Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Lost love

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



~~…………..  “General do you have everything?” I asked as we approached

“Yes we have everything” He nodded “the priest is coming as well to give up the offerings to Zeus”

“Good” I stroked the neck of my horse and watched then set up and altar at the edge of one of the pyres Achilles stood next to me

“So do you think Father is up there looking down waiting for everyone to bow to his power and will?” he asked under his breath

“Of course he lives for the adoration… and we have to allow the men to do this no matter what we think” I put my hands on my hips “the sooner we can do this the sooner these men can go back to their families”
“It is a month’s ride” he looked at me

“It’s been three years Achilles another month is not going to seem that long for any of our men” I walked away from him “Constantine” my General looked around and walked over to me he smiled at me as he got closer

“You know I don’t think I can ever remember seeing you look so pretty Aleksandrya” he rested his hand on his sword

“Hmmmm there was time I heard it a lot but it’s nice to hear it after all of this time” I put my hand on his arm “thank you for being my general”

“You do not have to than me” he shook his head “it is my honor to serve you and Achilles… but you are a lot easier to serve under than he is”

“A longtime ago Constantine, a long time ago in a different place” I sighed “we will begin the journey back from here tomorrow… Back to Athens and then to our homes…”

“It will take a long time to get used to not waking up with garrisons of soldiers everyday” He took a deep breath

“I know the feeling” I nodded “I think after this Athens will seem very…”

“Boring” he laughed

“Yes” I nodded “I will forever be in your debt for agreeing to take the generals position. Other than Eudorus you were the only other man that I knew would be utterly loyal”

“You have the loyalty of every other man in the army”

“I do now but to begin with I did not… you stood by me”

“I would do it again” he stepped a little closer he touched my hand

“General” one of the soldiers called him he closed his eyes for a moment

Constantine was three years older than Achilles and I and was as much brains as he was brawn.  I had watched women try their hardest to get his head to turn for them and for the longest time I was sure he was throwing disc for the other team, but I had got so wrong… Achilles had been gone to Athens to meet with our mother over the property and I had stayed on the island. A summer storm had blown up in the Aegean and I was trying to help the servants to batten down the house.  I had got caught outside at the same time that Constantine had come over to help from the neighboring house and the two of us took shelter in the gazebo overlooking the sea. We had known each other since childhood but he was more of a friend to Achilles I was just the sister that was there, or so I had thought.

We had talked as the storm raged around us it was like the wrath of the gods was being brought down on Naxos. I remember lightening had struck a tree close by I had literally jumped into Constantine’s arms and that was when he had kissed me. I had been taken so by surprise I hadn’t known what to do… I was sixteen and I had stumbled back from him and slapped him across the face. The two of us had stood across from each other looking at each other and something happened Constantine had crossed the gap between us and pulled me close to him and this time I kissed him. We ended up naked making love while the storm seemed to rage harder around us. In the morning I had woken up to find I was wrapped in a silk sheet with a yellow Iris on the pillow next to my head.

I heard my name being called and I had gotten dressed and hurried back toward the house as servants cleaned up the mess from the storm. I had rounded the corner by the stable as Achilles came out and I had run in to him. Achilles had chased away any man that had even questioned becoming a suitor for me and even at sixteen his reputation for his skill with a sword had become legendary across most of the empire… mother had even joked about me becoming a priestess in the temple because that way I wouldn’t worry my brother  as much.

I couldn’t look at Achilles as he told me what had happened in Athens I knew he would be ashamed of me for doing what I had with Constantine. We had walked inside the house and I poured us both a drink when the door had knocked and Constantine’s Father was there. Achilles had greeted him as I went and took a see looking out over the gardens. He had come to offer the invitation for our family to attend the wedding of his son to the daughter of a well-known Politician in Athens, and considering that Constantine was  the only son in the family it was obvious who was getting married.

I got up and excused myself making up some story about needing to go to the village for dress fabric. I went to the stables and took my horse from his stall and swung myself on to his back and kicked him into a full gallop. i couldn’t remember seeing anything of the road as tears stung my eyes. I had heard my name called and it wasn’t until someone pulled the reins of my horse bringing us to a stop. It had been Constantine, he got off his own horse and lifted me down from his and received a second slap in less than a day from me.

He had pulled me with him on to the beach and tried to explain his father had gotten back during the storm the night before. The marriage had been arranged and he didn’t have a say in it… he had wanted to tell me for the longest time he wanted me but Achilles had pre warned him that he would be strung up if he ever thought of me more than a friend, but before he left for the city he had to tell me he loved me but his sense of duty to his father made it impossible for us to do anything about our feelings.

Constantine had left later that day and I didn’t see him again until four years ago when we had gone to Greece and we were given control of the armies…

“Aleksandrya” I felt some one shake me “ALEKS” I took a deep breath and looked at Achilles “are you unwell?” he frowned putting his hand on my forehead I shook my head and pushed him gently away

“I’m well” I smiled at him, the memories of the past were unnerving to say the least

“Aleks… I was calling your name and you were in a trance” I took a deep breath “Is it the memories from last night? Are they still making you on edge?” he rubbed my arms

“Something like that” I nodded I looked to where they had built and alter and they were waiting for Achilles and I to offer gifts to the gods “Time for us to praise our Father” I raised my head and walked toward the altar………….


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