Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Time to admit my feelings

Submitted: May 21, 2015

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Submitted: May 21, 2015



~~………….. I walked to the water and allowed it to lap over my feet soaking the bottom of my dress. The Aegean was so warm it felt like a comforting blanket.

“I wondered if I was going to get some time alone with you” Lykos said walking up behind me I felt the heat of his body with how close he was standing

“Well you were the one that left me alone in my bed” I turned around to face him

“I really had a thirst and when I went to find a drink I was questioned by Eudorus and Neo” he slowly trailed his fingers up my arms. My breath hitched in my throat at his touch “I couldn’t’ turn around and come back into your bed”

“So I must have missed you wrestling… I think that would have been quite the sight to behold…” I inhaled his scent as it mixed with the salty smell of the sea

“Well who knows maybe you and I could wrestle?” He gave me a sly smile “Or I could just kiss you” he put his hands on my hips and drew me against him. Lykos’s lips found mine and his tongue flicked languidly over mine seeking access. He drew me up to him as the kiss ended “Can we walk for a while?” I nodded, I didn’t think I could even remember how to speak.

We walked along the beach toward where the fishermen were bringing in their catch of the day. Most of them called out ot me and waved some even bowed and offered thanks for what Achilles and I had done

“You are much loved here” Lykos said as I sat down on  one of the rocks that stretched out into the water

“Achilles and I grew up here… these are people I have known all of my life and to us they are like family” I smiled at him as he sat with me

“Constantine grew up here as well didn’t he?” Lykos asked as he picked up a shell and brushed of the sand from it

“He did” I nodded I pointed back toward the Villa “the house next to ours with the Blue roof is his Fathers and the house he grew up in” I looked back at Lykos the nerve in his cheek was twitching

“I was scared when I just over heard you talking about Constantine” He said taking a deep breath and looking at me

“I’m not going to lie because I did love him, and yes I do believe that if his marriage wasn’t already arranged that he and I would be married” Lykos grimaced at the thought “but my life did not play out like that and while my heart was broken… I have had time to heal, I’m a stronger woman now and I’ve allowed myself to fall in love with another man” the color blanched from his face

“Another man Aleks I…” I put my hand over his mouth and smiled at the confusion in his eyes

“The way you treated me last night… the way you allowed my frustration to exhaust me before you came to break the last of the anger” I moved on to his lap my legs straddling his thighs “You touched me like no man has ever touched me before” he frowned  and moved my hand to say something “I mean it not even Constantine ever made me feel half of what you made me feel last night”  He gripped my waist shifting me closer to him and I felt the heat flush my cheeks as he instantly hardened under me.

“So this other man?” he asked

“Is you” I laughed “Since I found you in tied in the heat of the sun left to die there was something about you that has drawn me to you… even when you tried to choke me” he frowned and looked down “Lykos” I held his face in my hands and made him look at me “My brother, his General and my General wanted your head for it… and if any other man had done that… well saw what happened to the man that Diane sent after me” he smiled a little “I would not allow them to hurt you and I didn’t understand to begin with as to why, but now I know you and I have something together…. Maybe I was supposed to save you I do not know but I want you in my life more than the rest of my personal guard” Lykos’s face broke into a huge smile

“Am I still part of your guard?” he asked

“Yes” I nodded “I am to replace my general” he tipped his head “But I will  not make you that” he began to scowl at me “Please I do not wish to fight with you, I have seen how hurtful it can be to have to fight with a man you once loved and my heart could not take it again to have a General know me in that way again”

“But I was a Temple guard as skilled as all others and I…”

“Lykos you will never be my general” I said firmly “I want you in my bed not in my War Tent”…………

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