Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - Ups and down

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Submitted: May 27, 2015



…............  I lay with my head against Lykos's chest his fingers twirling my hair in between them.


"Constantine came to the beach... it was almost like he wanted to taunt me over you" I moved off him and sat up and looked at him


“Taunt you how?"


"He was only too happy to tell me that you and he had been close since child hood...  that he loved you" I chewed my lip "and how I was not man enough to handle a woman like you"


"He is hurting... Constantine is a good man, that is something I truly believe. But he has lost everything at the moment, he is supposed to be celebrating winning a war instead his life blew up”  I looked at Lykos “I do not want him the way I want you” I put my hand on Lykos’s arm “you give me peace, and that is something that I have not had for…” I frowned “I cannot remember truly ever having peace in my life”


“But you have Achilles and you are so admired and loved by so many” he moved forward and tucked my hair back behind my ear 


“It doesn’t give you peace from your demons…. My life is good, I love my brother and I love my army but we all have a past that we do not cope with” I took a deep breath


“True” he nodded 


“ALEKS” Achilles called my name from the garden. I got up and pulled a sheet around me and walked to the balcony




“Seriously naked in the middle of the day again” he put his hands on his hips “Lykos get your ass down and train with the rest of my sisters personal guard “He shouted with a smile I looked at my brother and shook my head “You and I need to talk”


“I will get dressed and untie Lykos then” I smirked watching the look of horror flash across Achilles face as I pushed off the balcony rail and walked back into my room


“Untie me?” Lykos said as he stood up from the bed and dressed “Is that…”


“Something to make my brother cringe” I laughed  as I picked up my dress and stepped into it Lykos waked over to me and kissed me “What was that for?”


“To hold you over until this evening” he chuckled I walked out of the room leaving Lykos to dress. Achilles was eating an apple as I walked over to him


“We’re going to ride in to town” I frowned at him




“Well it’s apparently Thera’s birthday… Melina told me… and I think that girl needs to feel like people care for her” He shrugged “and to be honest I think getting distance between you and… he pointed toward Constantine’s family home


“I would agree with you” I nodded as our horses were brought over to us 


“And if you are going to seduce one of your personal guard you should not take him from his daily duties” Achilles said as we rode the horses on to the beach taking the beach toward the town


“Seduce him… Achilles I think it is a lot more than seduction and if I wish to take Lykos in to my bed and tie him there for my pleasure for a week then that is what I’d…” I stopped talking and stopped my horse Achilles kept riding before noticing I wasn’t with him. He turned his horse around and rode back to me 


“Aleks… Aleksandrya” he waved his hand in front of my face “you are as white as your horse” I looked at him 


“You know I thought that Lykos was truly a man that instinctively knew how to make me feel” Achilles shuddered “I’m sorry I know I should not talk to you about this but…” I chewed my lip “You know what he was right?” Achilles nodded “He learned what a woman needs by being at the beck and call of a goddess… being bedded and trained by her”


“And I learned my skills of pleasuring a woman from the whore houses in Athens… what is the problem” he shifted in his saddle


“I never thought of him to be chaste but… and stupidly I never thought about what he told me about Aphrodite and what she wanted of him” Achilles tipped his head


“And I suppose Lykos was hoping for a virgin when he met the woman he wanted to be with, but he choose a woman that had given herself to someone else… he choose you and he has to face the fact that the man that bedded you is still a part of your life” I kicked on my horse, Achilles followed me “Aleks I’m not saying this to hurt you but… well I’d be more annoyed if I were Lykos”


“Achilles I’m sleeping with a man that was the pet of a Goddess don’t you think she’s going to want him back”


“Aleks you are the daughter of the God of Gods you think Aphrodite is going to mess with that… she’ll not incur the wrath of our Father”


“I doubt if he will care after what was said between us and where was he when Diane sent the assassin to kill me” I shook my head “You are the apple of his eye because you are the strong warrior, I’m the petulant daughter that has a stubborn streak a mile wide and a mouth that does not connect with my brain before I speak when angry” Achilles fought against the smirk that wanted to spread across his face


“I do not think Father favors either of us” he chuckled “and while you are all of what you said Father would not allow another god to hurt you, a mortal you and I can both fight and survive but if Aphrodite came for you he’d have to step in… Lykos is in love with you and you fight for the ones you love. Aphrodite would be a fool to even try to get him back, and do not see it as something wrong that he learned to pleasure women from the Goddess of Love see it as you are reaping the benefits… Now we have birthday gifts to buy”…………..




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