Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Former General

Submitted: May 26, 2015

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Submitted: May 26, 2015



…...... "Constantine" Achilles moved just in front of me Lykos got up and stood behind me


"I came to visit my Father and Mother" he explained "But I also wanted to speak with Aleks"


"I do not think it would be a good idea" I said shaking my head "I said everything I needed to when we were in Athens"


"But I did not" Constantine stepped forward “Aleksandrya please?”


"Leave us" I said looking around at the guards all of them hesitated "I said leave us for the sake of the gods this man will not hurt me" I looked at Lykos. "Nothing will happen"


"Aleks" he frowned I pushed up on my toes and kissed him 


"Now all of you leave us... I do not care if you wait in the garden but this is a private conversation" Achilles put his hand on Lykos's shoulder and steered him out into the garden. 


Constantine rocked on his heels as he watched them walk out. I put my hands on the back of the chair and looked at him. he looked back at me and looked troubled


"I have been replaced then?" he asked "Aleksandrya..."


"You have been replaced as my general yes... you are still a valuable asset for us in Athens you know Achilles and I as well as we know ourselves and we need someone to stop the politicians..."


'Aleks I do not wish to be away from you" he took a step forward I raised my hand and moved around the room ‘My place is by your side, as your general”


"Constantine you are Married you have children and your wife seems to be in love with you" I looked at him


"But I do not love her" he held out his hands


"But you have children together you must have consummated the marriage so you must have felt something for her" he looked down I walked over to him "I loved you once" he looked at me "Once I would have done anything to have you with me, but life didn't allow it and we need to deal with the lives we have been given... I had to stop loving you, I stopped praying that things would change and you would be with me in every sense..."


"If you loved me once in your heart can you not see yourself loving me again” he reached for my hand and linked his fingers with mine “What Diane did was unacceptable… I refuse to see her at the moment I have moved in the Garrison in the City… I see the children but I will not take her into my bed again… Aleks…” he pulled me close to him I could feel the heat from his body. He put his free hand on my hip and stroked his thumb back and forth 


“Constantine… Lykos and I”


“Lykos can’t make you feel the way I can… Please Aleks… I need you… I should have stood up to my father” I moved away from him and braced my hands on the back of the chair


“It’s is eight years to late Constantine, you were seventeen when you left here... I didn’t think I would ever see you again let alone fight in a war… but that is the way life turned out for us… If things had not happened in my tent at the ned of the war things would still be normal between us… You would have gone home to Diane and your children and I would have returned here to Naxos and we should have seen each other only when Achilles and I were summon to Athens or the armies were recalled and we went to war again… I trust you with my life… I will always trust you with that because I know you couldn’t hurt me, but I will not let you have my heart again, it was too broken for too long, and it is time for me to mend it fully and Lykos is doing that with me” I felt like something was stuck in my throat as I saw for the first time ever my former General look defeated 


“I should never have told Diane”


“No you probably shouldn’t” I walked back over to him “I am sorry if you cannot be with her I truly am because I want you to be happy, but too much time has passed for you to be happy with me… You know more about me than most do but I think of you like a brother now” Constantine ran his hand over his face “I hope you enjoy your visit with your Family and I hope you will see the position Achilles and I have put you in, in Athens is a much needed one between the Senate and the Army”


“It will take a lot of getting used to… Neo is a good choice for your General” Constantine couldn’t look at me he kept his head down “I will take my leave” he turned from me and walked out without another word. I watched him walked through the group of men outside and carry on toward his family’s home. Achilles walked back in to the villa and looked at me


“Well that looked intense” he put his hands on his hips, I nodded “Is he alright?”


“It sounds like his marriage is over” I sat down and put my head in my hands “I am the reason for it and it does not feel good” Achilles walked over and put his hand on my shoulder 


“You’ve done the right thing” he assured me


“I know” I looked at my brother “but I just wish it felt that way”………………



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