Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - reassuring each other

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Submitted: May 26, 2015



…............ Constantine cut across the gardens and onto the beach. Lykos was standing at the waters edge.


"How did you do it?" Constantine asked walking toward him 'How did you managed to go from a temple guard to weidling into the bed of one of the most powerful women in Greece" he pulled on Lykos's arm and spun him around to face him.


they were almost the same height with lykos coming in slightly taller and broader than Constantine. both men were born fighters and their stances told that story without anything else.


"I may ask you what you were doing trying to seduce Aleks" Lykos braced his hands on his hips "Achilles stopped me from coming in to the villa and taking your head from you"


"You are not man enough for Aleks... I was not man enough for Aleks..."


"No you let her slip through your fingers Constantine any man to do that is a fool, I understand honor and respecting your father, but my father would allow me to marry for love" Lykos shook his head at Constantine 


"Honor... that is amusing you left your post as a temple guard to run away. You have never known combat on the battlefield Aleks has she is more of a war veteran than you would ever be and her men never leave her unlike you leaving the temple... You are nothing to a woman like her other than a play thing" Constantine bit at him


"I do not thing Aleks knows how to play that way" Lykos shrugged "I know when we are together, it is love..."


"Love... you tried to kill her" Constantine said poking Lykos in the chest "We all caught you trying to kill her"


"I was not myself, I was scared that I was going to be killed I didn't know who Aleks was at all... I will apologize to her till the day I die for what I did to her and she knows that" the nerve twitched in his cheek as he spoke "You told your wife that you had been in Aleks's bed and she sent and assassin to kill the woman you claim to love, I think that makes us even on that score... I think that you should visit your family and leave Aleks alone"


"She will never be yours that I can tell you, she will not wish to watch you grow old and die... you are supposed to grow old together" Constantine smiled at Lykos before stepping away from him "Aleksandrya and Achilles are different from the rest of us" he turned away and moved over the sand


"What are you talking about?" Lykos called after him, Constantine kept walking "CONSTANTINE" Lykos looked toward the villa and frowned.


I  was brushing my hair trying to understand what Constantine had said. I watched him as he came from the beach toward his family home and mount his horse and ride toward the hills. I put my brusge down as Thera laughed in the gardens as she and Melina spoke with the guards. I heard footsteps on the stairs and looked around as Lykos walked into the room


"I’m sorry for asking you to leave when Constantine came in" I said quickly getting to my feet I walked over to Lykos and laid my hands on his chest "You do understand why I had to speak with him"


"I do... I will not lie I did not like him touching you..." Lykos looked down "I know this sounds like I'm a jealous fool but I wanted to take his head for holding you that close to him" he took a deep breath and put his hand on my hip and pulled me up against him "Forgive me for sounding possessive but this body..." he inhaled as he allowed his fingers to stroke my arm "this body is mine" he bent his head and kissed me pulling me up to meet his mouth


"I think you'll find the body is mine Lykos" I said pulling away "I just choose who gets close to it" I pressed my lips to his chest making his breath hitch  "I think you will find this body is mine though" I nipped at his chest and  moved lower kissing across his abs "I need you to know that I love you" I kissed the light trail of hair below his navel I tugged on his clothing and let it fall to the floor. I bit on my lip as he stood in front of me naked as the day he was born "You know I commanded the armies?" I asked running my hands down the outside of his thighs  and behind his knees and back up until I gripped the firm round cheeks. His body responded in the way it always did to my touch, hardening before my eyes as he looked down at me. I squeezed my right hand on his flesh "I asked you a question"


"I know you commanded the armies" he nodded his voice raw and hoarse 


"Then you know I know how to deal with men?" 




"I have seen whores pleasuring the soldiers" I became a little nervous "I want to do that for you... I want to learn your body like I have learned the art of war" he frowned a little 


"You should not be on her knees"


"Lykos I want you to know I do not want Constantine"


"I know it already" he pulled me back to my feet "Aleks you do not need to act like a whore to know that" he stroked his hand down the side of my face. "So strong yet so vulnerable" he murmured I took half a step back and undid the ess and let them pool at  my feet. Lykos's eyes dilated as he looked at my body. Lykos moved forward collecting me backing me against the wall. he lifted me onto him as I felt the cold stone against my back as he pushed himself into me "I should be the one proving to you that I am worthy of you" he said as he gently eased in and out of me.


 I smiled at him as he carried me from the wall to the bed. Lykos eased me down and took everything at a languid pace, it was more than the intense times we had, had before this was almost like we were just one person.......

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