Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - one hell to another

Submitted: May 28, 2015

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Submitted: May 28, 2015



…...... the sound of an owl cry woke me with a start. I eased from the chair and got up. I looked around me a swirling mist hovered over the ground... I reached for my sword and remembered I had ridden off without it. I sighed as I walked over the courtyard, everything was in darkness, I pushed open the door to the room where Achilles guards were staying, all of them were deep in sleep steady breathing reached my ears as I closed the door and carried on through the house. No one was stirring I walked up the stairs to my room there was a glow under the door


I pushed the door open and walked inside I was confronted by a tall slender woman with a halo of blonde hair loosely but perfectly piled on top of her head. her white dress seemed to give off the glow illuminating everything in the room


"I've been waiting for this meeting" she said her blue eyes almost as blue as the Aegean "But I had to wait until Zeus was occupied and you made him very preoccupied with your speech to him this evening"


"You must be Aphrodite" I sighed walking over to the table "I'm going to presume you have something to do with everyone in the household being sound asleep"


"Just a little trick I use when I do not wish to be seen... none of them will be harmed, it is just sleep" she walked around the room as I poured a drink and sipped it "I do have to admit though putting that handsome brother of yours to sleep was a lot harder than I thought, but then again I have never tried to put out a demi-god before" she bit down on her lower lip.


"What are you doing here?" I asked looking to where my sword was lay on the bench next to the stand for my armor


"I came to see the woman that has stolen my Lykos from me... bewitched him and lead him astray" she picked up one of my earrings from the table by the mirror


"I did no bewitching and no leading astray... You will find that YOUR LYKOS as you call him left the temple because he hated what you were doing to girls there and what you turned him into" she threw her head back and laughed a high musical laugh that seemed to bounce from the walls 


"What I turned him into... oh you foolish child I did not turn him into anything. I brought out his potential... a man like that with a body and presence that he has should be savored... oh and I enjoyed savoring him, and he knows how to read a woman's body better than any mortal or immortal I've known" she closed her eyes and ran her hands over her breast and over her stomach and bit on her lower lip 


"If you want to pleasure yourself please can you at least leave my room to do it it's Naxos not an Athens whore house" I put my cup down and felt rather irritated 


"I never need to pleasure myself...: she said looking at me like I had thrown her horse from the top of Olympus "I am the Goddess Aphrodite... I have men falling over themselves to pleasure me"


"And running to get away from you in my experience" I said tipping my head the glow around her seemed to take on a reddish tinge


"You have some of your father's annoying qualities I see" she huffed


"I am my own person Zeus is nothing to do with how I am"


"Oh he has everything to do with it... he never shuts up about his precious bastards" she walked toward me I stood my ground not taking my eyes from her 


"I want to know why you are here?"


I wanted to see Lykos and touch his body again fell his hardness in me" I felt the anger begin to rise  in me as she spoke of Lykos like that "To get in to his dreams" she walked around me "I hear that your General is close by"


"He is sleeping downstairs" 


"Not your new one... I was meaning Constantine" a smiled broke out on her face "Another fine male specmin I can see why you took him for a lover... a fine body and a good length" my cheeks grew red "You are greedy having both of them"


"I'm not" I snapped


"Oh in his dreams you are... you are better than the best whores in his dreams... he calls out your name while he sleeps and in his dreams Lykos watches you on your knees in front of your general... your mouth stretched wide Constantine's hands on the back of your head"


The anger boiled over and I lunged for my sword pulling it free of it's sheath and turning on the spot and moving to attack where Aphrodite had been stood her laughter seemed to fill the room as my blade cut through air 


"If he does not want me I will make sure he no longer wants you either" her voice was next to my ear and then the room was plunged into utter darkness. the only sound was the heavy breathing from me and the utter feeling of loss in my chest...........

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