Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Fooled

Submitted: May 21, 2015

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Submitted: May 21, 2015



…........... "Am I not good enough to be your general" he huffed "Am I just good enough to be in your bed?"


"Lykos... you are being irrational" I felt irritated by him now "It is my choice whom is by my side as my general and I do not know you as a warrior... and I need a man skilled in warfare not the wellbeing of a Goddess and her minions" I moved off his lap and stood up "I will not be pressured into choosing you because I love you... the merit of a Greek general are his knowledge of war and how to beat the enemy"


"And how to bed you" he got to his feet


"You need to let it pass" I snapped moving to get into his face my back was up and I was raging inside at his sudden change "Or did you bed me thinking you were going to become my general because that is not how it works if you do not have the respect of my soldiers they will not follow you as a leader and you Lykos do not have their respect as of now you are still the man that tried to kill me..." a smile spread across his face. I shook my head and my fist balled and connected with his jaw knocking him sideways tripping over his feet and onto the rocks "Do not take me for a fool Lykos I am not some weak female that can swoon at the feet of a man" I stepped off the rocks and onto the sand.


My strides took me Almost Home Lykos caught up to me and I felt his thick arms around my waist, before I could struggle He ran with me into the Aegean diving under the crystal clear water with before he let go. I fought back to the surface and came up gasping for air he came up close to me.


"You will be sleeping in the stable" I snapped at him He stood up the waves lapping around his chest as he pulled me to him the bruising on his jaw already beginning to show from where I had punched him "I do not know who you think you are but..." He hand closed on the back of my head and brought my head to his and kissed me as the waves broke around us.


This was no kiss that he had delivered before it was intense and screamed of his masculinity and strength. Lykos dominated the kiss in always he hand gripped my hair and pulled my head back giving him access to my throat where he kissed and nipped my hands tried and failed in pushing him away. they betrayed me and started to slip over his slick chest over his shoulders pulling him into me his free hand moved under the water and under the soft fabric of my dress and found  the heat between my legs. I gasped as his fingers dipped inside of me my body was on fire and the sea wasn't doing anything to soothe the burn.


"I understand you not wanting me as your General, but I love you when you are angry" he splayed his fingers inside of me and I moaned unable to think straight "I am sorry for making you angry but now I get to break the anger" I looked at him as he positioned himself and thrust his hips forward driving into me My arms wrapped around his neck. Lykos had gotten me so angry and I was still letting him close to me, there was no doubt in my mind that I was supposed to  be with him "I love you Aleks" he moaned in to my ear as I edged closer to release.


It was quick and hard but no more less beautiful than it had been with him the night before. I came apart at the same time that he pressed his own release into me. He held my head in the crooked of his neck as he wrapped his arm around my waist holding me tightly. I couldn’t' help the tears as they fell  my body trembled with emotion Lykos pressed his lip against my shoulder


"Aleks you have so much rage inside  you from the years of war' he sighed "I do not want you to fear letting it go allowing me to share your burden... Achilles can do so much allow me to do the rest" he let go of my head and I looked at him


"So you do not want to be my General?" I sniffed as he stroked his knuckles down the side of my face


"No" he chuckled "I can see stress in you so I pushed you into a release"


"It would have been easier if you had just taken me to my bed" I put my head against his chest


"It would but that would not have allowed you to shed more anger" I felt his lips press against my head "I think we need to get out of these wet things"


"Is it wrong that I don't want to" I sighed as he took my hand and lead me out of the water


"No there is nothing wrong with wishing for an escape... and I will try to provide that for you when you need it" he kissed me "You saved me now it is my turn to help save you"….......

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