more Carnal than..." Achilles pulled a face


"Yes... but then it bothers me thinking any man is touching you you're always my little sister" he smiled "But Lykos has seemed to charm you... I hope he is special because we are all going above and beyond to protect him... but I think we may have some problems with him being what he is to Aphrodite"


"And I am willing to fight for him... I am willing to face the Goddess for his life" I said looking at Achilles 


"You've given him your heart not just your body and mind" Achilles tipped his head and narrowed his eyes "In one night you have fallen in love with him"


"I do not know... but I know last night I felt  safe"


'And you haven't before?"


"I have always felt safe around you and the army but this was something different... something like my heart and mind were safe not just my body and well being... Achilles I'm afraid" he put his hand on my shoulder


"Afraid of what?"


"Becoming just another woman that has a family and waits at home for her man... and I'm afraid that Lykos has such a hatred for the Gods because of what Aphrodite has done to him that when he finds out I'm the bastard of a god" I felt panic rise in my gut "He will want nothing to do with me" Achilles moved on the rock and pulled me to my feet with him and wrapped me in a hug. the kind of hug that made things right when we were children he put his hand on the back of my head and cradled it in the crook of his neck


"You have to put more faith in Lykos than you are" Achilles sighed "The man did try to choke you though" he chuckled I pulled away and swatted Achilles on the arm He touched my cheek "You maybe the daughter of a God but you are also a woman that has fought for everything and gives her whole heart to those that she loves and Lykos would be a fool to think you are like him" he reached up and he wiped away a tear "Do you want to hear my fears?"


"Of course" I sniffed 


"I'm afraid that I'm going to never find the love of my life... that I have fought for so long that a woman would never want this man... this man that beds whores and doesn't give a thought to their wants and needs..." I see you allowing yourself to reach for happiness and I admit I am a little jealous" he smiled "And I am terrified that my twin sister will leave Naxos when she marries and I will rarely see her" he held my hands "The war is over we have to think of us and deal with Cora" he sighed


"Go see her and see if you can talk her into going back to the temple... you saw what she was like" he nodded


"I told her I would go there today maybe it will stop her from coming here" Achilles took a deep breath "I think I should go there now because Lykos is pacing at the top of the pathway to get to you" he looked over his shoulder toward the path "I will let him down here to you, but he's going to be told that regardless of who he is you are my sister and I am the one he has to convince that he should be allowed to be with you" he kissed my cheek and looked at me "I love you Sister... and we will always take on the world together"


"Yes we will" I smiled "Ride safe and remember she is changed as our sister" I said as he began to walk across the sand


"I will be wary of it" he called back. Achilles walked over to Lykos and stopped


"I am trusting you with my sister Lykos and that is something I do not do lightly... she is my world and has been since we  were together in our mothers womb" Achilles looked back to me "Treat her right Lykos because she will break you  if you hurt her, you've seen her skill with a sword" Lykos smiled and nodded


"I will not hurt her" Lykos moved away from Achilles "I will kill for her but I will never hurt her"…........

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