Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - I need my brother

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Submitted: June 01, 2015



~~……… I walked along the hallway and opened the door to Achilles room. I closed the door and moved through the darkness. Achilles was lay on his bed on his stomach his hair falling over his face, I sat down on the edge of the bed and shook him by the shoulder.

“Achilles…Achilles” he mumbled “Achilles” I shook him harder

“What” he moaned rolling on to his back “Aleks?” he looked confused as he sat up and pushed his hair out of his face "It's late" he looked out into the darkness "What happened... I as heading out after giving Lykos a piece of my mind I got half way to the stable and..." he frowned and rubbed his temples 


"That will be Aphrodite" I sighed putting my head in my hands "My head hurts" I felt his hand on the back of my neck and he rubbed


"Are you angry?"


"Not with you" I turned my head and looked at my brother "I wish we were still at war things seemed a lot easier then... am I just stupid?" I asked getting to my feet and walking over to the lamp and lighting it casting long shadows around the room


"You are far from stupid" he shook his head "and where did you go tonight we were all worried and then it's dark and you're back here"


"I rode along the beach until I could go no further" I looked out at the stars "and I yelled at the gods before breaking... I thought you had followed me and had held me while I cried until Father spoke" Achilles suddenly came wide awake "He had the audacity to tell me that he was proud of you and I" Achilles huffed and shook his head "And he tried to point out in his own way that what I was doing with Lykos was wrong, because Father does not want to see me suffer when Lykos grows old and dies"


"He's got a point" I looked at him "We are immortal Aleks Lykos isn't"


"I know but... I’m tired of it I'm tired of dealing with what we are... I came back here and... the reason everyone including you are already deep in sleep is because Aphrodite was here" Achilles tipped his head 'She was in my room watching Lykos as he slept... filling his dreams with images of me with Constantine... I've lost the one man that I thought I could love forever" I turned away from Achilles


"You haven't lost him... he loves you he told me himself he just wants to be with you but the fact you didn't tell him about Zeus hurts him" Achilles out his arm around my shoulders "and with what happened with Constantine..."


'He has no right to be hurt by one thing I had no control over as in our parentage... and Constantine and I were in love when we were younger and we went to bed together at the end of war... I didn't even know Lykos then..."


"But you called him Aphrodites whore don't you think it's the same thing... it was something out of his control" I put my head on Achilles shoulder


"I'm scared" I murmured 'I feel like a child right now"


"Do you want to sleep in here?" he asked I nodded


"I'd fight against anyone but I can't fight against the power of a goddess" I sat on his bed


"You can what is she going to do to you... she harms you she risks the wrath of Zeus... he knew we could handle fighting mortals but she has powers we do not possess"


"she can take Lykos that father cannot argue with he already does not believe I should be with him... she was putting images into his dreams, how do I compete with that" he came over and laid me down covering me with a wool blanket and sat next to me and stroked my hair like I was a child 


"I don't know but if you want him you have to fight for him and convince Father Lykos is the right man for you" he pressed his lips to my forehead "rest I will not let anyone hurt my sister in sleep" I closed my eyes and feel in to a deep dreamless sleep.................




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