Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Why now

Submitted: May 28, 2015

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Submitted: May 28, 2015



…...... I stopped my horse as the cliffs blocked my way of going any further. I dismounted, my face stinging from the tears and the wind drying them as I had ridden along the beach almost halfway around the island. I walked away from my horse as the wind whipped around sending the waves crashing on the sand and the moonlight seemed to leave a path  on the inky colored water. I tipped my head back and looked at the sky.


"I wish someone would have killed me" I yelled into the night "I wish my heart did not hurt so much... what did I do to deserve this life" I dropped to my knees in the sand and I felt as if something in me broke as the tears streaked my face. I felt arms wrap around me I gripped onto the arm and sobbed a hand stroked my hair as my body shook.


"I am sorry daughter" my father whispered I reared back pulling away from him


"I thought you were Achilles" I sniffed "Why are you here, why now?" I demanded not really caring about the answer. I wrapped my arms around myself


"I came because I would never allow anyone to kill you and I do not want you to hurt anymore" he reached his hand out to me and then let it fall before it touched me


"Do not try to humor me" I shook my head


"I am not, I know as a father I have not made the right choices... for you or for your brother... but you have to know that I am proud of you" he smiled warmly at me


"I do not want you to feel pride in what are my accomplishments you have no right… no right at all you were just the man that got my mother pregnant” He looked down “I considered Dennis my mother’s husband as my father he treated me like a daughter he treated Achilles like a son, until the day he passed away”


“He was a very good man” Zeus nodded “I watched him care for the two of you and I knew he did a better job than I ever could even knowing I was your real father he still disciplined you when you needed it and protected you when he had to”  he took a deep breath 


“Then you will also know I am a full grown woman that is control of my own life and I do not need you meddling in it now it’s too little too late” I got to my feet. “My life is perfect” I turned away from him


“If it is so perfect then why are you crying on the beach pleading for death” he moved and stood behind me “Why are your cheeks stained with tears” I looked down “You have a man in your bed that has caused problems in Olympus” I rounded on him 


“Well there is not going to be a problem in Olympus any longer… because of being your bastard Lykos hates me… because of the way Aphrodite treated him he hates all the gods… I fell in love with a man I thought I could love forever…”


“You’re Immortal and he isn’t, you wish to be with a man that grows old while you look like you do now” Zeus demanded “You want to stand by the grave as they put him inside… the love of your life dead “ He grabbed my arms and shook me a little “I had to do that with your Mother because she refused to let me make her immortal” I narrowed my eyes at him “I wanted to make her my forever but she wanted to be the free spirit and live one life… it was as if she knew she would not grow into old age” he looked like he aged as he spoke ‘I could not save her she died of a broken heart when Dennis died… she had moved on from when I first came to her and she found true love with him…” he looked at me 


“Well I’m glad she did… and she had the choice” I shook my head “Twice I have fallen in love and twice I have had my heart ripped out… my sister has become a puppet of the gods and has turned against Achilles and I… do you not see what the other gods are doing… Lykos was a sex slave to Aphrodite while girls she deems not worthy of the temple she gives to her guards to rape and discard of” I watched the nerve twitch n my father’s cheek “YOU KNEW”


“I cannot meddle in all matters related to the gods they are gods in their own right and sometimes they do things that aren’t right” he let go of my arms and paced on the sand ‘None of us are perfect… but you also should not have allowed Lykos and Thera sanctuary”


“I will do what I think is right and if Aphrodite wants to fight me over this then tell her I’m waiting” I walked toward where my horse was standing and pulled myself back on to his back


“ALEKSANDRYA” I looked at my father “I do love you and Achilles deeply… and I can only try even though it is late to make up for the past”


I kicked my horse in to a gallop and didn’t look around until I put my horse into his stall. I walked out in to the dark garden and into the gazebo. I sat down and listened to the waves on the beach and the hoot of an owl in the olive trees. I curled my legs up and pay back and allowed myself to drift to sleep even though I knew it would be fitful the only time I was alone was in my dreams………..



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