Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Selfish child

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



~~…………..  Achilles and I rode on to the cliffs with thirty men more as a precaution than anything else. I moved in my saddle and looked down at the still smoldering pyres. There was one ship close to shore and three more further away in the sea, as the Barbarians were limping away with their tail between their legs. I looked at Achilles he just nodded as I kicked on my horse and it started to make its way down the path from the cliff to the beach. 

The white sand was soft and there were places where it was bloodstained but with the ebb and flow of the tides those places would be soon gone. The few Barbarians still there looked around as we approached hands resting on their swords waiting for us to slaughter them.

“You will have safe passage from these waters I promise you of that” Achilles said stopping his horse “We have lost men on both sides now it is time to return to your homes and let the rest of your world know that we will not fall easily and we will never surrender” one of the Barbarians stepped forward

“There was talk of a woman a Greek woman fighting alongside of your men” he narrowed his eyes at me and then turned his attentions back to Achilles “You allow women to fight your battles”

“They do not allow me to fight” I said quickly “it is as much my army as it is my brothers” I leant forward and peered at him a little more closely “It is my right to fight and I have no problem killing when the place I call home is threatened and our men are butchered our women are raped and our children sold into slavery… So go back to where you came from and tell them Aleksandrya of Naxos and Olympus is a woman to be to feared more than any other”  he frowned at me “No man will judge or will ever tell me because I am a woman I cannot do something”

“I think you should take the chance to leave” Achilles gestured toward the waiting boat “I think these long years of war have given my sister the taste for blood and so far this morning she hasn’t sated her need” there was a rippled of laughter from the men with us as the Barbarian moved with the others he was with across the sand to his boat. My horse pawed at the sand while we watched them hit deeper water.

“Sated my need” I said shaking my head without looking at Achilles “Sometimes even your ramblings are beyond me… you were not born with the mouth of a god” I smirked

“Ahhh that is not what the women in my bed tell me” I groaned before I looked around the beach and sighed

“We should make an offering to the Gods” Achilles General said moving closer to us and getting off his horse “They watched over us while in battle” he looked around at the two of us.

“Eudorus is right” Achilles nodded “We should make an offering to the gods for safe passage home” I tightened my jaw so as not to speak wrongly of the gods. The look that passed between my brother and me was all the words that we needed.

“Constantine…” I looked at my own general “Would you go back to the camp and see that we are brought wine and fruit as offerings to the gods”

“Of course” he nodded pulling his horse around he took off across the sand with four soldiers riding with him

“There” I said getting off my own horse “we just need to wait from him to come back”

“Aleks” there was a slight warning tone to Achilles voice

“What I’m just doing what is right” I smiled sweetly.

 Eudorus started to laugh both of our generals knew of our indifference to our father, Eudorus had taught Achilles how to fight and become the warrior he had become. I had watched from a balcony and practiced what I had seen until the day I had walked down there to where Achilles and Eudorus were practicing and I took them both on giving my brother a scar on his thigh and Eudorus a scar on his forearm.

“Aleksandrya, you are forever the instigator” Eudorus said shaking his head “there is only you and Achilles that could test the patience of Zeus and he not strike you dead”

“Every child tests their fathers” I shrugged “Achilles and just really push him and if he strikes us dead then sometimes I think it would be more preferable” he stopped walking with me across the stand

“I DO NOT EVER WANT TO HEAR YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT AGAIN” he looked angrier than I had seen him in a long while “if you and Achilles do not care that you are both demi-gods then you have to think of yourselves in the eyes of the men that follow you… in the trust those thousands that fight for you have… you do not have the right to wish yourself dead… that is the talk of a selfish child” he turned away and stated to walk off. I looked at Achilles who shrugged.

“EUDORUS” I called after him he stopped and with his back to me I knew he was offering a pray to the gods for patience as he had done for years with Achilles and I. I walked over to him and put my hand on his arm “I’m sorry… you’re right as you have been many times before General… my father is just that, I am part of him but those men have the one part my father wishes he had and they have my heart… You have been more of a father to us”

I fought back the emotion after Achilles and I had ran a little wild Eudorus had taken us under his wing so to speak, and for that neither Achilles or I could have ever thanked him enough, our Mother had not wanted us to become fighters but she had relented when Zeus had told her to let us do this… this was what we were destined to do

“Aleks” he shook his head and pulled me to him and hugged me tightly “you and your brother are the children I never had” Achilles walked over and put his hand on Eudorus’s shoulder “and sometimes never wish I had had as well” he laughed “just think about your whole life not just the trials of life” he held my face in his hands and kissed my forehead.

“Constantine is back with the offerings” Achilles said softly “we should do this now” I nodded and the three of us walked back to the horses and the men waiting  as Constantine and his men were unloading the offerings……….

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