Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - New General

Submitted: May 22, 2015

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Submitted: May 22, 2015



…...... The next few weeks past with no sign of Cora coming back after Achilles had spoken with her but we were still being careful where lykos was allowed to go outside of the villa. He and I had become closer than I ever thought possible he listened when I needed to talk and he held me when I spelt making me feel beyond safe.


I walked in to the garden Achilles was leaning on the wall looking out to the sea. I put my head on his shoulder


"You've been quiet" I said looking at him


"It's such a change being here than being on the battlefield" he shrugged "It's not a bad thing being here"


"I know what you mean there is only so much training you can do in a day" I laughed 


"When you get out of bed that is" he said looking at me I flushed 'Are you happy?"


"I'm very happy" I nodded "Lykos is a man that doesn't want me to be just the woman to be at home and to bear his children" Achilles choked on his drink


"Children?" he looked me up and down


"I didn't mean it like that" I laughed at his expression "I do not think I am a woman ever to have a child" I moved away from him


"So Lykos is good for you then... He's a good man" I turned around and looked at him 


"High praise indeed from my brother" I teased "Do you think it is safe for him now... for him and for Thera?"


"I hope so... I mean Cora is back in the Temple... but I still wouldn 't under estimate her" he walked with me through the garden "I think that the Goddess was as much in to Lykos as he thought she was... or I think we would have had a visit from at least Father"


"I do not even want to think about him right now"


"You have told Lykos about Father haven't you?" Achilles asked I chewed my lip "Aleks this is not something you can hide... what if Neo or Eudorus or Melina lets it slip"


"What if it changes how he feels?" I asked wringing my hands together 


"Then he wasn't the right man for you... if he thinks you are anything like Zeus then he doesn't want you truly" I felt sick at the thought 


"You're right" I nodded "I first have to talk to Neo"


"So you have decided?" I nodded "Do you want Eudorus and I there?"


"I want all of you there, both sets of guards as well" I nodded 


'I will gather them altogether" He put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed.I looked toward Constantine's Father's house. His Mother and Father and two sisters had been overjoyed to see us come home his Mother and I had spoken at length about how Constantine had been when he had been at war with us. It was obvious that the news of what had happened had not reached them.


"I think your villa is more striking than that one" I smiled at the sound of Lykos's voice as his hands slid around my waist and pulled me back against him "Are you riding into the hills again today?"


"I don't think so" I shook my head as I turned around to face him "I have to talk to everyone" he frowned at me "But then I do wish for you and I to talk"


"That does not sound a good thing"


"I promise you that it is not to hurt you" I touched his face "I love you" he smiled and closed his eyes and pressed his face into my hand


"Aleks" Eudorus called out "Everyone is waiting" Lykos and I walked in to the villa Eleni was handing out drinks to everyone. Lykos Sat down next to Achilles


"You all know why I had to allow General Constantine to remain in Athens" here were looks past between the men. I took a deep breath "I do not pride myself in laying with him while he was married. I am not some whore that thinks nothing of it allowing a man to betray his wife... But Constantine and I had something before he ever even knew Diane's name" I looked around at all of them "I will not be the reason that his children do not know their father. I still trust Constantine and he was a General only rivaled by Eudorus" I said with a smile as I walked behind Eudorus and put my hands on his shoulders "But if we should go to war... or if Achilles and ii ride to Athens for Senate I have to have a General and while I can trust all of you and I do trust all of you with my life there is only one man that I think will fill that role" everyone other than Eudorus and Achilles looked at Lykos"


"We know who you think is the right man" Neo Said taking a deep breath and rolling his cup in his hands


'Really" I tipped my head "Because all of you are looking at Lykos... and Lykos is far from the right man to be General" I smiled "I wish for you Neo to be my General... to be at my side" Lykos smirked at Neo as he looked at me in shock


"It will be my honor" Neo got to his feet and came over and stood in front of me before dropping to his knees and unsheathing his sword and laying on the ground in front of me "I shall guide you in war and in peace... I shall vow my life to you" he quoted the Generals oath


"Thank you Neo..." I bent and picked up his sword  and held it out to him "you need to enjoy this moment with your friends and I will have word sent to your wife" he could not control the smile that spread over his face as he got to his feet. I moved forward and kissed his cheek. 


"Congratulations on your new post" we all looked around. Constantine stood in the doorway......

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