Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - Crashing down

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Submitted: May 27, 2015



…...... Achilles and I rode back to the house a little after dark, it seemed like everyone in the village had wanted to speak with us and tell us it was good to have us back on Naxos. I dismounted as the groom came forward and took the reins of the horse. I unhitched the packages and handed them off to a maid


"Seriously you have spent a fortune on her" I smiled at him as he gathered the rest of the packages and handed them off


"I know but if she is to be a part of our household then she needs to feel welcome" he shrugged I caught his arm


"Achilles she is fifteen... please do not tell me that you are..." he got wide eyed


"Aleks you have had too much sun I think today because she is a child... I told you my fears the other day about not finding a good woman but I meant the word woman... Thera is a scared child that by no fault of her own has got nothing, if I am along with you to become her protector until she is of age to decide what she wants for herself then that is it" he held my arms "It's a woman I want" I let out a sigh of relief


"I think we should go in and have dinner or Eleni will string us up" I walked with him into the house there was a rowdy discussion happening over the merits of daggers over swords. Lykos was standing leaning on a pillar with a cup in his hand. I swallowed and walked over to him


"Did you have a good ride?" he asked pushing off the wall and facing me


"We went in to the village and brought a few things for Thera... did you know it was her birthday?" he shok his head "Is everything alright?"


"Yes" he nodded moving around me and walking over  to the others and sitting down I frowned at him as Achilles called in Thera.


 I watched Lykos his jaw was set and he wasn't joining in talking with others. I walked around the room taking in how excited Thera was and how she lit up when for the first time in a long time she felt part of a family. I put my hands on Lykos's shoulders he glanced at me and got up  and walked outside. Eudorus looked at me and frowned, I shrugged and followed Lykos into the garden




"If I had choked you in your tent... you would not have died would you?" he looked over his shouder at me




"Please answer me"


"I would have died" I walked around and stood in front of him "But within an hour I would breathe again... I was going to tell you"


"Tell me WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME?" He snapped "all the time we have talked and lain together and I have told you my hatred for the Gods and I find out that you are one... you are like her" he turned away from me. I put my hand on his shoulder and he flinched like I had burned him


"Lykos No... I'm nothing like Aphrodite... you know who I am yu love me" he turned to look at me


"You are the daughter of Zeus... you are a god"


"Technically you we are Demi-gods" Achilles said walking toward us "And do not put my sister in the same category as the woman that had you whore for her" I put my hand up stopping Achilles I looked at him


"Go back inside Achilles this is a conversation for me to have with Lykos"


"I am done talking" Lykos said taking a step back 


"I AM NOT" I yelled at him my voice echoed from the walls "I am the bastard daughter of Zeus yes... but I have struggled in life as much as you ever have... My father left Achilles and I at twelve to fend for ourselves against hoard of Raiders that slaughter our household... we had to hide in a hole in a wall and watch as a girl was raped to death in front of us and we had to search the burned ruins of our summer home for our mothers body... but he had saved her, he saved the mortal woman he loved and allowed his children to be terrified" Lykos moved to turn from me" I caught his arm and spun him around "If you wish to leave me then do so but you will not leave until you have heard what I have to say"


"Aleks" Achilles stepped forward


"I said go inside Brother" I didn't look around at him but I heard his retreating footsteps. I kept focused on Lykos his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides "My father did nothing to help when my heart was broken" he glanced at me "My father only came to me when the war was won... I was killed four times on the battlefield the only thing that saved me was the fact my head was still on my shoulders. how do you think it feels to gasp for air like a new born child surrounded by the blood and bodies of men that were not like me" I felt the tears burn my eyes " I am alive and I have lived through war and seen  the wailing families weeping for their loss, but I can still live... how angry do you think I feel having to live with that weighing on my soul each day... Achilles feels the same... but our father sat back and waited for us to win the war so that people would believe it was the will of the gods... I am a woman"


"I gathered that' Lykos growled


"Well as a woman my role should not have had me swinging a sword and fighting but to have a husband and a family... if my father wanted his bastard lineage to continue why did he allow for me to fight and risk losing both my brother and I?" Lykos frowned at me  "Think about it Lykos why would I want to tell you of the father I loathe... until I met you all I had that kept me from telling someone to strike my head from my shoulders, to end my life was my brother... I try to forget I have a father... to know I will never look or grow older than I look to you right now..." I brushed away my tears "I free you of your bond as  my guard and I free you from my heart" my voice cracked "I know you're hatred for the Gods and I cannot change who or what I am... thank you..." I tunred and walked from him my entire body shaking and trembling like the day I watched Constantine leave. I opened the door to the stable and led my horse out I grabbed his man and swung myself on to his back  and pulled his head round and headed for the beach at a gallop..............

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